Rigging the Election for Maximum Pain

Bev Harris is the intrepid heroine and warrior who exposed black box voting in her outstanding documentary “Hacking Democracy.” This documentary was in TNN’s video library [see right column of home page] from Day 1; however, the film has since been scrubbed from Youtube.

“Harris has been referred to as ‘the godmother’ of the election reform movement,” according to the Boston Globe. Vanity Fair magazine credits her with founding the movement to reform electronic voting. TIME magazine calls her book, “Black Box Voting,” the “bible of electronic voting.”

Previously, TNN described how Soros’ interests have control of vote counting in 16 states, including key battlegrounds. Harris confirmed this in an interview Sunday with Alex Jones, during which she described how the Crime Syndicate can use fractional voting algos to rig election outcomes. The more heavy handed methods described in the Project Veritas videos might not even be necessary.

Thus far, election polling looks rather choreographed. Lately, there is a litany of violent events involving scary white men, including the burning of a black Mississippi church replete with Trump graffiti. Over the weekend, we should expect more, including a large-scale incident involving more Soros agit-prop.

HRC’s campaign in the real world is a disaster. Beyond the anecdotal evidence of tepid rally turnouts, Bernie Sanders is abandoning her. Early demographic trends in battleground states look poor for HRC. In North Carolina, black voters represented 27.3 percent of all early votes four years ago, but 22.5 percent of the early votes cast to date this year. In Florida, 11.7 percent of early voters are African-American, down from the 15.9 percent of black Floridians who voted early at this point in 2012. There is a strong case to be made that there are closet black voters for Trump, who may not express this to pollsters. Trump spends considerable time courting black voters. Since there are more conspiracy realists among Trump voters in general, this may be skewing accurate polling as they view pollsters with well-deserved suspicion.

(((Nate Silver))) is the rock star of polling analysis. There is more going on than simple icon promotion, he seems to have a crystal ball. It is likely that Nate gets the memos and narrative ahead of time and is part of the rigging operation.

At Silver’s site, you can see the race tightening. For some reason, as of this morning, Silver shows Clinton with a 3.3% lead in popular vote. Other than ballot-box tampering and memos, I can’t imagine what Nate is using because here are the most recent polls:

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein IBD/TIPP Tracking Clinton 44, Trump 44, Johnson 4, Stein 2 Tie
General Election: Trump vs. Clinton LA Times/USC Tracking Clinton 42, Trump 48 Trump +5
General Election: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein ABC/Wash Post Tracking Clinton 47, Trump 45, Johnson 3, Stein 2 Clinton +2
General Election: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein Rasmussen Reports Clinton 44, Trump 44, Johnson 5, Stein 2 Tie
General Election: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein Economist/YouGov Clinton 46, Trump 43, Johnson 4, Stein 2 Clinton +3
General Election: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein CBS News/NY Times Clinton 45, Trump 42, Johnson 5, Stein 4 Clinton +3

When you look over his electoral map, you’ll see Silver predicts Trump taking Ohio. He puts three states as virtual toss ups: Florida (29), North Carolina (15) and Nevada (6). New polls in from Colorado (9) put that as a tie. Trump would have to win them all. This map shows that outcome. For good measure, the rigging gives Clinton a 1 or 2 percent popular-vote lead. Watch Virginia, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. They are rated about four- or five- point favorites for Clinton. If those are closer, then the polls and ballot box conspiracy theorists really missed it.

There is a dead-tie, 269-269 scenario. That, combined with a disputed vote count, would be maximum-pain rigging and extremely suspicious. That would send it to the House of Representatives. The GOP is expecting to win 230-205. Rig about five of those to Dems and it is 225 to 210. The majority is 218. Trump is very unpopular with some GOP House members. Those members are also controlled by (((neocohens))). Find eight neocon Judas Goats who might vote for a substitute for Hillary, namely Tim Kaine, and you have maximum pain and riots. Alternatively, Trump could step down for neocon Mike Pence, and the GOP Judas Goats and kingmakers would suddenly coalesce.

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