$21 TRILLION Looted from US Treasury Coffers Between 1998-2015, More Since

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Every man, woman and child in America is owed $65,000 from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), according to a report published earlier this year by Michigan State University professor and economist Mark Skidmore.

Working with graduate students and former HUD Assistant Secretary Catherine Austin Fitt, Skidmore and his audit team uncovered $21 trillion in unauthorized spending within HUD and DOD between 1998 and 2015. Their published research is available here: “DOD and HUD Missing Money: Supporting Documentation for $21 Trillion of Undocumentable Adjustments ($65,000 Per Person).”

In accounting terms, the missing money is referred to as “undocumentable adjustments.” When abused to a gross degree, it becomes a euphemism for theft and fraud. HUD/DOD’s “adjustments” lends new meaning to the Winter Watch term “Crime Syndicate.” This loot is so monumental that even the term “Crime Syndicate” might not do it justice.

Also revealed in the research was gross violations of financial reporting laws by the U.S. government since 1998, the same year money started flooding the coffers of hedge funds that have soared ever since.

Hedge fund assets over the period in question.

Among the mainstream media, it appears only Forbes ran an article, with Boston University economics professor Laurence Kotlikoff covering the story. This professor disclosed government agency attempts to hide evidence and suppress the information.

On October 5, 2017 we discovered that the link to the report “Army General Fund Adjustments Not Adequately Documented or Supported” had been disabled. Within a several days, the links to other OIG documents we identified in our search were also disabled. The sequential non-random nature of this disabling process suggests a purposeful decision on the part of OIG to make key documents unavailable to the public via the website.

Professor Skidmore also disclosed attempts to shut down his project.

I have been able to talk to a few people. I tried calling the Congressional Budget Office. I talked with somebody at the GAO, and one or two people at the Office of the Inspector General, who were generating these reports. … It’s a big question in why don’t people want to look at this? Some high ranking government official also authorized the disabling of all the links to the key documents.  We know that.

I know, for example, that some activities, just for the sake of protection of the people involved in national security, have to be black budget. There is always stuff like that. Usually, it’s authorized spending, and some percentage is this black budget where only a small percentage of people and some in Congress know about it, but this is way outside of that.

The following summarizes the findings of the researchers.

The result, according to the report, is that data used to prepare the year-­end financial statements were unreliable and lacked an adequate audit trail. The report indicates that just 170 transactions accounted for $2.1 trillion in year — end unsupported adjustments. No information is given about these 170 transactions. In addition, many thousands of transactions with unsubstantiated adjustments were, according to the report, removed by the Army.

There is no explanation concerning why they were removed nor their magnitude. The July 2016 report states, “In addition, DFAS (Defense Finance and Accounting Service) Indianapolis personnel did not document or support why DDRS (The Defense Department Reporting System) removed at least 16,513 of 1.3 million feeder file records during the Third Quarter.”

Catherine Fitts in the following blockbuster interview with Professor Skidmore called the operation a massive criminal enterprise. She indicated this is likely a replay of the takedown of Soviet Union playbook. Her theory is that the endgame is a big economic bust and a Washington Consensus privatization, which has been WWs theory as well. It is quite obvious that the massive scamdemic black hole spending is an extension of this looting.

1907 Panic, Haves and Have-Nots Template in Play

The Skidmore-Fitts conversation is difficult to locate and of course has been scrubbed from You Tube. I managed to locate a copy.

Of course, this type of skulduggery is not entirely new. Just one day before 9/11, U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, perhaps as foreshadowing, announced $2.3 trillion was unaccounted for in the DOD budget. In the aftermath of 9/11, Rumsfeld’s announcement was ignored and the big looting operation, by all indications, went into overdrive.

Dual Israeli-American Rabbi Dov S. Zakheim was Under Secretary of Defense and Pentagon Comptroller from May 4, 2001, to March 10, 2004. He was in place during 9/11. He never accounted for the missing $2.3 trillion. On May 6, 2004, Zakheim took a lucrative position at Booz Allen Hamilton. He also worked closely with DARPA, another major financial black hole. For more on Zakheim’s career and background see Rense.com’s report.

More details and mechanisms from Catherine Fitts on how the black budget looting works:

During Zakheim’s tenure as Pentagon controller, over $3 trillion dollars was unaccounted for. Additionally, military information was jeopardized and military contractors billed the U.S. for Israeli military spending: $50 million for fighter jets were rated as “surplus,” for example, and the list goes on. As the scandal of trillions surfaced, Zakheim resigned and Israel was handed the finest fighter jets in the U.S.’ inventory. Meanwhile, 15% of U.S. jets were grounded for a lack of parts.

One of the dark cards played are contract fees to fund development. Since these programs are often cancelled, those fees are paid off. Is this yet another black hole?

It behooves us to ask the obvious questions: Who manages the DOD and who is accountable? Inquiring minds would like to know. What is the background of all this “talent”?

A snapshot during the early Obama administration reveals it in spades. Of the 111 U.S. Defense Department senior officials, 40 were Jewish or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 36%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population. Therefore, Jews and spouses of Jews are over-represented among the U.S. Defense Department senior officials by a factor of 1800%. A similar perusal should be done on Christian evangelical Zionists in the DOD. Quite the hat trick. Under Trump and Biden this make up in departments has continued and grown by adding large numbers of foreign born and first generation apparatchiks.

Read “Rockefeller Foundation: Hardly a Gentile White to be Found”

Who are the Likely Looters?

‘Is it really necessary for every economist to be brain-dead apologist for the rich and powerful and predatory, in every damn breath?’ — Bruce Wilder in comments to ‘Clash of Autonomy and Interdependence’

Follow the money. Starting in 1997, there were approximately 350 billionaires globally. That number is now about 1,400. Pre-pandemic the worth of these individuals has increased from $300 billion to $2.2 trillion- and then nearly doubled again. Read: U.S. Billionaire Wealth Surged by 70 Percent, or $2.1 Trillion, During Pandemic.

This is without doubt under-reported and most of the funnel flows to the very top of this tier. The second chart below shows the locales of the world’s ultra wealthy. The vast majority, about 55,000, are located in U.S. By far, the U.S. has the highest concentration of rent seeking plutocrats. It’s Crime Syndicate Central. Few plutocrats got where they are without being involved, directly or compartmentalized. Fitts mentioned the same compromised control system we have alluded to on the pages of Winter Watch. Everything about this reinforces our theories — except even we underestimated the sheer magnitude.

Kleptocrats have entire networks working below them in a power infrastructure. Such a network is expensive to maintain, which suggests a large measure of the looted $21 trillion is utilized to support it.

Another filter for spotting kleptocrats is identifying those who need to hide their money in offshore entities. Many were revealed by ICIJ in what was dubbed “The Panama Papers.”

Neoliberal Trotskyism

Neoliberalism is essentially Trotskyism refashioned for the needs of the global financial kleptocracy. But instead of “proletarians of all countries I unite” we have “neoliberal elites of all countries unite.

The term “neoliberalism” itself is obscured and hidden from the population, and its discussion is a taboo in neoliberal MSM.

They also pervert the idea of the Rule of the Law, which animated so much of modernity. Today, there’s the hollowing out of democratic practices and institutions, while at the same time catalyzing radical, brutal neo-feudal forms of kleptocratic dominance.

They are hard at work with internet censorship and are even beta testing behavioral enforcements aka mandates. This is typical of useful idiots of the kleptocracy or kakistocracy: Trotskyite neoliberals and their fellow travelers Trotskyite Marxists. Political pressure and money create an environment in which intellectually bankrupt and inverted ideas prevail.

Read “Firebrand Bolshevik Leon Trotsky: Fully Backed by International Banksters and the Pederast British War Party”

Note for newer readers: I use the terms kleptocracy, kakistocracy and Crime Syndicate interchangeably. CS is employed when I am describing actual acts. I avoid use of the word “elites” to describe this organized criminality.

It’s “socialism for corporations, feudalism for everybody else” who adapted a large part of Trotskyism ideology and, especially, political instruments, carefully hiding the origins.

The key goal of Trotskyite neoliberalism is redistributing and concentrating wealth to the top at the expense of the working class and middle class – and future generations.

Neoliberalism is totally artificially constructed and explicitly planned to be enforced on unsuspecting people via subversive actions of a totalitarian sect. In the same way Bolshevism was the dictatorship of the Communist Party nomenklatura, neoliberalism is the dictatorship of the financial Kleptocracy.

Instead of the misplaced term Communist International we see the formation of the powerful Transnational Kleptocrat International. 

The Transnational Kleptocrat aka Crime Syndicate no longer feels in the same boat as the rest of the society and openly worships on the altar of unlimited, pathological greed. As cosmopolitans, they have little loyalty or offer no support to host nations. The kleptocrats of today are bound to their corporations, and to their in-groups. This overwhelms and decimates all other considerations such as patriotism and moral obligations. Amorality is the norm. People outside the Crime Syndicate in-group are just tools, not compatriots and their standard of living means nothing.

Like Trotskyism in the past, it’s a militant and dogmatic faith that ostracizes heretics and utilizes the full power of propaganda to brainwash the population. Neoliberals have zero tolerance for other social systems or deviations from so-called Washington consensus. The kakistocratic intellectual class demands political correctness and advocates a pseudo-radical wedge agenda.

There is the creation, notably, of neoliberal “newspeak,” which is similar to Marxist newspeak. For example, the word “free” is redefined as “unregulated.” That helps to provide a pseudo-scientific justification for redistributing wealth upward and increasing poverty for the lower 90% or so of the population endemic to the system.

Neoliberals, like Trotskyites, are globalists par excellence who dream about a worldwide neoliberal revolution. Their primary method of doing business (much illegal) is via foundations and so-called non-governmental organizations (NGO). The foundations, in turn, work through captured intelligence agencies.

The neoliberal state always evolves into the national security state.

This doctrine was artificially constructed by bribed compromised intellectuals/made men and a network of foundation-funded neoliberal think tanks. The use of the term “think tank” as the major weapon for unleashing neoliberal tyranny was also a direct borrowing from Bolshevik practice.

Neoliberal Trotskyite doctrine is built and enforced by “The Party.” The Party hides behind a contrived left-right dialectic and circus clown world politics. Both the GOP (Rinos and Trump) and Demonrats are hardcore neoliberals and for all practical purposes are “The Party”.

The Party is Machiavellian and uses cult style methods. There is an obsessive preoccupation with getting to power and staying in power, but any means, criminal if necessary. Instincts are psychopathic. There is blatant disregard to fact and truth in order to achieve a political victory. They view political activities as a war and fight to the bitter end. False flags and bamboozle staged deception operations are the norm. Wedge issues are the centerpiece of policy. There is adherence to big lies.

The Kakistocrat Party is too preoccupied with dividing spoils among friends and corporate sponsors to effectively govern. High positions are populated with revolving-door flying monkeys with ideologically correct views — but who have zero, or near-zero, abilities to perform (“subzeros” or negative selection).

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23 Comments on $21 TRILLION Looted from US Treasury Coffers Between 1998-2015, More Since

  1. Maybe Kristi Noem bringing prayer back to schools will stop all this…
    Seriously, are our state governors aware of all this, somehow involved in it or just totally clueless? it seems to me if we could just elect some decent people…. Lol never mind.

  2. “High positions are populated with revolving-door flying monkeys with ideologically correct views — but who have zero, or near-zero, abilities to perform (“subzeros” or negative selection).”

    Law enforcement in America is a perfect example of this. The department leadership are the flying monkeys who take orders from the politicians and depend on fresh recruits from the academy to do the majority of the work. Then they blame the more experienced officers for the problems that the leadership create. The more experienced officers, in-turn get fed up with always being the scapegoat so they quit or retire. All this leaves a very inexperienced police force lead by a few psychopaths and opportunists.

    • Nicks87- law enforcement story of my dad- he finished 3rd place in the recruitment evaluations initially, behind two people who’d eventually become chief. After the department revised the list of recruits in favor of ‘diversity’, pops didn’t even make the academy, had to wait as an alternate for some of the useless ones that he’d beaten out already to drop out first. That was over 45 years ago in the mid 70’s. Just another anecdote to prove that this isn’t (and wasn’t) a meritocracy we live in. Closer to a good old boys club. He went on to a near 30 year career with the last half spent in homicide. I don’t think that he experienced being blamed as you described, but as a veteran officer he experienced constant pleading by the department to not retire. This has become an official policy for both the police and fire department and I guarantee that it’s happening across the country. Unable to replace existing officers with competent recruits, PDs and FDs have instituted what are they call “drop programs”, which basically bribe officers that are near retirement to stay on. They basically double pay them, they are paid their salary and the same amount is also deposited into their retirement accounts. “So hard to find good help these days!”
      So the next time you see a police officer or firefighter that looks like they don’t belong, your lying eyes are probably right, believe them. And know that somewhere out there, there’s a competent would be police officer or firefighter working at In-n-Out burger or some damn place.

      • I retired after 20 years because our supervisors and training officers expected me to train new people and work a rotation. They refused to pay me for the extra work load so I said, “I’m out”. I’m relatively young too so I could’ve easily done 30 years. The poor abilities of leadership coupled with vaccine/mask nonsense told me it was time to move on. I’m getting ready to start a new career in property maintenance so all is good for the time being.

  3. Cool article Russ. I can tell that your blood must have gotten boiling writing it. I think our whole system these days is a crime syndicate kakistocracy, not just the top levels. What I mean is that our entire society is oriented to advance the most sheepish, degenerate, people and retard the advancement of the organic natural leaders. Just look at the corporate managerial types who all play golf and wore the mask when told to.

  4. Two term limits in all elected positions, reverse citizens united, stop the graft within DoD and their practice of bankrolling all these R&D projects, audit and end the fed, apply existing antitrust laws to the obvious monopolies, dismantle bad acting ngos and foundations. All unlikely to happen parts of a way to prevent what appears to be the desired future destruction of this country.

    • Look into the Freemasonry cult to understand the ideology behind the cabal. Communism is subordinate to Freemasonry which is subordinate to Bnai Brith which is subordinate to Kabbalist banking dynasties which are subordinate to…..? Your guess is as good as mine. Probably a demonic entity.

  5. Great article, Russ.

    It should be archived on all truther websites as handle on the ‘doctrine” & “behavior” & “assent-to-power” & “Orwellian results” by the authoritarian & genocidal bandits known as Trottskyite Neo-Liberals..


    Looking forward to ur meditations on the permanent official government of each country,

    the Civil Service

  6. Israeli Journalist: Sheldon Adelson Was A Jew ‘Straight Out Of The Protocols Of Zion’

    Indeed, if anyone had any illusions about American politics, they were dispelled this week. The casino mogul, Sheldon Adelson, organized a public display of his power. He summoned to his Las Vegas betting paradise the four most probable Republican candidates for the next presidential elections, in order to choose one of them. All the invitees heeded the summons, of course.

    It was a shameless exhibition. The politicians groveled before the casino lord. Mighty governors of important states did their best to sell themselves like applicants at a job interview. Each of them tried to trump the others in promising to do the Mogul’s bidding. Flanked by Israeli bodyguards, Adelson grilled the American hopefuls. And what was he demanding from the future president of the United States? First of all and above everything else, blind and unconditional obedience to the government of another state: Israel.


  7. Add to that the fraud of problem creation/fabrication and then concocting solutions to reap money and power out of it.

    The latest and greatest – sans the central banking system and interest, the mother of all scams – being the “green energy” and “green energy” scam based upon the climate threat scam.

    They have commenced construction and deconstruction blitzkriegs on town and cities. My town is one of them. Overnight, about a year and half ago, large parts of the town turned into construction sites. Since then more and more has commenced and very little finished. For instance, they dug up a highway I travel daily and did so in like a day. After that it was left a gravel road for months until about half of was repaved, revealing the purpose: to turn half the road into a path for pedestrians, bicyles and electric scooters (stand-up wheelchairs, as I’ve nicknamed them.) This project still stand unfinished, with signs posted stating it’ll be finished in late 2024; over two years after the start. There’s rarely any activity at the construction sites and when there is it seems they try to make it as convoluted and disruptive as possible. The remains of the road has been dug up in large sections multiple times and repaved and recently they made the motor vehicle half even slimmer. Several of the projects have begun by digging areas up and then leaving it like that for weeks or months before doing anything. I’ve even noticed they’ve redone the same projects; for instance I saw that they dug up a small part of a road in a neighborhood, stating that they were doing work on the power grid. Then they filled it in and repaved and open the street again for traffic. Then about a month later the street was/is blocked off yet again and the same sign is back saying their doing work on the power grid.

    The purpose is obviously to turn my town and others into 15-minute cities, with the slimmed roads hampering motor vehicle traffic while the wide pedestrian, etc paths expands how far one can get on bikes or power scooters in 15 minutes. Slimmed streets downtown also means many parking spaces are gone or will be. There’s also a recent change, or rather addition, to the city bus service. It seems now people will be able to call a small bus to pick them up at the same fee as regular bus service. The catch is that you can only travel short distances, kind of like it’s limited within zones from where you live. 15 minute zones, perhaps.

    In addition to being fraudulent in basis and intent, this is also a huge economic fraud. These “climate projects” are publically funded but carried out by private contractors. A so-called public-private partnership where the people pay for whatever the Globalist Oligarchy wants done and the Oligarchy reaps the profits. The profits are, of course, increased when they make it cost more than necessary (not that any of it is necessary) by having the projects take much longer than necessary and do (and redo) more work than necessary.

    Doing the destructive parts all at once all over constitutes a construction blitzkreig on the cities where the crime syndicate makes sure that there’ll instantly be no turning back because what was there will already be gone before any possible opposition can form against it.

    I’m writing this as a word of warning, as I believe this hasn’t become wide spread yet. Don’t let these asshats do this to your town. Stay vigilant and try to spread the word of what’s going on. Once done our cities will be open air prisons where we’ll be penned, or concentrated, into small zones. At first it’ll be voluntary but with the planned “carbon credit” system they’ll make it so if you want to leave your zone you’ll have to “climate compensate” by using up “carbon credits,” meaning you’ll have to give up something else.

    • Another development in the 15-minute city pilot city I live in. I hope people pay heed. They’re turning our cities and towns into open air smart concentration camps and making us pay for it. They also make it take much, much longer than needed to massively increase our costs and their profits. This will come to your city or town and once it does it’ll be too late. They will rip your town apart in days and then sloooowly rebuild it to severely limit your mobility, especially automotive mobility. They will pen you in and choke your mobility. They will also make you pay for it and make it is disruptive and costly as possible for you and as profitable as possible for them.

      The only way to stop it is for the people to become aware that it’s coming and why.

      Yesterday, I walked by the Masonic lodge and saw there had been three stone plates ripped up from the sidewalk. Around this, they had put up a security barrier, like it was a construction or work site. Seemed like a clear middle finger to the people; telling us they do whatever the fuck they want to our town and with our tax money.

  8. Naturally, once the criminals realize they’ve gotten away with it, they’ll continue and expand upon it. This direct theft is one example but there is more.

    Like with so called bank bailouts. This used to be sold to the public as necessary for “the economy.” Public acceptance (or ignorance or apathy) and increased narrative control led to them doing more and larger bailouts. Then, right before the covid scamdemic, they did a trillion dollar bailout in secret.

    An example from my native Sweden goes as follows. There was a(n engineered) financial crisis in the 90’s and the banks were failing (or rather were looted, in various ways.) The politicians and the media sold the people on the idea that the banks needed to be bailed out and to do so they would be allowed to borrow billions of dollars from the public pension funds. It’s now going on 30 years since then and there has been not a peep about repayment. Naturally the looting has continued in secret since then, as why wouldn’t they continue when they got away with it and also have since then increased control over the media (almost total now, with almost all local publications having been bought up by globalist media conglomorates in recent decades) and now have even greater narrative control thanks to social (control) media.

    • And, coincidentally, “medical experts” and the media are now trying to convince/scare people 65 and over that they need yet another convid booster shot. It’s of course the rulers who need that as they urgently need to reduce the number of old people to get away with the pension fund looting.

  9. Russ,

    I thought you might be interested in this book, The Great Taking, written by a former hedge fund operator, who is warning that the central bankers have a LEGAL way of confiscating all stocks as collateral against the quadrillion dollars in derivatives (kind of like how Dodd-Frank allows the bankers to take everyone’s deposits when the bank goes bankrupt):

    The Great Taking by David Rogers Webb: https://thegreattaking.com/

    Bill Holter’s commentary on The Great Taking:
    I have spent half of Labor Day reading this article. I found it to be very well researched and footnoted. I highly recommend you read this in its entirety as it discusses the “how” you will own nothing (but not how you will be happy). What hooked me on reading the entirety is the discussion of “securities” and that book entry securities will be confiscated LEGALLY in the great margin call to come. This harkens back to my JSMineset days where Jim urged everyone to get their certificates issued in paper form. The rest of the article is bone chilling, but I cannot disagree with the author’s how or where it all leads to. May God help us all! Please do not e-mail me with questions regarding certificate issuance. Please contact your individual companies and query who their transfer agent is and how to have your certificate issued. As for any questions on the overall article, please contact the author directly.

    The Great Taking

    Mario Innecco/Maneco64, finance expert who used to work in the City of London, read the book and thinks the author and his warnings are legit:
    How the Central Bankers Plan to Come After Your Assets.

    The Great Taking…The Plan To Hand Over YOUR Assets To The Banksters

    This guy is a Brit and toward the beginning he talks about how they don’t actually own their homes/property over there. Apparently, if TPTB want the property, they can take it. Makes me wonder if we have something similar here in the US–I read this book back in 2009, but I’m pretty sure the authors suggested something similar:

    They Own It All (Including You!) By Means of Toxic Currency
    Here’s more info on the book here http://newpeopleorder.com/

    • British people have been legally declared “lost at sea, presumed dead” Ever since 1666, when the legal act that made it so was implemented as “crisis mitigation” after the London city fire ( which they deliberately set.) This means their property is under the “care” of the state. Thus they can take it. Only the “legal person” exists to the state and is “summoned” when needed or wanted.

      That’s simplified and I may have some specifics wrong but that’s the gist of it.

        • They’re certainly playing a loooong game. Laying the groundwork for legally taking everything (they haven’t already taken through their rigged, fraudulent financial system) away from the people hundreds of years before actually doing it. Of course, acting upon that law in 1666 would have resulted in mass rebellion against the rulers.

          Rather they’ve patiently working to weaken the people physically and mentally and deceive them into, for various reasons (financial, ideological,) supporting and defending a system that’s set up to destroy and enslave them. Now, hundreds of years later, the people is rendered sufficiently mentally, physically and economically feeble and they have legions of people serving them (believing they’re creating equality, saving climate or just believing they will profit) as well as powerful, all-encompassing tools of control and persuassion.

          At this point all it takes is well-staged real-world theater productions of various scary threats (covid, climate, war, terrorists) and the people destroys and enslaves themselves for them.

          There is perhaps light at the end of the tunnel, though. I live in Sweden, one of the worst brainwashed countries. In recent years I’ve observed and experienced that peoples are becoming more and more aware and that it’s become more and much more common that people are receptive towards conspiracy truth. I’ve helped lead several people towards awakening to reality. Some are practically all the way there. I also like to test the waters when talking to people by slipping in nuggets of conspiracy truth into conversations. This is more often that not successful and has even led to deep conversations about what’s actually going on, even with perfect strangers. This has made me a bit hopeful that the tide is turning and perhaps the globalists have missed their window of opportunity.

        • On June 25th 1888, 222 years after the London City Fire, they burned down three towns here in Sweden; Sundsvall, Umeå and Lilla Edet. I’m not sure if there were any “emergency” legal changes afterwards but they certainly used it to aquire almost complete ownership. Especially here in my city of Sundsvall as they replaced the destroyed wood buildings with ones made out of stone, much of it very expensive imported stone. This made it so that only the super wealthy had the means to own buildings in the city. Other than the extreme improbability of three towns burning down by accident in the same country and on the same day there are also several facts that clearly show these fires were no accidents. For instance, there were fires on an island miles away and situated in the opposite direction of the spread of the city fire.

          I’m sure “history” around the world is full of “accidents” like this which were actually globalist terrorist attacks on humanity.

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