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Michael Flynn’s Son Resigns From Trump Transition Team

Michael Flynn Jnr (L) with his father, retired Lt Gen Michael Flynn Snr (R), at Trump Tower in New York. PHOTO: CBS/AP

6 December 2016

CBS NEWS — The son of Lt.-Gen. Michael T. Flynn, Donald Trump’s pick to be national security adviser, Michael G. Flynn, resigned from the Trump transition team Tuesday, CBS News’ Major Garrett reported.

He offered his resignation when it became clear that he was becoming a significant distraction and his position helping his father was no longer tenable.

Flynn the younger was given the distinct impression that his tweets on fake news had become problematic and the transition did not intend to expend the energy or political capital necessary to defend him.

He did scheduling things for his father and other tasks, but senior transition ‎officials don’t know the extent of his work for his father. But he had quickly become a problem that was going to be solved immediately: he resigned before he was fired. Possibly seconds before, Garrett reported. […]

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