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The 4d Chess Game Scam and the Next Phase — A Summer of Chaos

One explanation we are hearing from those partially waking up to the Trump fraud is that he is some kind of 4d chess master. So is some sort of time travel is involved, or does 4d chess involve script writers? Is that why I’m having trouble distinguishing Nikki Haley today from Colin Powell at the U.N. circa 2003? Sorry, suckers, no 4d chess here, just evil and banality with an endgame agenda.

With more shades of 2003, the (((editorial boards))) of The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Daily News, San Jose Mercury News, Houston Chronicle, Chicago Sun Times, etc, etc, all endorsed Trump’s Syria strikes. Um, aren’t these the exact same papers that ran the now-disproven “weapons of mass destruction” narrative back then with boogeyman du jour was Iraq? Indeed, it involves many of the same reporters as well.

For those of you who may have been children back then, the following hard-to-stomach video will get you up to speed. Look at all the usual criminal suspects yucking it up in the audience. For more on the criminal Iraq War, see Phil Donahue’s documentary “Body of War.”

But as soon as they get their Zionist War, these newspapers will go back on the Trump attack and zoom in for the kill soon enough.

The New Nationalist’s (TNN) prior prediction that Trump would squander his base over Crime Syndicate black propaganda (BP) and gross missteps is coming to pass. BP in action, handles sarin victim roughly with bare hands then quickly roll him face down in water and mud and on top of a small child.

We still think the next blow comes from financial markets. Probably more warmongering blunders are on the way as well — and don’t rule out a serious false flag.

Next Up: An American Spring and Summer of Chaos

Jared Kushner, iconic foil and villain, straight from central casting

With Trump’s support evaporating, one group (former Trump voters) will stay at home when the American Spring violent protests get underway. Now there will be little counterweight. As Americans come home in coffins, an organic anti-war protest will get underway. Next tens of thousands of paid agitators will descend upon the country culminating with three million people being bused into Washington DC on May 1. Many of these are sick, depraved Cheka types. There is some serious weaponry stored away undisturbed as well.  This will grind on long enough to force Trump’s resignation or removal by the vice president and majority of the cabinet (or Congress) under the 25th Amendment.

The role of Crime Syndicate stooge Mike Pence will be to completely disassemble the United States economically and in terms of personal freedoms. The model to be utilized will be the Washington Consensus invented by banksters for use in foreclosing on Latin America and elsewhere. A version was also used on the old Soviet Union. You can get up to speed here. At the end of the process, the Crime Syndicate will own key assets lock, stock and barrel, as well as have the country under a lock down, chipped and on the plantation. Robert Steele describes the takedown. The variables are accurate, but our view is slightly different in that we think lifetime actor Donald Trump is in on the operation.

Robert David Steele, a former CIA clandestine services case officer, reveals details about the coming “American Spring” – a George Soros funded SUMMER OF CHAOS.

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  1. It barely took the MSM 24 hours to start questioning and condemning the decision to strike at Syria. I was surprised at how much they actually revealed. The Russians had been warned and so were able to evacuate. The damage was minimal and the site probably wasn’t all that important. There was probable collusion between Trump and Putin and it was all for show.
    Some of the hard core ziocons, McCain among others, applauded the move. Ron and Rand Paul denounced it, but considering the damage was apparently minimal, I wondered if they had gotten the memo.

    • “When Jews step forward as innocence itself then the danger is great.”
      — Friedrich Nietzsche, “The Will to Power,” section 199.

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