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Video of Alleged ISIS Bombing in Baghdad Reveals a ‘Surprise’

People inspect the aftermath of a deadly car bomb explosion that hit a popular fruit and vegetable market in a commercial street in Baghdad's northwestern neighborhood of Hurriyah, Iraq, Monday, Oct. 31, 2016. Iraqi police say a parked car bomb exploded in Baghdad's northwestern neighborhood of Hurriyah on Sunday, killed at least 10 and wounding many. PHOTO: AP/Karim Kadim

On Sunday, Oct. 30, multiple ISIS bombing incidents in Baghdad reportedly killed at least 15 people. Anonymous medical and police officials said the most deadly blast was a car bomb that killed at least eight. This story made international news, including mention in a Daily Mail account. Footage of the car bombing and aftermath has since emerged, and apparently someone didn’t get the memo or got a bit sloppy with the editing — or maybe somebody was there that shouldn’t have been. Whodathunk? Have a look.

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  1. Wow! Gotta love the cartoonish special effects of the guy from out of nowhere running in and out of the frame with the knee of his pant leg on fire. This is just incredible footage. It’s the most damning proof I’ve ever seen of a blast hoax.

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