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Puerto Rico Being Set Up for Parasite Guild Loot

Trump International Golf Club in Puerto Rico filed for bankruptcy protection in 2015. The cost to local taxpayers was an estimated $33 million, according to reports. PHOTO: via

Sleeping Americans might want to watch Trumpian former grand strategist Steve Bannon’s “Generation Zero” documentary below. It well describes how sick and near death the U.S. is as a debt-enslaved target of the Parasite Guild.

It’s the proposed, unapologetic, medieval-bloodletting Shock Doctrine treatments that should be of concern, because the Trump administration has defacto-hired the Rothschilds and the Crime Syndicate to dissemble and foreclose on the country. The U.S. might as well be Greece, because that’s what’s next. Nowhere does Bannon speak to the Greek Golden Dawn “extreme right” “neo-Nazi” debt-slave solution. [See “How Once a Torn Country Liberated Itself from Debt Slavery.”] That would be an actual default and never paying the Parasite Guild back and/or letting them foreclose or privatize.

It has always amazed me how real default options are never discussed in public discourse. It’s always minor haircuts, followed by rollout maturity extensions with even more debt accumulation.

For an understanding of the Parasite Guild and Shock Doctrine system see:

Puerto Rico was in severe debt-slave trouble well before hurricane Maria. The storm pushed it over the cliff, and Donald “The Red Queen” Trump finished the job by saying “no bailout for Puerto Rico.”

The Red Queen also inferred that “Goldman Sachs holds these bonds.” That is sleight of hand. Of $76 billion, $50 billion is owed to everyday investors through pension funds and other intermediaries. Less than 25% of Puerto Rico’s debt is held by hedge funds, according to estimates by Cate Long, founder of research firm Puerto Rico Clearinghouse. The rest of the debt is owned by individuals and mutual funds that are held by mom-and-pop investors.

Another pile on is coming, because when Puerto Rico gets federal relief — perhaps via line of credit, as requested by the governor — repayment of debt from federal government is likely to take seniority over existing debt obligations.

The scam now is to get Aunt Millie’s fund manager, who takes his orders from the Parasite Guild and Crime Syndicate, to dump these bonds cheap — in fact, very cheap. The Parasite Guild will scoop them up and later deal with the bankruptcy in the New York courts under the direction of Parasite Guild crony judges.

The case of Argentina discussed in my Parasite Guild articles is illustrative. This will be a multi-year process. Typically, there is little debt forgiveness or significant haircuts in these captured courts. Debtors are cut little slack. This is the precursor to a literal foreclosure of the island under new owners. Watch also for shock doctrine austerity, pensioner wipeouts, privatizations and reconstitution of key Puerto Rico assets and infrastructure into new hands.

As part of this process, hundreds of thousands of native Puerto Ricans are being uprooted and displaced to the mainland U.S. Notably, a little more than 5 percent of electrical customers had service on the storm-ravaged island, according to officials — with the head of its power utility saying that number would rise to just 15 percent during the next two weeks. Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority is also debt burdened and bankrupt and doesn’t have the financial clout to rebuild.

Food and drinking water also remained in short supply, and the Federal Communications Commission said more than 88 percent of cellphone towers were out of service.

The long-term plan of the Parasite Guild and the vultures will be some transformation of Puerto Rico into a rich-man enclave. But first the riff raff have to be foreclosed upon and removed. There will be some human trafficking as well, especially given that Puerto Rican women are exotically attractive. One wonders how many will end up in the Middle East. It’s a younger population, so healthy organs will also be available for the black market.

Listen to Rothschild agent and hack Wilbur Ross discuss Puerto Rico before Irma. In Parasite Guild situations and in theory, there can be losers other than the people — namely, the creditors — who have their holdings marked down. But that never seems to occur, as little debt is ever outright forgiven or written off. Listen to Ross describe the debt crisis in Puerto Rico and other states. Notice he says, “Puerto Rico schemed its way into heavy debt.” Nowhere does he suggest this was enabled and facilitated by Wall Street and Wall Street infestations within government. It’s “just Puerto Rico.” He then mischaracterizes the vulture funds. He goes on to concisely describe his new job and the standard bankster Washington Consensus “reforms” (aka looting).

The following chart from Zero Hedge shows the next likely large-city bankruptcies, with Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix and Pittsburgh leading the pack. Among the states, it’s Illinois, New Jersey and Connecticut.

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