Look How Google Shoos You Away From The Biden Family Biz And Other Big News

Federalist | August 22, 2023

hile fact-checking a Federalist article early Monday morning, I did a quick Google search for “hunter biden joe biden ‘an absolute wall.’”

It’s the language now-President Joe Biden used during the 2020 campaign to allege a separation between his vice-presidential duties and his son’s overseas work for the family business. It’s back in the news after the House Oversight Committee on Thursday asked the National Archives and Records Administration for unredacted communications containing three of Joe Biden’s vice presidential pseudonyms: Robert Peters, Robin Ware, and JRB Ware.

Google, however, apparently didn’t want me to find too much information — at least not from certain sources.


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    • That’s a good step to take. Be aware though that there’s plenty of Big Tech $infiltration$ into Linux. Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, is basically a Microsoft subsidiary at this point, Fedora is owned by IBM and the Linux Foundation board is packed with people from Google and Microsoft. The init system (the system that boots the system) used by most distributions has Microsoft connections. As the kernel and system software is open source, there’s still hope though. There are fully community controlled distributions outside of Big Tech control and which do not use systemd. MX Linux is one promising example of this and the one I’d recommend.

      • On top of that you have to worry about the INTEL chips. Minifree offers some laptops without NSA-backdoor chips installed running Trisquel. The bigger Linux distros are ‘controlled’ but it is a gateway to leave MS and Apple and find a distro thats fits your needs and eventually move away from the Tech hellscape. https://minifree.org/

      • Forgot to mention the Pinephone project. If you want a phone that respects your privacy. https://www.pine64.org/pinephone/
        The door is slowly closing for people to live and function without a smartphone or smart device glued to their hand and also not having a computer. The enemy has an infinite supply of money and bribery to force people to take up the mark of the beast in this matter. Digital ID, digital currency, etc

  1. As Google and the rest of the crime syndicate Big Tech companies increase their censorship and manipulation, we need to find other means and media to use to reach out.

    One day we’ll find ourselves even unable to reach sites like Winter Watch or at least being unable to get online privately through VPNs or unable to access the web on devices not monitored and locked down. This may happen fairly soon as Google is working on DRM “protecting” the web, which could lock out browsers and devices and possibly limit access to web sites. Big tech (at least Microsoft) is currently secretly clearing out tens of thousands of employees around the world, possibly to reduce insight into their actions and plans.

    To me there’s a very obvious alternative that’s being neglected; the public space. This is used very frequently by globalist fake grass roots “movements” like Communism and the Climate movement. Almost everywhere you go around here you see posters and stickers posted at, for instance, buss stops and on power breaker boxes.

    This could be an effective way to reach people we currently cannot (not online, walled off by social media algorithms, etc) and to keep reaching out as the techno “utopia” turns ever more tyrannical.

    If you’re knowledgable, technically competent and well written enough you could create your own truth bomb posters and post just like the globalist “movements” do. Otherwise, you could just select some effective “memes” (like the ones posted here daily) or even just web site addresses and print and post where they’ll be seen. This costs nothing (if you have the equipment, not much if you do not,) reaches many and cannot easily be censored. Hundreds or maybe thousands doing this could reach millions.

    • I have had a similar thought of buying a small time printing press, the weapon of the Gods. Digital world is becoming a (5 eyes) centered prison with lawsuits and censorship always on the heels of encrypted messages and freedom of speech. One thing that bothers me is the disregard for physical copies of articles and books. Sure archive.org has just about every book known to man scanned and mostly free to access, but soon that could be swallowed up or blocked in certain countries. Bitchute is already blocked in certain EU countries for reasons you can easily grasp. In the world of ghost writers and centralized reporting spamming lies; it is good to have an original source or first edition by someone who was actually there.

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