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Pre-Emptive Attack Iran Bill Active in US House


By Daniel McAdams | 29 January 2017

RON PAUL LIBERTY REPORT — You will often see potentially important pieces of legislation languish in the U.S. House. A bill will remain active, meaning that it can be brought to the floor at any time. But it flies just under the radar. Other times, the language floats around Washington for years until a “crisis” necessitates its activation and passage.

As we know well, what eventually became the PATRIOT Act — one of the single greatest attacks on civil liberties in US history — started out and spent much of its early life as a sugar-plumb fairy dancing in neocon fantasies. Then came 9/11, and it was dusted off and imposed on the American people. And the United States has never been — and may never be — the same. Either way, these measures are important, if seldom seen.

So it may well be with H.J.Res. 10, introduced in the House just as the new Congress began at the beginning of this month. The title of the bill tells the tale: a bill “To authorize the use of the United States Armed Forces to achieve the goal of preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.” This legislation, introduced by Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-FL), is as it appears: an authorization for the President to use military force against Iran. But it is much worse than that. […]

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