Are the Adults Running the Show Now at Bud?

Think Bud Light may be getting back to good ole fashion basics with the new Travis Kelce ad. He is the KC Chief white football player from Ohio. To my eye this is a good ad. The grunts are perfect. It’s what I do and can identify with. One black guy out of six older dudes is not overrepresented and is in line with American demographics. Looks like adults are running the show now at Bud, lessons learned after taking substantial losses. Nothing like the bottom line to get heads screwed on right.

Even with adult supervision on hand the damage from wokeism is severe and permanent. During July 4th weekend Bud Light suffered its second worst decline on record, a 27.9 percent drop- that was only beat out by a 28.5 percent decline the week before.

Meanwhile prime woke target Disney continues to bomb. Their last 9 movies lost a combined $1 billion and the year isn’t even over yet. Disney’s slate of failed films over the past year has included:

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  1. “It all about the Benjamins” is a popular phrase I’ve heard from black folk to describe life and society in general. It would seem to no longer apply with many woke institutions these days. “It all about the Communism?” “It all about the degradation?” “It all a bunch of BS!”

    • When your business has the backing of the people who create money (bank credit) out of nothing, you don’t have to be concerned with pleasing the public in order to generate profits.

  2. Since I last commented that the budlight trans ting was a roundabout way to induct the minds of Hispanics into the dialectic, and that modela is as owned by AB… I see goggle has been hard at work covering up the fact that AB own Modelo including outright denial and claims it is owned by “constellation” via Inbev… even as the altmedia reports, straight faced and so indignation, that modela is the beneficiary of the media created dip in budlight sales. So for the record this monster … is not losing a cent simply changing the face of the beer market. Peepers need to grow up indeed
    In fact Monster, which is distributed by coke but I haven’t looked up ownership has introduced an alcoholic vev to coincide with this hysteria called Beast. Have a look… It’s supercreepy and it pays for the best placement on shelves. Budlt as I said previously is placed next to modelo targeting Hispanics. Without Mexican laborersspending as fast as it comes in the us economy would be dead. They’re everywhere, munching on the chemical laced “food” at waffle house and spending at convenience stores. Until the fam arrives, then not so much beer lol

  3. Their beer is still horse piss. I’ll take a good locally crafted beer anytime over any major corporate product. Even if the local craft brewer is a Left wing nut, their small size limits their influence.

  4. The whole Bud Light thing has always struck me as a bit weird, considering the “beer” is an alcohol-free version of an already horrible-tasting beverage. By their own admission, their core customer are masculine nationalist-type men – why would such people want to drink a “beer” that doesn’t even get them drunk?

    And just like Bud, the fall of Disney has been a deconstruction of a very popular and very identifiable American/Western brand. Disney were associated with promoting strong family values (ignoring, just for a moment, the often sinister hidden messages). They’ve now had a moral eclipse (corona anyone?) to promote the counter opposite (as above, so below) which in turn will severely undermine any future productions and therefore will gouge a huge chasm out of the industry, since they now own so much of it.

  5. Unless and until Yeungling sells out to woke, I will continue to drink it or local craft. 2nd choice of commercial beer is Pabst. Not a bad commercial beer for the price. Busch can go completely down the drain for all I care

  6. Perhaps things like this is done to sabotage companies not under globalist control. It could be globalist agents on the inside doing it for them. Could be both woke-“educated” useful idiots (of theirs) and people working more directly for them. Consider Apple computer. In the 90s Apple launched products ranging from mediocre to bad and sales and stock values plummeted. Then suddenly they started releasing attractive products and became successful and profitable again and increasingly so.

    Apple just so happens to now be one of the largest stock holdings of BlackRock, if not the largest. They own about 8% of it which is enough for a great deal of control. Additionally, the plutocrats behind BlackRock and their masonic cronies of course own even more. This takeover would hardly have been possible without the company’s near-suicide in the 90s and I hardly think it was just coincidence. Could what has happened and been done to this company now.

  7. I watched a yootoob compilation of beer commercials from the 70’s.
    Most of them were men doing manly things.
    Not acting like morons.

  8. Once tastebuds change you have lost that customer for life. The boycott changed people’s taste for good. Bud is the king of stupidity.

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