The New Underworld Order Cult


In an assessment of the term “cult,” we need to be very careful here as the kakistocracy — as part of the post-truth world they’ve created — likes to invert ethics and morals to taint those who think outside the box.

Winter Watch defines a cult as a social group with socially deviant beliefs and practices. This is further defined as Malum in se, meaning wrong or evil in itself. The phrase is used to refer to conduct assessed as sinful or inherently wrong by nature, independent of regulations governing conduct. It is distinguished from malum prohibitum, which is wrong only because it is prohibited. The kakistocracy is pushing malum prohibitum hard, as applied to what it considers “wrong think.”

The kakistocracy cult want us shell shocked from rapidly changing false information overload, which leads to paralysis and fear. When people are in a state of fear, coupled with option paralysis, they are very susceptible to manipulation and easy to control.

While the masses are all dazed and confused and overly concerned with catching a seasonal flu, the kakistocracy cult is destroying families, small businesses and entire nations. They are rigging elections, and they are botching troop withdrawals to flood western countries with refugees. The American border is being invaded by hundreds of thousands of people.

The Crime Syndicate is buying up single-family homes and pricing the young in particular out of the market. They are printing endless money and inflating the currency.

Now, they have the Ukraine war and San Francisco Bust, which presents new opportunities for more unmitigated disasters, looting  and mismanagement with malice.

Destructive cults, gangs and syndicates are commonly associated with occult doctrines that provide a mechanism by which an individual, or a small group, can control the thoughts and behavior of large numbers of people. Members’ identities can be altered and members can be turned into de facto slaves.

Might these kinds of groups be formed and controlled by individuals and groups with totalitarian or criminal agendas as a means of covertly subjugating others?

The labeling of a “cult” needs to be constructed carefully.

The late Ted Gunderson used the term “satanic cult”; however, these cults could also be more discordian and nihilist. The dominant theme is moral relativism, or “do as thy wilt.”

Retired FBI Chief Ted Gunderson Revealed Star Chamber Justice System in Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald Case

The cult can form groups to self-promote their members in a like-minded secret society. This infiltration model is much wider spread than generally imagined.

For further reading on Winter Watch:

This type of organized cult is different from an exploitative cult. The later will twist established religions, while others claim to offer a more secular “truth.” Some encourage followers to self isolate and only communicate with other group members, all while sending money to the leader. A few simply tell people to drop everything to join a compound.

Enter the concept of egregore. Egregore (also egregor) is an occult concept representing a “thought-form,” a “collective group-mind” or a “hive mind.” It’s an autonomous psychic entity made up of and influencing the thoughts of a group of people. In psychology, the Group Mind is definitely recognized as one of the factors to be reckoned with in treatment.

The New Underworld Order Egregore

According to this mindset — New Underworld Order “believers” hold that only they are human or chosen, and everyone else is an animal to be exploited or slaughtered. This predatory egregore cult infestation is the way of the world today.

From the inner point of view, we may see it as a composite thought hive-mind charged with emotional energy. This energy is evoked from all those who are linked with the thought-form and, if there are those in the group who know something of the psychic mechanism involved, it can be directed upon any chosen target. It is obvious that such energy can be used for evil or control purposes.

Egregore derives from a Greek word meaning “watcher” — a thought-form created by will and visualization. A group egregore is the distinctive energy of a specific group of magicians who are working together, creating and building the same thought-form or energy-form.

This egregore process is unconscious but is intensified through the secret society initiation process, such as Skull and Bones, which is designed to open the mind to the spiritual through the egregore. Whether the group is organized to do good or evil, indoctrination can happen quickly.

As Gustav La Bon pointed out, reason is not part of the crowd mentality. Becoming caught up in the passionate hatred or love of an egregore can be hard to resist. An organized group with a very strong intention builds and maintains an egregore with its passion, and the thought form affects new initiates.

The power of the egregore to help and sustain a group increases over time through the repeated actions (ceremonies or rituals) of its members. The egregore can raise its members from the material and connect them to the divine or to the depths of human depravity. The Sabattean Frankists offer a prime example of the most dangerous egregore group of our times as is high level Freemasonry.

The Influence of Sabbatean Frankism on the World

An example of mass recruitment and mental implanting of the depraved egregore can be found in the videogame Grand Theft Auto V. Here the player can kidnap girls and boys and take them to a fortified cult compound and sell them to the ‘crazy hippies’.

They’re always putting references to these things into popular culture and 99% of us don’t really understand the real significance. It is an occult initiation of getting the average person to participate in their egregore wickedness to desensitize us to these things, to make us think this kind of conduct is only fiction or a joke. But misery loves company and they want to drag as many of us down to hell with them as they can.

Another standardized egregore is the Janus principle. Unlike the fully depraved implanting seen in Grand Theft Auto the Janus principle is when an outward benevolent, people-caring face is displayed in public. On the other face is a deep seated, soulless anti-human evil and egregore that is so great it is unimaginable to most normal humans who have souls.

For example cult-like educational institutions have force fed youth a steady diet of emotional bullshit, such as race equity theory and climate alarmism while deemphasizing things like fact-based data analytics and even basic math. How will this influence the choices of young people when selecting companies in which to invest? Will they more likely to choose a stock based on social equity rather than financial equity? In other words, will Marxist organizations get pumped and get undeserved funding?

Black Lives Matter is a classic example of putting forth a slogan that sounds woke and correct. Then when 50 blacks are gunned down in a weekend in Chicago, the two faced Janus is revealed as not a peep is heard from BLM.

In the spring of 2020, when oil was slowly recovering from negative territory, CNBC’s Jim Cramer told his gullible listeners to steer clear of oil stocks because they will never recover. According to this ass clown, Millennials won’t invest in oil stocks because they view it as unethical; therefore, everyone should steer clear. Instead, he proffered Bitcoin and cannabis.

The Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Scam

A group intentionally setting out to create an egregore must have certain ingredients (Wikipedia).

  • Emotion – An egregore is born when a group of people concentrate with emotion on a single goal or objective. The emotional aspect is crucial; simply thinking about a goal does not have the same effect. The emotion and intent must be strong, focused and sustained.
  • Secrecy – Secret societies, mystery schools, and political associations all have core teachings that are not shared with outsiders. Whether it is a privilege to know the secret, or the threat that disclosure will result in mortal harm, nothing tightens a relationship like a kept secret.
  • Segregation – Sharing a secret makes the group separate, apart from the masses. Special costumes, ceremonies, chants all add to the separateness and a sense of specialness. The distinction of them-versus-us focuses attention.
  • Ritual – Special rituals invoke the entity of the egregore, but also stir the imagination of the participants. The power of the ritual, especially one conducted in secrecy, should not be underestimated. Rituals have been used throughout recorded history to invoke the unseen powers to operate on one’s behalf.


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    • Excellent post!

      Funny, I used to watch that show (in re-runs) all the time, and although I have seen pictures of the house in various media, I did not know about its ownership; very interesting.

      To my knowledge there are many different symbolic references in television, even prior to 1966. If I can find a resource or two, then I will link it / them up here; however, to my knowledge there was questionable content even in the late 1950s / early 1960s when programming was finally becoming more systematic.



      “…the two faced Janus is revealed as not a peep is heard from BLM.”

      Gosh, do you two gentlemen remember when the Janus fund seemed to have marketing collateral everywhere in the 1980s? Maybe it was a New York thing, but I seem to recall every person in a neighborhood (even kids) getting a prospectus at one point.

      That line and the image (above) reminded me of that moment.


      • Anonymous,

        Sorry, was this directed at me, or Winter Watch, or is it just a response to the thread?

        Thank you for any additional information.

        Simple Citizen

        • No, not directed towards you or WW but the satanic BIGS who think they own us and tell us what to think and do. They (satan) call us “evil” (satan) when we don’t respond accordingly!

  1. “Enter the concept of egregore. Egregore (also egregor) is an occult concept representing a “thought-form,” a “collective group-mind” or a “hive mind.” It’s an autonomous psychic entity made up of and influencing the thoughts of a group of people. In psychology, the Group Mind is definitely recognized as one of the factors to be reckoned with in treatment.”

    And yet, this is the entire core principal behind Conjob-19. It has nothing to do with anyone getting a “beefed up” / weaponized flu that most will survive. Nope, it is about a “politically correct” hive mind and the ability to force citizens of the world to stop ignoring the antics of their governments. Most happy go lucky folks do not even bother concerning themselves with every ridiculous thing their government and / or government officials say or do; yet, under Conjob-19, you better pay attention, otherwise you will not know if you can go to work, buy groceries, ride on a bus, etc.

    As Mr. Jay Leno stated once:

    “Politics is just show business for ugly people.”

    And now the goons want you to pay attention to them. Please do me a favor, raise your hand if your were thinking about the life and times of Baby Doc “Andrew” Cuomo, or his brother Fredo, in 2018? Yeah, me neither, and I am originally from NYC.

    Yet with Conjob-19 you have seen more of your fill of these two knuckle draggers, wanna be gangsters, even if you reside in Togo.

    Stay well and have a good Monday!


    • SC,

      Kakistocracy is spot on. They take the lower strata and weaponize them against those who are born into good health, want to raise healthy children, and make society run smoothly. Protocol #1- “Those of bad instincts outnumber the good!” All that ‘resentment’ is there to be tapped into. It is the weak who ‘hate;’ the strong only feel ‘contempt’ towards what is weak. It is a downward perspective! From high-to-low! The weak want to tear down the healthy to their level so as to comprehend them. One must have strength to comprehend it!

      There is the politics of ‘the commoners’ and then there is the phenomenological sphere, ‘the politics’ where the world takes place. The nodal-point where the world ‘happens!’ In German Heidegger called it, ‘das Ereignis.’ In English, it is most commonly translated as ‘the event!’

      This is where the world ‘opens.’ Heidegger’s German is most difficult to translate into English. I can see how it would turn people off, however, Heidegger is the thinker of the 21st Century and he must be ‘decoded’ t understand his significance. Nietzsche talked of those born posthumously. Heidegger was such a man. Enough time has yet to elapse to understand his thinking.

      I started my first Twitter channel this week. (’m gonna start to wage war until I get terminated. I already sent the Gov. of Utah a nice little tweet today.

      US Open started yesterday. Murray/Tsitsipas was a solid match!

      • Hey Ed,

        Glad to see you around these parts. Thank you very much for the text recommendation, the US Open alert, and the Twitter address. Unfortunately, none of us over here is on Twitter, otherwise I would gladly follow your comments. If you ever wish to reach me off of Winter Watch feel free to shoot me an email here:

        I would always be glad to hear from you.

        As for the main point of your post regarding Heidegger, I am appreciative. The Nietzsche reference seems to support your point very well on the layers of Heidegger’s work, which require patience and “decoding”.

        On the last thread that we were both on, having an excellent discussion, I posted a response that ended up being taken down due to spacial issues and the total number of posts on that thread. I doubt you had a chance to see it as your last comment to me was that you were taking off on an excursion and to enjoy the beginning of autumn in your area. My guess is that you left very close to that point, and my response followed a couple of hours later. The next day or so it was already down.

        Basically all I stated was:

        I appreciate your deep interest in Western Civilization, philosophical thought and moral questioning; I learn a great deal from your posts and I am always glad to both read them / then contemplate them after we have spoken.
        You were the sole impetus for my thread on “putting a little extra aside” (what we called when I was growing up) or as it is now referred to “prepping”. Your post of maybe a month ago, about that refrigerator / freezer got me thinking “this is a really great post that I also know a bit about, let me see if I can add a little to the idea positively and constructively”. Hence, I asked and received the chance to do just that; however, your initial comment was the spark.


        The 2008 Wimbledon Championship is my favorite tournament of all time; it was a very good year for me (most are, but that one in particular), and that tournament only added to the whole period of time.

        Yet, I am sorry that my response did not remain up. Seems it had nothing, specifically, to do with us, but just the culmination of posts.

        Good luck with regard to the governor. Both last year and this one, I tried to send messages to Senator Rand Paul in support of questions and ideas in his dialogues with Anthony Fauci, M.D.; however, I was just sent generic responses, vanilla “thank you” messages, contact you local such-and-such messages (yet, I was focused on those hearings, specifically), and then his staff added old Simple to the mailing list.

        Years ago I had a client on the Hill connected to the Congress. At that time, I would have had no issue getting a meeting with him or his father; however, these days, I want nothing to do with trying to visit the Hill — talk about a prison!

        Please be well my friend.


        • SC,

          I so bad want to bitch-slap some of these slimy politicians! Dan Andrews would be #1 in line! Guarantee it! He’s not even in the US! That’s how much I detest that dirt-bag! I’d hit hard enough where they could take the finger-prints from the imprint on the skin of his cheeks….I would also reset and straighten out the coordinated positioning of his eyes. Each eye-ball has to move in a fluid, concentrated and sharp sequence with the other

          Nancy Pelosi, Justin Trudeau, Bill de Blasio, and Jacinda Ardern definitely are tied for the Silver! There are dozens I could give the Bronze medal! All of the other national worms like Lindsay Graham, Mitt Romney, Dick Durbin, and Mitch McConnell!

          The 2008 Wimbeldon Final was from it’s inception a tour-de-force! Just as Del Potro prevented Roger a 6-straight Open title in the 2009 US Open Men’s Final in 5-sets, so does Rafa shut down Roger’s attempt at a 6-straight Wimbeldon title in a 5-set masterpiece!

          Rafa and Roger are good buddies now as well!

          • Just as a minor addendum to the above comment:

            Federer’s loss to Nadal in the 2008 Wimbledon Final was to me, one of the toughest 3 losses of his career. However, he came back to the All England Club in 2009 and defeated Roddick in a match that was just as intense and vigorous. To me, it was the greatest serving match I’ve ever seen!

            • 2 for 2

              “Dr. Harrison also called for people to start wearing masks. He disclosed his own blood cancer diagnosis and that he is immunocompromised.”

              So then if this gentleman transitions in the near future (now SC does not wish this for anyone), are we to blame COVID-19 and the lack of masks he cited:

              “I hope that all of you who aren’t wearing masks aren’t carrying the delta variant, because if you are, you could kill me,” he said, calling out unmasked people in the room. “This is serious stuff.”

              or do we discuss his cancer prognosis?

              Then there is the theater of the insane:

              “The bad news continued, as Dr. Michelle Hofmann, the deputy director of Utah’s Department of Health, shared a forecast for COVID-19 cases for children ages 5-17.

              “We expect a possibility of up to 39,000 cases in the month of September alone,” she said.

              Her voice choking with emotion, Dr. Hofmann said roughly a third of nursing homes in Utah are dealing with outbreaks — some with 100% of the staff and residents fully vaccinated as the delta variant continues to spread.

              She pleaded with people to wear masks and get vaccinated.

              At Primary Children’s Medical Center, things were not much better. The hospital’s administration said they are seeing increasing numbers of children with COVID-19 and few beds to treat them.”

              Okay, I would first like to ask how many health practitioners were laid off due to the original lack of cases or cases that were easily recoverable in a state where there is a lot of natural immunity due to Utah’s great outdoors. We are talking skiing, running, hiking, weight lifting and people who love nature.

              Then old Simple has to question have the ICU beds in the state, especially in the rural areas, been cut back as they have in much of the nation? This is a verifiable trend that has occurred in many states. The easy way to reach a 103% capacity is to cut the number of beds and overall facilities.

              Yet, it does seem that the gov. is restricted by the legislature from making too many changes, which is positive overall. This does not mean the I think the governor is all that bright, he is not; however, he is boxed in at the current time.

              Ed, just have at him on the old tweet box. The fact that you are willing to make a stand is great and I encourage you to move forward. Just do me one favor and take mental breaks from the noise. Please recall that Twitter is designed to be as addictive as narcotics, so I would not wish you to burn out on it. You have too many other, great, things going for you in your life.

              All my best,

              • Numero dos…

                Yes, I get your point on Mr. Roddick and I do miss him for his cannon and overall wit. So I am with you there.

                Mr. Federer and Mr. Nadal just reminded me of my favorite fight, The Thrilla in Manila, for its pacing and the endurance of the combatants. Although I can live with the 2008 outcome, I still fell Mr. Frazier should have been awarded the victory in the Philippines.


          • The Fate of [Dan] Andronicus

            As told in vivid detail by Richard Fidler in Ghost Empire:

            [with a little bit of background for historical context}

            “Later that year [1180], Manuel’s [Manuel I Comnenus (or Komnenos)] health declined and he died after a long fever.

            Manuel had recognised the growing wealth and power of the Italian city-states of Venice, Genoa and Pisa by granting them generous trade concessions in Constantinople. The presence of these rich Italians on the streets of the city was deeply resented. Their wealth had made them arrogant and their Catholicism made them ungodly in the eyes of the Orthodox faithful.


            Andronicus, […] raised a band of followers and marched on Constantinople. A contingent of soldiers was sent out to intercept them. Instead, they defected to Andronicus’ side, along with the commander of the imperial navy. The gates of the city were opened and Andronicus entered Constantinople unchallenged to an emotional, almost hysterical welcome.

            The man who now controlled Constantinople, and the Roman empire, was a psychopath.

            Thousands of Latin Catholics were murdered, women and children along with them. John, the papal legate, was killed and his severed head was tied to the tail of a dog and dragged through the city streets. […] Andronicus, the beneficiary of all the violence, did nothing to stop it.”

            [It got worse, and just a few short years later … for brevity, quoting from another generic source …]

            “Andronicus became increasingly paranoid and violent, however, and the Empire descended into a terror state. In September 1185, he ordered the execution of all prisoners, exiles, and their families for collusion with the invaders. The aristocrats in turn were infuriated against him, and there were several revolts …”

            [Back to Ghost Empire for the concluding stages – the fun bit: ]

            “[Dan] Andronicus was shackled and paraded in front of the new Emperor Isaac Angelus. He was slapped across the face and kicked on the buttocks. His beard was torn and his teeth pulled out. Women stepped forward to pummel him with their fists. His right hand was cut off with an axe and then he was thrown back into his cell.

            Two days later, one of his eyes was gouged out and then he was handed over to the mob. [Dan] Andronicus was placed on a camel and paraded through the streets, ’looking like a leafless and withered old stump’. People struck him with clubs and poured shit on his head. All the cruelty he had inflicted upon the lives of his people was now revisited upon his body.

            Somehow still alive, [Dan] Andronicus was brought into the Hippodrome, seated on the hump of the camel, in a gruesome parody of a triumphal procession. He was pulled off his camel and suspended by his feet between two pillars. As he suffered these terrible ordeals he turned to his tormentors and whimpered, “Lord have mercy”, and “Why do you further bruise the broken reed?”

            Two Latin soldiers with swords stepped forward and cleaved him apart. As they did so, he raised his handless right arm to his mouth, and then he died. He was sixty-seven years old and he was the last premier emperor of the Comneni, the dynasty founded by Alexius I. His son John was killed by his own troops in Thrace.”

            • Wow!

              Seems I might need to get around to Ghost Empire at some point. That last quotation is very vivid and a bit crazy to reflect on. Thank you JS (I think? — Just kidding! — thank you very much), really interesting to read, and fun to contemplate.

              • You have just prompted me to offer some background on Richard Fidler.

                I have his (third) book “The Golden Maze: A Biography of Prague” on my bookshelf – I am pretty sure he has some Hungarian heritage.

                I have written (and published!) a (long and short) review of his book “Ghost Empire” – here is an extract on his personal background.

                About the Author – Richard Fidler

                I would describe Richard as an author, thinker, history enthusiast and interviewer. In ‘Ghost Empire’ Richard describes himself as “more of a history enthusiast than an historian”.

                My first recollection of the name Richard Fidler was of him being a member of a light comedic musical group call “The Doug Anthony All Stars” (not my cup of tea).

                Conversations – ABC Radio

                In more recent years, however, Richard has earned fame as the host of the program ‘Conversations’ on ABC (Australia) Radio.


                As an interviewer and thinker, he is thoroughly well read and researched on the topics and people that he interviews. He generally interviews authors who are scholars, historians or just people with interesting life stores to tell.

                What I find so refreshing about Richard Fidler is that, even though thoroughly ‘politically correct’ himself at times, unlike the typical mainstream ‘presstitutes’ masquerading as journalists, Richard, in a warm conversational style just keeps the momentum to help draw out and guide the interviewee’s narrative.

                I would not get too enamoured by Richard Fidler as he does steer deep into the realm of alternate reality and political correctness when he has to … how else would he survive on the Hostile Disinformation Agency known as the Australian ABC !!]

                [I don’t like some of his interviewees, for example “Masha Gessen – outspoken critic of Vladimir Putin” … eeeuuugghhh!! ]

                Nevertheless, his ‘Conversation’ interviews are always listenable and informative.

                A couple of recommendations …

                • Interview with A C Grayling, on his book “The Age of Genius: The Seventeenth Century and the Birth of the Modern Mind”.


                • Interview with James Gleick on his book “The Information” (the author of “Chaos”, “Genius” and “Isaac Newton”).


                • Yeah, “The Doug Anthony All Stars”, not for me either — people on YT seem to love them; I just found them goofy.

                  “The Golden Maze: A Biography of Prague” – this does sound promising.

                  “The Age of Genius: The Seventeenth Century and the Birth of the Modern Mind” also sound promising and would be my first choice from your response, based on the premise.


              • Staying off topic (with apologies to Russ)

                Another snippet and anecdote derived from Ghost Empire:

                The legend of Mélusine

                [Page 251+ of Ghost Empire]

                “Raymond de La Forêt was born into a noble family in France that had fallen on hard times. The Count of Poitou took pity on Raymond’s penniless father, so he adopted the boy and raised him as his son in his castle in Poitiers. … “

                I won’t reproduce the full story of how Raymond met Mélusine and the legend that ensued here – you can read a similar version (the French version) here …


                … but at page 256-7 we find a link between the legend of Mélusine and the history of Constantinople:

                “The legend of Mélusine was written in 1387 by Jean d’Arras. The tale grew up around a Byzantine princess known as Melissena of Constantinople.

                This real life Melissena was the fruit of a particularly exotic family tree, born sometime in the middle of the ninth century as the granddaughter of the Emperor Michael I Rangabe, who was descended from the Khazars. Michael’s wife, the Empress Procopia, was part-Khazar too, but she could trace her ancestry all the way back to the Han emperors of China. So the twin streams of Byzantine and Chinese royal blood flowed through Melissena’s veins.”

                {take your time and read that paragraph again and contemplate the implications for modern geopolitics!!]

                “Melissena was considered a very desirable potential bride until her family’s political fortunes collapsed. Her father was castrated by his enemies, and the poor girl was sent away to a convent. When Melissena came of age she was married off to a Viking warrior called Inger, a soldier in the Varangian Guard.

                Inger was well pleased with his bride and brought her with him to the court of the King of the Franks, where he boasted of her double royal lineage. Word of the exotic princess from Constantinople spread through France, and Melissena became an object of fascination in the courts of western Europe. Her exquisite manners and cultural education set her apart from the crude westerners and made her seem other-worldly.

                After she died, the story of Melissena evolved into the folktale of Mélusine. The double fish tail of the water faerie symbolises the twin streams of Melissena’s royal blood.”

                Further interesting reading …


                Probably the most interesting little titbit from this anecdote is that the Starbucks logo was directly derived from the mythical occult character of Mélusine.


                Enjoy your coffee!

                • “Probably the most interesting little titbit from this anecdote is that the Starbucks logo was directly derived from the mythical occult character of Mélusine.”

                  Yeah, I had known about this…somewhere in storage is two books on occult logos (I recall Starbucks and Toyota – the latter surprised me).

                  As I am too much a snob, I avoid Starbucks like the plague. = )

                  It always smells like burnt beans and bleach in those places. If I cannot get access to all the great coffee that I typically purchase, then I will go straight up Chock Full of Nuts instead of the Starbucks.

                  Now that Dunking Donuts had a 1990s campaign called Dunkin’ Yo Nuts with Mr. Latrell Sprewell in it and in the 2010s decided to change their name to just:


                  I also avoid them like the plague.


        • Oh by the way, I was going to look for something on this theme but this rolled in the other day and I thought you appreciate it …

          乒乓萌娃球技惊人 想拿奥运金牌
          Yandex translate: “Ping pong cute baby has amazing skills and wants to win the Olympic gold medal”

          Something else for Ed shortly

          • JS,

            Thank you very much for this; it has made my morning. She is brilliant, a lot of fun to marvel at (so skilled) and seems pretty happy in her childhood. Honestly, I wish here very well and hope to see her continue to mature in her sport.

            Her bounce when she is striking the ball is great, sort of like a boxer on the toes.

            Again, thanks.


  2. Thank you – the predicament we face is so all-encompassing, many-facetted, and relieved of all constraints now, that you’d be forgive for thinking Hell had already been unleashed on our planet.

    One point – you make the distinction between ‘satanic cults’ and discordian (destructive) nihilism. I think it’s a superficial one; as you yourself imply, the same functional characteristics apply to almost any variety of ‘Do as thou will, let that be all the law’ society or group.

    People tend to consider sociopathy as a ‘lesser’ form of psychopathy, but to my mind it is the other way around – psychopaths are generally incapable of engaging in relationships with anyone apart from their victims, and possibly an apprentice or mentor (with the latter being notoriously fraught and sometimes catastrophic). Sociopaths are more like psychopaths who possess the crucial additional capacity to engage positively with like-minded people in clan mutuality – those social skills are what produce layer-cake cults and secret societies, and are what make sociopaths far more dangerous to the world.

    The critical weakness of all of these types is their nihilism – an underlying wish for oblivion, deeply hidden from themselves under layers of houbris and focussed energy. Unwinding that repressed desire for auto-destruction is the key to dealing with them, either individually or in groups.

    • It is like the 1967/68 tv show ‘The Invaders’- except that these ‘beings’ are from our plane, to steal, kill, & destroy as much of mankind as possible ‘to make the earth their world’. And like’The Invaders’, the fight against them grows as more & more people are blessed to see the antIChrists-that- be for what they really are.

  3. Like the cult of Donald tRump, simpletons that were tricked into believing that he won the election and to attack the capitol and democracy.

      • I think there is a pretty easy format to kind of package this- especially in light of the current Pandemic-crisis-attack- share & organize it in a way that makes it accessible to a lot more people. It comes from borrowing an old model used by a guy I wouldn’t recommend as an overall philosopher, but the model itself was built on his eclectic borrowing from thinkers in other fields. He called it the ‘Four Quadrant Model’- in that it uses an axis, four quadrants, and lines intersecting them, to mark stages of development with life-forms/humans, how they might correlate-

        1.) Simpler, box model-*X77SPO2Ve9cOFGvU

        2.) Grid, with developmental stages-

        It seems to me- without much of a doubt, at this point- that there is a Criminal, Financial-Intelligence Caste, tied into the Arms/R&D, Medical, and Narcotics markets (above and below board), that is attacking the public on each of these ‘quadrants’ in as many ways as they can, while also taking ‘risk-assessment’ for themselves, which sort of meets in this euphemistic jargon of ‘impact investing,’ what is probably more accurately described as ‘Stakeholder Behavioral-Geo-Economics’- the long form of what Peter Dale Scott was trying to describe, albeit incompletely, with his ‘Deep Politics.’ Just as an example, I’ll use people right now addressing what is happening, matching them to the model:

        1.) Upper-Left (Interior-Individual), Intentional- Julianne Romanello & Gilad Atzmon-

        2.) Lower-Left (Interior-Collective), Cultural- Alison McDowell-

        3.) Upper-Right, (Exterior-Individual) Behavioral, Biological- Mark Kulacz-

        4.) Lower-Right, (Exterior-Collective) Social, Economic- John Titus-

        The model helps take different disciplines, as well as different modes of consciousness- (religious/moral, behavioristic/military/economic, social/cultural, biological/environmental/’scientific’), and easily see how they can correlate, even cause chain events if enough pressure is put in one place. One of the hallmarks the Crime syndicates has used, during all of this, is ‘Isolation,’ not only physically, but before that with social media- making people feel swarmed in fake troll farms, abstract cliches, measured by pigeonholed economic and relationship-status quips. It’s a step in pushing back against the isolation model- because not only have they been integrated in their attack, but it has been diabolical, in the root etymological sense- by isolating the quadrants, disciplines from interrelation, and spawning feuds between them- fogging out their strategy.

  4. A great dissertation would be how Bio-Leninism has helped establish and bring about this GLOBAL kakistocracy! All the techniques and methodology and the like. Mass-media, group psychology, and cybernetic technologies to consolidate even more and more control and centralized power. Complete capture!

    Thanks for the Twitter follow! First one! Just a babe-in-the-woods with it right now, but I have some ideas of where I want to go with it without being careless and stupid. Never know what surprises might come from it!

    Did you catch Asha Logos’ piece on Procopius and ‘The Secret History?’ Excellent, excellent video! One of his best, if not,…!

    • Saw that video over a year ago, and I was shocked, having been taught in college that Justinian and Theodora were “the last great Byzantine Emporers”…when Procopius stated Theodora was a whore so to speak, I knew the direction the video was headed. It’s one of the few historical videos that scared the heck outta me! Thanks for posting!

  5. IMHO the worst cults are the religious ones, such as Talmudic Jewry (where Talmudic Jews are “gods” and even defeated God in a debate according to the Talmud!, and gentiles are cattle aka goyim, and the rest of their apostacy), Christian Zionism (that puts Israel on the same footing as Christ and where Palestinian Christians are totally disregarded), Gnostocism (James Lindsay on YouTube does excellent explanations of Hermeticism and Gnosticism), and going back into history a bit, India’s Thugee Cult (Kali worship, wanton murders and thefts…the best movie on this is “The Decievers” starring Pierce Brosnan), and the religious cults of ancient times as well (the Bible mentions a few). and I’m sure there are many more…and is Scientology a religion? Bwahahahahahahahahahah!

  6. first time I heard the term “KAKISTOCRACY” was by Max Keiser, who shared his years of insider experience on Wall St. to explain that FRAUD IS REWARDED on Wall St… and the big Wall St billions/trillions dollars FINANCIAL FUNDS totally, completely OWN the “government regulators” i.e. “law” enforcement. Max would literally turn red in the face yelling about how GoddamnSachs were nothing but criminal scum; how they LEGALIZED spying on, mirroring, much less sabotaging their client’s portfolios by HIGH FREQUENCY TRADING – which is simply the firm processing THEIR ORDER, both in (buying) and out (selling) before yours – so, over the long term, they make millions of dollars shaving pennies off of your trades – all with not only govt. PROTECTION, but when one guy ran off to Russia with the software for HFT trading, the govt. threw everything they had at him and returned the code to GS. I was a newbie in financial conspiracy theory back then… but everywhere I looked, THERE WAS ALWAYS a CERTAIN ETHNICITY at the very very top of ALL THE TRILLION DOLLARS economic sabotage/financial devastation scams: greenspan (see Ravi Batra, “Greenspan’s Fraud”), Rubin, Summers, Gensler, Shapiro, Lew, Emanuel (x2), married-to-mob little timmy geithner, clear IDIOTS ben bernanke and janet yellen – AND the ABOVE LIST DOESN’T INCLUDE the 9/11 PNAC CRIMINALS & TRAITORS (well, bush/cheney TRIED to put their “ARCHITECT OF IRAQ WAR” paul wolfowitz IN CHARGE OF WORLD BANK, but POPULAR OUTRAGE got him canned)…
    …. but the moment I started CONNECTING THOSE DOTS (connecting the WEB of FINANCIAL mega-CRIMINAL/ economic saboteurs!) Max booted me off of his comments forum. Here we are a decade and a half later, their CONQUEST BY SABOTAGE DESTRUCTION of the American economy is almost complete.

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