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Retired FBI Chief Ted Gunderson Revealed Star Chamber Justice System in Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald Case

FBI Chief Ted Gunderon. IMAGE: Virily

I used to think the late Ted Gunderson (1928-2011) was just too over the top and possibly even a limited hangout. I think I, too, was susceptible to the neuro-linguistic programming, roll-one’s-eyes cognitive-dissonance jamming caused by some of his word choices, which is a topic discussed in a previous post.

Now, I believe and see that Gunderson was essentially over the target. The former Los Angeles FBI chief conducted a number of remarkable and courageous investigations. He confirmed many of the events prior to his death in 2011, that we’ve written about on these pages. He was particularly involved in investigating organized networks that abuse and traffic children and adolescents, such as the Franklin Scandal, the McMartin preschool case, The Finders and many others.

Read “The Abduction of Johnny Gosch and the Franklin Scandal Coverup”
and “The FBI Declassifies Files on The Finders and McMartin Pre-school Child Trafficking Cases”

Incidentally, Gunderson was no lightweight. In 1973, he became the head of the Memphis FBI and then the head of the Dallas FBI in 1975. He was appointed the head of the Los Angeles FBI in 1977. In 1979, he was one of a handful interviewed for the job of FBI director.

There are a number of Gunderson speeches online, but the following one, from 2008, provides a timeline of his experiences, including having hit contracts put out on him. He was smeared and threatened unmercifully. Gunderson had a one-of-a-kind, 30-year dive into rabbit holes as a conspiracy researcher with an advanced law enforcement background. He knew things.

YouTube: “The Bleeping Truth Rare Interview with Ted Gunderson”

He was first awakened in 1980 (after retiring from the FBI) when he was pulled in as an investigator on the Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald case, which involved a man — who was an Army Green Beret soldier and physician — who accused of killing his wife and two young daughters in 1970. The details of this rather blatant case of star chamber injustice are here, but we are also interested in the big systemic issues Gunderson uncovered.

It was from this case that Gunderson began to fully appreciate the prevalence of high-level cover ups and the thread of satanic Illuminists elements. This can be gleaned in the following documentary, particularly starting at 01:01:00. After watching this, consider that Dr. MacDonald is still in prison nearly 40 years later. It’s yet another extremely damning indictment of the Crime Syndicate star chamber justice system.

YouTube: “False Witness Jeffrey MacDonald Documentary – The Best Documentary Ever”

Gunderson estimated that there are, in his words, “4 million practicing Satanists in the U.S.” Again, we have semantics and definitions in play, as this could also encompass what I call Illuminist/Frankist psychopaths as defacto Satanists. But the bottom line is that these elements are highly problematic, organized, evil and are powerfully embedded throughout the sistema.

YouTube: “Ted Gunderson (3 of 10) Gulf Coast 9/11 Truth Symposium”

The Fayetteville ‘Cult’ and How Star Chamber Justice Works

Fayetteville, North Carolina, near Ft. Bragg in 1970 was a drug and counter-culture cesspool.

Helena Stoeckley stated her satanic cult was active in a drug operation that was transporting drugs in plastic bags hidden in the body cavities of dead G.I.s from southeast Asia to the U.S. in military planes.

Her cult murdered Dr. MacDonald’s family for personal revenge without the permission of the leaders of this operation. The leaders — some of whom were high ranking military — were afraid that if the cult was identified as involved in the murders, it might expose the drug operation. They had the methods, the means and enough sistema-control stooges to frame Dr. MacDonald.

P.E. Beasley, a retired Fayetteville, North Carolina, police officer, worked the case with Gunderson. Their investigative reports were blown off and ignored by the sistema. This was Gunderson’s wake-up call that a high-level cover up was in play — something he would come across for the next 30 years of investigating cases. Stoeckley was Beasley’s most important police informant at the time of the killings.

Stoeckley and her boyfriend, Greg Mitchell, ran with a group of people they called their “cult.” Two of the members matched descriptions of the other two alleged intruders given by MacDonald: a black man wearing a green Army fatigue jacket with sergeant stripes, and a white man with pock marks on his chin and cheeks.

Stoeckley identified as co-assailants Greg Mitchell and Shelby Don Harris, as well as Dwight Smith, who was the black man who often wore an Army jacket with E-6 sergeant stripes. She stated her drug-addled “cult” sacrificed animals and had a history of violence, including stabbings. Stoeckley named Mitchell as the person who murdered Dr. MacDonald’s wife, Colette. Found under Colette’s fingernail was skin (now missing) and the blood type of Mitchell — not blood from Dr. MacDonald.

Greg Mitchell and Helena Stoeckley (both now deceased at young ages) repeatedly confessed to killing Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald’s family. PHOTO: via People magazine

Dr. Thomas Noguchi, a world-renowned forensic pathologist, studied the evidence extensively and determined that multiple assailants were involved and that one of them was most likely left-handed. Mitchell was left-handed, but Dr. MacDonald was not.

The motive for the slaying of the MacDonald family was hatred and payback. Dr. MacDonald had a reputation of being a difficult, intolerant physician for military drug addicts. He was likely the reason several friends and cult members of the Stoeckley group were arrested and discharged. The reason the doctor survived and his family was slain was satanic messaging to inflict lifelong discord and torment. In this the Satanists have succeeded to this day.

There was no credible motive for Dr. MacDonald to commit the crime. The CID and prosecution’s scenario was laughable, if it wasn’t so serious. He was found unconscious at the crime scene. MacDonald has passed, conclusively, a polygraph administered to him by Dr. David Raskin, one of the world’s foremost polygraphers.

Stoeckley, who was wearing a distinctive flopping hat and white boots that day, had been seen in the area near the house shortly after the incident by one of the responding M.P.s. She was also described by Dr. MacDonald from the get go. The CID (Army investigators) were not interested enough to even interview her until ordered to do so by the Article 32 hearing officer, Col. Warren V. Rock, some six months after the murders. Stoeckley was told by C.I.D. investigators in 1972 to “let sleeping dogs lie” regarding her coming forth with new evidence in the case.

The FBI withdrew only four days after the crime. This fiasco insured no civilians would ever truly be investigated, since the CID had jurisdiction only over U.S. Army personnel, namely Dr. MacDonald. The CID never had Dr. MacDonald review any suspects by lineup, nor did they construct police artist sketches of the assailants. Importantly, the FBI did voice-record several of the real killers, but the CID refused to allow Dr. MacDonald to listen to these recordings.

US Army Criminal Investigation Command
Emblem of the US Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID)

In his statement, Beasley indicated that William F. Ivory — the CID at Ft. Bragg who handled the MacDonald murder investigation — and a Fayetteville, North Carolina, police lieutenant were also involved in the drug operation.

The next video below is the late Helena Stoeckley’s recorded confession to Gunderson shortly before she “suddenly died.”

Gunderson’s efforts didn’t stop with Stoeckley and her confession. He began investigations into her co-assailants and located significant corroborating witnesses. Numerous people confirmed this basic account.

Killer Greg Mitchell (also deceased at a young age under suspicious circumstances) had loose lips and was tormented enough to confess to several friends. The FBI questioned Mitchell in 1982. Shortly after that, Mitchell requested money and help from friends to leave the country, because he had been involved in “serious crimes.” Mitchell mysteriously died shortly after. He confessed involvement in the MacDonald killings both at a drug detoxification center in 1971-72 and also to friends 10 years later after being interviewed by the FBI.

In addition, Gunderson had Stoeckley polygraphed and examined by a forensic psychologist at UCLA, Dr. Rex Julian Beaber, who found her totally capable of recall, memory and accurate testimony.

Incredibly, Stoeckley was polygraphed by the U.S. Army’s lead polygrapher, Robert Brisentine, in 1971. Brisentine felt the results corroborated Stoeckley’s involvement, that she was present at the crime scene and that she knew the identity of the co-assailants. Brisentine was ordered by the prosecutor not to discuss his results with the defense, but he did so over their objections. His testimony was not heard by the jury due to Judge Dupree’s ruling at the trial.

YouTube: “Ted Gunderson Interview with Helena Stoeckley”

Beasley had extensive intelligence files on all of the above close associates of Stoeckley’s, but this information disappeared from the Fayetteville Police files. Beasley learned these files disappeared in August 1979 as the MacDonald trial commenced.

The initial prosecutor in the MacDonald case was James Proctor. Proctor was the son-in-law of Judge Dupree, the judge who handled the MacDonald trial. This is an incredible conflict of interest.

Gunderson began FOIA requests on the records in late 1979 and early 1980. He was stonewalled and rebuffed until 1983, at which point increasing congressional pressure finally opened the FOIA “gates” and long-suppressed documents began to be released. To date, perhaps 10,000 pages of an admitted 90,000 have been released, but they’re heavily redacted. Why would there be any reason whatsoever to censor a word? Where have we seen this before?

When he finally availed himself to the documents, Gunderson found the following:

1. The loss of a piece of skin from under Colette’s fingernail. This loss was hidden for 13 years.

2. The intentional discarding of seven fingerprints of unknown persons at the crime scene, the reason being that “they kept getting mixed up with the known prints.”

3. The loss of a bloody, half-filled syringe from the crime scene, important because it corroborated an assailant confession. Cathy Perry gave a confession to the FBI in 1984, prior to an upcoming movie on the case (in contrast to prosecutor statements that the confession was made after the movie). In her confession, she said she participated in the murders in North Carolina in 1970.  Perry’s confession contained astonishing facts related to the crime scene, including trying to “inject” victims and that one of the children hid in a closet (hair torn out by the root was found in that location).

4. The fact that a witness in the case was given bloody clothing and boots from Stoeckley shortly after the crimes and told to hide them from the police. These were turned over to the Army CID and later returned to the witness.

5. Blood evidence from the exact spot where MacDonald struggled with assailants — hidden by prosecution (not recorded on crime scene chart at time of trial). Fibers, crucial evidence from the exact spot where MacDonald struggled with assailants — never collected.

The crime scene was completely tainted by a criminally negligent crew of unknown individuals. The CID early on developed a bogus “staged scene” theory. But much of the forensic confusion was directly a result of crime scene changes made by on-the-scene personnel, such as military police, ambulance attendants and who knows who.

Dr. MacDonald has been eligible for parole since 1990, but he has not been released because he refuses to concede guilt for the murder of his family, People magazine reported in 2017. He was up for parole in May 2020, but he is currently still in prison.

In 2008, Gunderson stated that he had tested positive for arsenic and cyanide poisoning. In his last presentations, he mentioned being subjected to what he called “the smell of arsenic.” When heated in air, arsenic oxidizes to an odor resembling garlic.

His associate, Dr. Edward Lucidi, treated Gunderson and stated that his fingers were turning black, a characteristic symptom of arsenic poisoning.  On July 31, 2011, Gunderson’s son reported that his father had died from cancer of the bladder, which has been linked to arsenic poisoning in studies.

RIP to great man.

YouTube: “Ted L Gunderson Ex FBI Whistleblower Poisoned? – Dr.Ed Lucidi – Anthony J Hilder”

24 Comments on Retired FBI Chief Ted Gunderson Revealed Star Chamber Justice System in Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald Case

  1. Many years ago I watched a TV special about this case. For 35 minutes of the program, I thought that Macdonald was innocent, then I had an epiphany: SPEED. Two minutes later, the narrator spoke, for the first time, about the good doctor’s use of methamphetamine. It all, then, made perfect sense. All speed freaks are consumate liars who believe their own lies.

    • They don’t hold guilty people for 30 years past their parole date. If he has been denied parole for nearly 30 years, you can be pretty sure he is innocent, and that politics is the hidden force keeping Dr. McDonald locked up.

      For the record, CID is the dope-slingin’ part of the Army. People think it’s just CIA that runs the heroin business- no. CID and OSS/CIA have been partners in the drug business since 1944.

  2. Fayetteville is also the home of the 82nd Airborne Division, which in the past has been linked to Satanism. Famed U.S. Army Satanist Michael Aquino got his start with the 82nd.

    “After commencing his military career as Cadet Colonel of the Santa Barbara High School Jr. ROTC in 1964, Michael Aquino was commissioned in the Regular Army as a Sr. ROTC Distinguished Military Graduate of the University of California in 1968.

    After a year with the 1/17th Cavalry, 82nd Airborne Division, he completed the PSYOP Officer Course at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare School, in which he was among select students cross-trained with the concurrent Special Forces Officer Course. During 1969-70 he was assigned to the 6th PSYOP Battalion, 4th Group, Vietnam.”

    I believe, like former MKULTRA victim Cathy O’Brien and author Dave McGowan, Satanism was many times used as the scapegoat or cover for actual military intelligence operations of the Gladio type. Many feel Operation Gladio C is now being carried out in America.

  3. I was stationed at Bragg. The AFB is Pope right next to it. Mostly heavy cargo planes. Interestingly Delta Force and SF are there. And the “Goat Farm” or Goat lab as they call it now. The 82nd occupies most of the space though. If there as ever an MKULTRA department at a military base, this would be a perfect place if you consider the supporting resources and personnel

    • My son was with the 82nd in the 90’s and was selected for Ranger school when he got into a tiff with the higher ups. He actually went AWOL for a short period before returning to Bragg and turning himself in. They chose to give him a general discharge instead of a court martial and a dishonorable discharge which was SOP. I believe he had dirt on some of the higher ups they did not want exposed.

      My mother was an Army nurse during WWII and went ashore at Normandy on D-Day + 4. She used to tell my son to stay away from any form of special forces(Green Berets or Rangers)as “those guys were all a bunch of jerks” and you had to be half psycho to be one.

  4. Hello Russ, have put together a few items on the Nashville bombing … related to which, as I write, they are apparently raiding the house of an age 63 guy whose backyard per Goog maps had an RV in his backyard similar to the one that exploded … his ‘criminal record’ is a couple of drug charges getting probation in 1979 when he was 22 … sounds like a patsy candidate

    Bizarre but par-for-the-course clip of Nashville Dem mayor Cooper unable to hold back his cackling and laughing as he is asked about the bombing that wrecked 41 buildings, wounded 3 and 1 maybe killed

    Place where they hit AT&T in what seems professional op, is tied to NSA and key node in national coms structure … comms went down big time in several states, which may be as a result of other ops for which the blast (by patsy dupe?) served as cover

    AT&T Nashville was supposed to audit vote fraud in Dominion machines … this could be an NSA-CIA war unfolding, the CIA also mad that Trump didn’t pardon agent-fakers Assange-Snowden … Snowden and Assange supported CIA and 9-11 hoax, but Snowman and Greenwald bashed NSA as the ‘evil’ agency

    NSA is possibly for Trump here, Soros-CIA for Biden … there was a prediction in June of a nuke blast in Nashville in local paper … Hours before the blast on 4chan, there were photos hinting of the event with a photo link and a dominoes-game-piece symbol shared with a Melania Trump video

    Pence is said to be ready for a real showdown Jan 6, with legal memoranda suggesting that as VP supervising elector counts, he can reject fraudulent elector slates, throwing the election to the US House voting in state blocs, which are majority Republican … in a video Pence seems on fire like he really might do this

    My piece on this is here with photos and links

    Does Nashville Bombing Signal a CIA vs NSA War?

    • Sorry for the long-winded Comment, but you will likely want to hear all of this. The American People need to know what happened.

      As a former private contractor, I completed U/C operations in coop with federal agents in Hot Springs’ Ouachita National Forest (August – December 31, 1993) and thereafter (June 1994 – December 31, 1994 & into late January 1995) Tampa Florida U/C operations in coop with federal agents, and as a sub-contractor for FBI.

      By April 2, 1995, I relocated to Southern California, where I soon after met Ted Gunderson at a Marina Del Rey gas station. He saw my Arkansas license plate and very cordially approached me. I did not know who he was at first.

      Ted kindly introduced himself, cited his credentials, Initially, I was quite reserved about anyone approaching me after what I had just witnessed and survived in both, Arkansas and Florida. I had no idea about what Ted had been through, until he touched on some of it, stayed in contact with him for a while, and then – regretfully lost communication with him over time – due to an increasingly heavy California caseload. To this day, I genuinely regret losing contact with Ted, a once in a lifetime experience for a great man trying to genuinely be a friend.

      I had told Ted what I saw in Arkansas’ Hot Springs in 1993-into early 1994, including my then face-to-face view of a male that I – on or about April 21, 1995 – identified to FBI as Timothy McVeigh, when I was trying to make an undercover buy of a Wilmington Delaware Advance-Team FBI Special Agent’s stolen weapon. Then, on or about June 16, 1995, USA Today published a small Front-Page Left Column News Brief “…McVeigh’s links to Arkansas …. Gun Dealer.” I was so incredibly naive and inexperienced back then, thinking I was doing the right thing.

      Little did I know of the Clinton Presidential Family’s anticipated Christmas 1993 stay at the Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs – 10th floor Presidential Suit, the very room that FBI Agent’s weapon was stolen out of. For years I walked away from that U/C, and concurrent with some then decent FBI and ATF Agents, we thought we had stopped an assassination plot. But now, looking back, I wonder if we just thought we did, but instead, unintentionally aided in a False Flag Operation.

      The Clintons’ – allegedly thankful for my work – invited me (via the then Arkansas Attorney General) for their re-routed Christmas Vacation dinner that 1993 season, but with God’s Hand in my gut, I took a pass. Thank God I did, because if I had, I now believe it was likely a personal invitation from the Clintons for a “dirt-nap”. By late January 1994, I was still on site at my remote Ouachita Forest Residence on federal property, when in the early morning, a group a males rode in on Harleys with 2 vehicles, rented the home across from mine, and it became very apparent they were there to take me out. Had it not been for ATF-Little Rock, FBI-Hot Springs, Hot Springs PD, Arkansas State Police, and a high-ranking US House Congressional Member on the then ongoing Whitewater Investigation, I would not have been alive to tell Ted Gunderson what I told him during our meeting at that gas station and in our many phone calls thereafter.

      I spoke to that FBI-Wilmington DE Special Agent several times during my late 1993-early 1994 casework in Hot Springs Arkansas, but something was always missing from that case puzzle, and I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Until one day, after the April 19, 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing, a press release stated the first Terror Threat placed to any US Government office after the OKC was to the Wilmington, Delaware FBI Field Office. How weird is that?

      Now, today’s FBI admonished me, when I stepped up to do the right thing in reporting a 2008-June 1, 2015 case I was working in SoCal, which now has documented ties between the Clintons, a few Trump Brothers (no relation to Donald Trump), and Russia’s Vladimir Putin, right in the Middle of the Uranium-One Deal. This case was shut down by FBI Leadership and the Obama Administration on June 1, 2015.

      Finally, in another April 1, 2015 – June 3, 2015 FBI referral case, which I assisted a US Army Lieutenant Colonel (who has 7-Post 9/11 TOD & who also worked for General David Petraeus in the Iraq/Afghan Wars) on, we found enough documented Potential Threats to US National & Global Security to stop Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal.

      As an apparent long-time thorn in the side of the Clinton-Obama-Biden Trojan-Horse, I was nearly killed on June 3, 2015, and spent the last 5 1/2 years recovering, as FBI still continues to Admonish me from bringing them Truth.

      What are they going to do? Kill me again! I don’t really fear death anymore. Doctor Martin Luther King said something like, “If you can’t find something to do worth dying for, you’re not living!” To me, Doctor King was the next best man to Jesus.

      Someone recently sent me a photo of the Tampa Florida FBI Director. How weird; he looks exactly like Timothy McVeigh would look right about now. They too Admonished my 2020 phone call on a serious tip I had for them.

      God Help US All if we don’t keep our Duly Elected POTUS Donald Trump in our Nation’s Capital.

      And, I still Genuinely Pray for the decent FBI Agents left on the job. Though, given the recent past, We The People don’t really know who they are anymore.

      Hopefully, God’s Gravity will handle the rest.

      • One last thing – God’s Hand was in my gut to pull me out and away from the danger I was in back in 1993. I will never forget when I met Ted Gunderson in 1995. He reached out with his own hand to shake mine after I told him some of what I knew and told me, “John, you’re safe here. Just stay in contact with me.”

        God Bless Ted’s Clean Heart & Soul.

    • brabantian: Excellent article, your page. It all makes sense now after reading it. Its no wonder some of our federal agencies targeted & used naive, inexperienced undercover contractors like me back in the 1990s. We had no clue of the bigger picture at hand. I should have stayed close at Ted’s side instead. Though I am sick to my stomach about it all, I’m awake now. What about that Communist-China installed G-5/Huawei Hub installed in Central Mexico a few years ago. Some Consistence with your article – a solid trusted anti-drug-trafficking source told me last year that when Chapo’s Lieutenants travel in their bullet proof SUV columns in Mexico, that Communist-China-Mexico-based G5 Hub knocks out All Com to assist them in their travels (movements). If they can do that, in addition to intercepting our electronic intel from Centcom, what else are they doing?

      There is so much more We The People don’t know. I just hope there’s at lease One Intel Agency left genuinely trying to protect US All. God Help US All.

      • I should ad that POTUS Donald Trump has been that One Genuine Intel Agency of Transparency that is waking US All. They know he can’t do it alone, & that’s exactly why Trump needs All of US. God Bless POTUS Trump & VP Mike Pence.

  5. It looks like Jeff Censored has passed away! He was very private, so it’s going to be hard to know whether there was any foul play involved. He primarily worked alone and only had a couple of superficial relationships with others in the ‘truth community.’

    He didn’t show up for his livestream on Dec. 18th and many in his chat began to worry about the 20th because he was not one to just disappear without leaving a tweet or some other message. I didn’t always agree with all of Jeff’s conclusions, but he did some great work, was very prolific, and had many Youtube channels shut down over the years. He had a superb ability to read behind the propaganda behind the news and advertising and I’m sure he red pilled many sheep over the years.

    To lose someone like him is unfortunate because he meant well in his endeavors, had a good heart, put in countless hours of research and he almost never asked his viewers for money. He was very well liked by his regular subscribers and always had his unique signature laugh. I believe he was in his late 20’s? Here is Tim Truth’s video about the matter:

  6. Mr. Winter,

    Excellent thread; many thanks. He was on my mind in another post, and I am very appreciative that you brought up his work here.

    Yes I would agree:

    “I used to think the late Ted Gunderson (1928-2011) was just too over the top and possibly even a limited hangout. I think I, too, was susceptible to the neuro-linguistic programming, roll-one’s-eyes cognitive-dissonance jamming caused by some of his word choices, which is a topic discussed in a previous post.

    Now, I believe and see that Gunderson was essentially over the target.”

    In essence, I thought that the man was “nuts” when I first came across him in 2002. Then with time and research, I began to understand his work much better and his focus came into my own view (with a good deal of drilling down and research, which included hard text work — not simple web searches for me — I can be a little “thick” at times, and need a good book to help me out).

    In the end, I found Agent Gunderson to be of a rare breed for the Federal Bureau of Investigation; he was a man who actually took a domestic security mission statement seriously (an outlier that was quite the opposite to Messrs. Hoover and Tolsen).

    Now there are a lot of good posts here, both on the topic and also dealing with current events in the U.S. What I would like to contribute is a slight detour on this Agent’s work. As we understand the Franklin cover-up, then we may also wish to expand our conversation to include the work of:

    1. Ms Brice Taylor


    2. Ms. Cathy O’Brien

    Now I am not an Amazon advocate, and would encourage all WW friends to look for free information and PDFs on the Way Back Machine. Much of this information was free at one time. Yet at the same time, I do support Ms. Taylor and Ms. O’Brien with my own patronage, as I feel they have been through more than enough in their lives. That is my, simple, two cents worth.

    Mr. Gunderson helped Ms. Brice and was familiar with Ms. O’Brien, as well as Mr. Phillips; to my knowledge he did not disapprove of the information that O’Brien / Phillips presented, and yet he could have stood in opposition at anytime up to 2011.


    • Copy That. Though, it’s JustUS now, tomorrow will come.

      I met Ted Gunderson in Marina Del Rey, CA in or about 1995 when just a green new investigator from Arkansas. Ted was surrounded by a small, very trusted, tight group of folks in likeness who loved him, loved his integrity, and his lifelong pursuit of Truth and Justice.

      We stayed in contact for a while, but as I got busy with work, I fell out of contact over time. Ted was a good and decent man, reminded me much of Don Damato; both tried to open my then naive eyes of inexperience to the Deep-State, starting with California, well before it showed up on Social-Media platforms.

      Today, Ted’s former critics are shaking in their Swamp-Boots, and they say much the same of me and my decades of U/C work on the CCP-Sponsored Clinton-Bush-Obama-Biden-Kerry Trojan-Horse. The very Horse that JOETUS Biden and his organized crime family rode up on.

      Tomorrow morning will be the beginning of the Resurrection of Truth and Justice that Ted Gunderson instilled in US All. Thus, Ole’ Fathers of Justice like Ted Gunderson, Don Damato, John O’Neill, and Lewis Hines, to name just a few, Never Die. And neither will what they taught US who paid attention.

      Thank You too, Russ; it’s been a while. God Bless You.

  7. Trump was and is a Zionist psy-op. He was covered in a negative light, relentlessly, by the Zionist (JEWISH, if you prefer) MSM. If they had actually wanted to marginalize him, they would have ignored him like they did Ron Paul. Negative publicity IS publicity. Keep your vigilant eyes on the THE JEWS, always. Trust absolutely none of them – in particular those on “the right.’ This should not be a mystery anymore. The system is utterly and hopelessly broken and it has been since at least 1913. Truth though, remains to be saved.

    • It occurred to me that my comment, at first glance, appears horribly out of place under this article. It is a response to comments above, past and present, that allude to any type of hope (ium) in Trump or the Republican Party. Now we see Putin becoming a sort of Trump in the minds and hearts of “the right.’ Someone summed it up quite well when they wrote, “Putin is to the NWO, what Trump was to the swamp.” On Putin, the war in Ukraine is a meat grinder. It is Zelensky feeding Ukrainian nationalists to the Bear. Both sides working for Jewish power to destroy non Jewish Ukrainians and lay the groundwork for Khazaria 2.0. Take note, as it is the strategy that will be used for any country’s nationalists in the future. Their politicians will feed them to a foreign power in a planned war on their borders. The liberty to conclude my thought is appreciated. Thank you.

  8. I have followed Dr. MacDonald’s case for many years. I believed in his innocence. I never knew what actually happened until I read this article. It makes perfect sense.

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