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United States Sees Highest Murder Rate in 25 Years


20 January 2022

SARA CARTER — Crime has been spiking at an aberrant rate, hitting the highest murder rate in 25 years. Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Minneapolis are among the large liberal cities shattering records for 2021 murder reports.

Data analyst Jeff Asher examined FBI data, reported by the New York Times, which shows the 2021 murder rate was estimated to be 6.9 murders per 100,000 people. That is a mere .5 percent lower than the 1997 murder rate of 7.4

Rising crime rates have prompted policy makers to focus on the increasing mental health and homeless crises sweeping the nation. Some say that is not helpful for a full and comprehensive approach.

Former New York Police Department Commissioner Howard Safir said there is more to be looked at such as “cancel culture and wok mentality that assumes the police are racist and brutal.”

Not only that, liberal policy makers have been incredibly soft on crime, as well as unsupportive of law enforcement. “If crimes continue to be committed in large numbers, and police continue not to have the backing of politicians and the public, then they’re not going to do their job the way they did when I was commissioner” Safir told Fox News Digital on Tuesday. […]

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  1. Speaking of the the astronomical rise in violent/organized crime in the Mid & Northwest in the past few years, it brings up an issue which many aren’t accustomed to even thinking of, but it’s right up your alls alley (as well as many sites you publish here). That’s the Canadian Border. They always talk about the activity at the Border/Ports in the South, which makes sense, given that Mexico has been number 1 in violent crime in the World for a long time now (why/how/who is another discussion).

    Like in some parts of the Midwest (MN, WS for ec), Canada has this ‘Nice’ ‘charming, rustic’ ‘quirky’ sort of don’t-ya-know image to people. You watch ‘Fargo’ or ‘Portlandia’ or just about anything with Canadians, and you don’t realize how these areas have changed, been used for certain things over the years. More of your Bernaysian brainwashing that has gotten worse with Streaming services anymore, when everyone has a home-video-store of Propaganda founded by Ed Bernays nephew (Netflix). You’d not know, or even forget, that Wisconsin is/was the ‘Satanic Capitol of the US,’ where many of the top Serial Killers roamed and did their worst, like Geoff Dahmer- and it’s no coincidence that Gacy, Bundy, David Norman, and others were right in that Triangular area- WS, MN, Detroit, Chicago, down to Texas- which was operating territory mapped out for Gacy and Norman in their ‘Delta’ trafficking network. Mega Group Boss Les Wexner is right up there in Columbus, OH, too, and you have arguably the most influential of that cadre across the border in Canada- the Bronfman Family. Notice those cities with these rises in crime also happen to be so-called ‘sanctuary cities,’ which isn’t a knock on ‘refugees’ or some straw-man argument, but how these Neoliberal Crime Syndicates use such an area- like a Kibbutz, an ‘autonomous zone,’ or how the military has occasionally bonded with, created extremely wealthy casino magnates in Indian Reservations, which helps them operate more with ease in those areas in much the same way- as with Wackenhut.

    Take two more recent examples-

    1.) (note: in Misha Glenny’s book ‘Mcmafia’- the role of Indian Organized crime in the Global/Transnational view is explained to some degree, their involvement with Israel, the Red Mafiya, and how the money moves through Eastern Europe eventually into the US)

    2.) Here you have the Southern US Border and the Northern both connected in all of this- yet your average person, even many who look at these things occasionally, have no clue. Crime rates skyrocketing makes more ‘sense’ when you look at this stuff.

    Then of course, the ‘Oligarch’ level of it. Where your speculators/’venture capital’ gets involved, tied up with hybrid warfare, giving a self-righteous dispensation to pure corruption. Not sure how relevant these are to the previous two, directly, but indirectly they are for sure, in the least because of how much money/product is being moved around in the same sectors, across the same territory.

    3.) From Venezuela, through Aruba, all the way through NY to Montreal (also where I believe the Mega-Group Bronfman family is most active)- ‘Rothschilds of the Mafia’

    4.) Chinese International Money Laundering Networks, Centered in Vancouver

    Again, I’m on the level where if it’s not causing war/violence, rotting communities, no one has a right to tell you not to do whatever. I’m actually pro legal marijuana so that people don’t access this dirty sprayed shit that comes from who-knows-where, CIA or whoever trying to make more for a cheaper product- when you could Nationalize some of this stuff, also have better oversight on its impact on the economy (some things though- Meth/Fentanyl for ex, are just pure poison/weapons- can’t find a reason justifying their existence), and not have people using some cut-up street drug making them sick (there are forms of Coca leaf and Opium tea that are not anywhere near as addictive as the shit they make- also Kratom, etc that do similar, no reason to incentivize poison everywhere, which gives people crazy withdrawal). You cut out the black-market-middleman, you cut out the violence- because most of that comes from its involvement in economics, extortion etc.

    40,000 homicides: Retracing 63 years of murder in Chicago
    By Kyle Bentle, Jonathon Berlin, Ryan Marx and Kori Rumore
    Apr 27, 2021
    Chicago saw a homicide total lower in 2020 of 770, a tragic jump over the 496 from 2019. The spike in violent crime that has plagued Chicago since 2016 has even more gravity when viewed in comparison with six decades of homicides in Chicago.
    Since 1957, the city has had homicide totals of 700, 27 of 63 years, and has been lower than 500 a third of the time, 20 of 62 years. To understand this long-term view, the Tribune asked two experts to give perspective as to what was behind Chicago crime decade by decade, and combed through news coverage going back to the 1960s.
    The Tribune turned to John Hagedorn, a professor of criminology at the University of Illinois at Chicago who has written extensively on Chicago’s gangs as well as Wyndell Watkins, a retired Washington, D.C., deputy chief of police with more than 40 years of public safety experience. Here is a closer look at the numbers and some of the influences behind them.

    Despite being only 13.5% of the population and Black males between 16-26 make up 4% of the Black community, 4% Black males commit:
    52% of all Murder and Manslaughter
    31% of all Rapes
    56% of all Robbery
    34% of all Aggravated assault
    30% of all Burglary
    29% of all Larceny-theft
    30% of all Motor vehicle theft
    23% of all Arson
    39% of all Violent crime
    29% of all Property crime
    32% of all “Other assaults”
    34% of all Forgery and Counterfeiting
    32% of all Fraud
    35% of all Embezzlement
    30% of all Stolen property buying, receiving, possessing
    26% of all Vandalism
    40% of all Weapon carrying and possessing
    41% of all Prostitution and commercialized vice
    25% of all Sex offenses (rape and prostitution excluded, see above)
    30% of all Drug abuse
    67% of all Gambling
    33% of all Offenses against family and children
    13% of all Driving under the influence
    15% of all Liquor laws
    16% of all Drunkenness
    35% of all Disorderly conduct
    32% of all Vagrancy jis/ucr/crime-in-the-u.s/2013/ crime-in-the-u.s.-2013/tables/ table-43
    The Rev Jesse Jackson said:
    “When I’m walking down a street alone at night, and I hear footsteps behind me; I’m scared shitless, until I turn around and find it’s only a White dude.”


    “This Was A Man”—RIP Colin (“Crime Is the New Black Entitlement”) Flaherty, September 21, 1955-January 11, 2022

    Colin Flaherty, an award-winning journalist and best-selling author whose career spanned over four decades, died on Tuesday at home, surrounded by friends and family. The cause was cancer, a family member said.
    In 1992, Colin Flaherty was the darling of the liberal press, for exposing the truth. At some point in the next decade or two, he would be vilified for the same thing.

    Thirty years ago, Colin used his extensive investigative skills to exonerate Kelvin Wiley, a black man wrongfully accused of attempting to murder his white ex-girlfriend. Flaherty won numerous awards for this work, and the case was later featured in the Los Angeles Times and on Court TV.
    But when the journalism profession orthodoxy moved on to become a publicity mill for the far Left, Flaherty stubbornly clung to his training, his ethics, and his conscience.

    So he became a Thought Criminal and needed to be canceled. First by YouTube, then PayPal, then Facebook, and finally Amazon—the tech monopolies moved swiftly to punish Flaherty for his Wrongthink. Twitter remained the only social media giant that put up with him.
    — ColinFlaherty (@colinflaherty) September 3, 2021

    Colin’s Thought Crimes were legion. In two best-selling books, purchased by thousands of other Thought Criminals, he documented the epidemic of black criminality, vastly out of proportion to their presence in the population, and the Regime Media efforts to conceal it. He called this phenomenon “the biggest lie of our generation.”

    Future PC Enforcers seeking to sanitize the past for the Ministry of Truth will have their work cut out for them trying to erase Colin’s massive content footprint. He leaves behind thousands of hours of videos, podcasts, and interviews, countless articles on rogue sites like American Thinker,, and American Renaissance.

    He also leaves behind about two million subscribers that he had had on YouTube when they canceled him in the middle of last decade; a son and a daughter who had been estranged but with whom he had recently reconciled; and his older brother, who lived with him in Wilmington.
    Often accused of racism by the same media whose lies he exposed, Colin was lauded and befriended by many black conservatives, notably Thomas Sowell and Jesse Lee Peterson, below, both of whom wrote laudatory jacket blurbs for his banned books.

    Vilified by the MSM who once loved him, Colin had for the last decade focused his considerable talents “the biggest lie of our generation,” the false Narrative of black victimhood and white racism. Beginning with White Girl Bleed A Lot, published in 2011, Colin covered stories that were either neglected or whitewashed by the MSM, who refused to acknowledge the tremendously disproportionate violence perpetrated by blacks in the US. His follow-on book, Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry, sold even more than the first one and cemented his legacy as a serious exposer of media hypocrisy.

    Colin stopped making podcasts about a year and a half ago, but we are reminded of his prescience every day. He was amused by the recent discovery of Critical Race Theory by the MSM, who claimed that conservatives “can’t even define it.” For several years, he had defined it thusly: “White racism is everywhere. White racism is permanent. White racism explains everything.”

    And years before the Ruling Class opened the jails and legalized most black crime in the wake of George Floyd’s death, Colin observed that “crime is the new black entitlement.”
    It doesn’t take much digging to see that recent crime statistics bear this out.
    In Colin’s penultimate podcast on August 6, 2020, he began with a monologue that encapsulated both his raison d’etre and his acerbic wit:
    So what we’re trying to do here is figure out what’s really going on, that’s why I love the video, why I love using these podcasts, using the audio from the videos; once I get my health back, I’m looking forward to getting full tilt into my videos. That’s what I used to say, but man, if you think I have confirmation bias, let’s meet out on the street at high noon and we’ll match video for video, ‘cause I think for every video you have of a white guy behaving badly, I think I have 25 to 100 of a fella misbehaving in a very masochistic, psychopathic way. And just to make it interesting, I think we should make a little wager to see who runs out of videos first, runs out of stories first.
    No one ever wants to take me up on this. I mean, what kind of movie would Gunfight At The OK Corral have been if Kirk Douglas [as Doc Holliday] and Wyatt Earp got out there in the street and the Clanton boys didn’t come out to face them down. The Clantons never come out to face us. They always go to the next town over and talk trash about us, about how we have confirmation bias.

    This quote, unscripted and yet well-spoken, also gives us a brief peek at Colin’s unbridled optimism that he’d eventually beat his disease.
    Sadly, that was not to be. But Colin died as he lived: in his words, “without racism, without rancor, and without apology.”
    As those of us who knew him would attest, he was well-deserving of another Shakespeare encomium:
    “He only in a general honest thought
    And common good to all, made one of them.
    His life was gentle, and the elements
    So mixed in him that Nature might stand up
    And say to all the world, “This was a man.”
    John Tremain was a friend and admirer of Colin Flaherty.

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