India Caught in Grip of Kleptocratic Looting Operation


Throughout India, people are now in the grip of a hardcore, extreme and quite evil crime syndicate cabal operation: the confiscation of their cash and money holdings. Indians historically hoard stashes of currency, gold and silver. The reason is fundamental: They don’t trust banksters or the authorities — and rightly so.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who revealed himself as a Cheka-style tyrant of the worst kind, has undertaken a destabilizing confiscation and looting program. The set up is to invent a shadow language epithet, similar to “fake news,” called “black money.” This is classic, as the psychopaths practice their reverse-projection scams.

The next step was to eliminate as legal tender 500-rupee ($7.30) and 1,000-rupee notes ($14.60), which accounts for 85 percent of the money supply. This would be equivalent to taking current ten dollar $10 and euro bills out of circulation. Incredible! This is in a country where tens of millions are lucky to even have a few 1,000-rupee notes on hand as a safety net. How diabolical to run them through this evil drill. The idea is to create a plantation-style digital/cashless system by which the tyrants can monitor all personal and commercial activity.

Not surprisingly, India’s economy is entering into a state of collapse. Only 35% of ATMs nationwide are operational. The shortage of cash continues to incentivize the use of alternate payments, including extension of informal credit and a return to barter systems. Addtionally, the slowdown in activity is dramatically reflected in lower tax collections. 

Of course, evidence suggests the politically connected and the rich were tipped off in advance. This is a classic Parasite Guild stealing operation, as the criminal kleptocrat class will scarf up the distressed bargains throughout India.

The next knock at the door in this criminal, Indian-Cheka operation is aimed at gold jewelry holders. This practice of holding gold is widespread throughout India and has been for millennia. Is it just a matter of time before we see checkpoint body scans and cavity searches for gold?

True to the bureaucratic hell-hole world that is India, the gubnut issued rules to “reduce the chaos and confusion,” stating, “Nothing would happen “if the gold holding is limited to 500 grams per married woman, 250 grams per unmarried woman and 100 grams per male.” This is a true definition of actual sexism, in this case reversed against Indian men. It also said that there would be no limit placed on jewelry “provided it is acquired … from inheritance.” Also, the “officer conducting the search has discretion to not seize an even higher quantity of gold jewelry.” Without a doubt, this is leading to bribes and an explosion in extortion corruption.

The New Nationalist (TNN) is feeling it and extends heart-felt sympathy and god speed to our fellow human beings in India, who are suffering under this insane, evil regime. We new nationalists are the true humanists, because as usual, hardly a word is being spoken in the hypocritical, nasty, (((mainstream media))), dream-world state about this exploding human tragedy. Where are all the crocodile tears, libtard human rights NGOs? Apparently they’re too busy in the Mediterranean running industrial-scale human trafficking operations. This lack of reaction is no doubt deliberate, as TNN worries that the rest of us are on the same menu. We are all in the grip, ladies and gentlemen, all of us.


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  1. Yes, a great tragedy in India & a great betrayal by Narendra Modi of the Hindu people who trustingly elected him … People are literally dying as a result of this cash squeeze … In India where marriages are often devoted & lifelong, it has long been traditional for the wife to ‘wear the family bank’ in the form of her gold jewellery

    With its tensions with Islamic countries & Muslim extremism, Hindu Indians stupidly fall for Israeli-Jewish ‘advice’, as well as still kissing up to the Brit & now USA Anglo cabal who had colonised them

    The ancient Indian & Persian cultures were far more advanced, humane & modern than the Greco-Roman ones touted in the West … Everything was in ancient India first: democracy, ending the death penalty (in ancient times!), advanced views of sexuality (Kama Sutra, Temples of Khajuraho) … the Cyrus Cylinder of Persia 2500 years ago granted religious freedom & sought the end of slavery (which was essentially non-existent in much of ancient India) … and the South & East Asian religions stand out today as true spirituality, much preferable to the harsh predatory & cruel Abrahamic religions of the mid-East desert

    But India got mauled in its soul by over 1000 years of Muslim, Christian & British occupations … ancient India got too Buddhist-pacifiistic, & the Muslims stormed in, destroying the ancient university of Nalanda that had existed for 1,700 years … India still has not recovered despite ‘independence’ & its Hindu leaders draw on Anglo-Zionist ‘advice’ instead of their own great traditions

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