QAnon as CoIntelPro and Psyops to Disparage Conspiracy Truthers, Dispossess True Patriots

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The ever increasing chorus by the evil AOC, Katie Couric and PBS’s now fired counsel to reprogram (reeducate) a wide swath of people they label as sympathizers, conspiracy theorists, white supremacists and Nazis works to marginalize and silence activists, independent journalists and truth seekers.

“Nazi” and white supremacist are anti-white slurs used to run interference against people resisting their dispossession. By its very definition, measures to force people into “reprogramming” are a form of dispossession. Massive Big Tech censorship of one’s voice is by definition dispossession. Being locked down in one’s home or having your business closed is dispossession.

Now, the ruling Stasi administration is proposing a massive amnesty for 11 million illegals. By definition, that, too, is dispossession. New caravans of central Americans are making their way to the border, where they will be welcomed with open arms.

Then notice that AOC (aka mental midget) and her ilk throw out a vague term called “sympathizers.” Those are the increasing numbers of pajama people still muttering under their breaths and in various phases of awakening. And now, if you are silent, you are a hater, and hate — whether real or imagined — is redefined as a crime under the New Stasi.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Under Investigation By House Ethics Committee

Read “Silence Will Be the Next Hate Crime”

Sympathizers likely also includes those who voted for Trump or what’s left of the hijacked populist movement.

These labels says so much more about the speaker than the target. It’s use should be a wake up call. This labeling is nothing but propaganda, political oppression and marginalization.

Closer to home for most of the readers of Winter Watch: By making everyone and their dog a “conspiracy theorist” and “Q-tard,” they are actually boosting us, the so-called original “conspiracy realists,” in the eyes of the millions of newly marginalized people. This will allow them to see without the veil what we have been saying for years. They will start to understand for the first time what the truth was all along.

As part of this truth, it is important that we dispense with the Q psyop. For those unclear about what it is: An unverifiable anonymous poster who makes vague and often inaccurate predictions online, usually portraying Trump and his administration as secret “good guys” tackling corruption in D.C.

Notice how this cointelpro operation coopted and utilized the term “patriots” to describe its followers, who are being spoon fed a narrative from an unverifiable, anonymous, Internet source, believing every word of it, and throwing 100% of their faith behind a Trojan horse political administration. None of that is patriotic.

Back in 2018, I wasn’t sure if Trump would serve out his term, but I warned that he would likely be taken down in some manufactured political crisis.

Trojan Horse Trump Going Down in Manufactured Political Crisis

And now the ploy assumes our conspiracy realist realm believed QAnon  bullshit, when it’s a relatively small sect of hopium smokers that even fell for it in the first place. Even though the Q base now seems disconnected and demoralized (blackpilled), the New Underworld Order will lump together anyone who speaks out about the verifiable issues with Q’tards.

Oh, while they’re at it, you will also be lumped in with the rare if not non-existent believers in the lizard people, aliens and flat earth psyops.

For the record, Winter Watch warned about QAnon back on June 26, 2018, when we penned our article “QAnon Revealed as NeoCon Psyops and Magical Mystery Tour.”

We wrote in the piece: “Q cultists are constantly being lead by a carrot on a stick with promises of something big always just around the corner. But that never happens.”

Some who are a bit skeptical of QAnon’s claims defend it by saying, “It gets people thinking.” But about what exactly? It’s framed in partisan Bagelian dialectic.

Another objective of QAnon beyond the manipulation is to make patriotic conspiracy realists look crazy and unbalanced.

QAnon is primarily directed at Trump MAGA supporters to give them the impression and the hope that POTUS is playing supra-natural 4-D chess and is on the job. “Trust the Plan” is the QAnon motto.

Naturally, such a contrived message is going to have greater emotional appeal than Winter Watch’s theory of a Trojan-horse takedown operation of the U.S. similar to that of the Soviet Union. Our painful message will get less clicks for sure.

WW verdict: We are convinced QAnon was run by artificial intelligence. I just don’t think an individual or staff of individuals could sniff out the zeitgeist well enough. If so, they have swept through the collective consciousness of a portion conspiratorial-leaning America-First element and are spitting out the formula that works most effectively at controlling the message and dialogue. This is truly Brave New World brainwashing and manipulation of the highest order.

A slight deviation of Q and one we also addressed and called out as agitprop in several posts: “A Day in the Life of ‘Karen,’ a Race Industry Caricature for a New American Agenda” and “The Original Karen Agitprop Hoax: An Examination of the Lake Merritt, Oakland, Racial Shitstorm.”

It’s the same concept with the Karen memes. Y’all think it’s cute to poke fun at the menopausal mom who complains to the manager and snaps at the teen to turn his music off speakerphone. Well, guess what. Karen represents the one free thinker who actually SPEAKS UP about a problem, even if the meme originated from that annoying woman we all know.

The idea is to silence all middle-age, white, normie women. Concerned about the vaccine and want to take action? Don’t trust the water or pesticides and hold companies accountable? You’re a fucking Karen for making waves. Ingenious propaganda.

Winter Watch Takeaway

They’re creating dangerous dichotomies and label smears, and people are falling for it right and left.

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  1. Thanks WW for your continuing effort to wake up those hood-winked by the whole MAGA, Q psyop. The Q psyop bears a striking resemblance to a Bolshevik counterintelligence operation run from 1921 to 1926 known as “Operation Trust. It was outlined for us by Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn in his book “New Lies For Old” published in 1986.

    “Operation Trust was a counterintelligence operation of the State Political Directorate (GPU) of the Soviet Union. The operation, which was set up by GPU’s predecessor Cheka, ran from 1921 to 1926, set up a fake anti-Bolshevik resistance organization, “Monarchist Union of Central Russia”, MUCR, in order to help the OGPU identify real monarchists and anti-Bolsheviks. The created front company was called the Moscow Municipal Credit Association.

    […] The one Western historian who had limited access to the Trust files, John Costello, reported that they comprised thirty-seven volumes and were such a bewildering welter of double-agents, changed code names, and interlocking deception operations with “the complexity of a symphonic score”, that Russian historians from the Intelligence Service had difficulty separating fact from fantasy.”

    Anatoliy Golitsyn “New Lies For Old” PDF

  2. 1. Listening to Yuri Bezmenov (KGB defector), everything has continued happening as he told, only that the PTB replaced the “Soviets” with the “Chinese”.

    The interview here belo is worth watching but if you are short in time, please watch the last 15 mins when he starts with the “ideological subversion” topic.

    I believe that we are well into Phase 3, and Phase 4 will start shortly after the “new administration” is inaugurated.

    2. I also want to recommend these short videos by Zachary Denman. Each one lasts 4 to 5 minutes. They have a good, appealing style and I wonder if they could help waking people up.

    • The last 3 or 4 years has elevated Bezmenov to an almost godlike status in the independent media. I do think it is important that we always dig further, even with those who we come to agree with on many things. Few have been willing to call into question the claims made by a man like Bezmenov, who claimed that ‘deception was my job!’ Could he then possibly be deceiving his listeners about his previous qualifications?

      Golitsyn, on the other hand, was KGB and an intelligence officer. What the two do seem to have shared is a trait common to many defectors in the arena of intelligence- the embellishment and exaggeration of ones curriculum vitae! That way one’s information can be taken more seriously.

      Does this necessarily detract from the information provided by both Bezmenov and Golitsyn? Not at all. However, it is important that we are always open to new information and modifying what we know about a person or subject as we gain new knowledge over time.

      • I accidentally noticed an error in my comment above! I must have accidentally made an erasure. My error!

        Insert ‘Bezmenov was NOT KGB nor did he work at any level of Soviet Intelligence. He was a journalist/propagandist at the state-media company known as Novosti’ between the first and the second paragraph.

      • “The Great Mole Hunt” is a complete and total load of shit, and calls into question everything in that espionage history archive. James Angleton was a Soviet agent from the get-go. As with so many other Jews, the establishment of Israel triggered a change in his primary loyalty.
        Why were none of the Cambridge Five ever prosecuted? Because a trial of any kind, even a secret trial, would have inevitably implicated both Angleton and Victor Rothschild, and thus would not be good for the Jews.

        • thebullshitpoliceblog,

          Your point is well taken, believe me! Mark Hackard, who is friends with Jay Dyer, and like Dyer, does not ‘name the Jew’ and rambles on and on about ‘the Atlantacists’ or ‘Neo-cons.’ However, Hackard is thoroughly immersed and well read in espionage history though and has his strengths like Dyer. Dyer is a superb source for Christian Orthodoxy for example.

          My main point in the comment was to point out that Bezmenov was NOT KGB nor an intel officer which he is constantly referred to as.

        • thebullshitpoliceblog,

          Although I can agree with you that Mr. Angelton was in fact working with the Israelis for quite some time (he seems to have supplied them with nuclear materials, before they made the acquisition from South Africa in 73 or 74, and to my knowledge, they have a plaque honoring him in Tel Aviv).

          Yet, what proof do you have that he was working for the Soviet Union?

          In all my research on Mr. Angelton, his wife and both daughters, I have never come across any direct information of him working for the Soviet Union. In fact, I would be willing to state that he had more in common (from his own perspective) with both Mr. Hitler and Mr. Mussolini than with Mr. Stalin and Mr. Kruschev.

          Although he never stated an affection or affiliation with those gentlemen (as he had done with several prominent Israelis and members of the Mossad), much of his perspective seemed to align with Mr. Dulles who was an ardent enthusiast regarding the ideas of both gentlemen (Adolf and Benito).

          His relationship to Mr. Philby was the only, tangible, connection to the Soviet Union; however, all accounts could lead one to conclude that Mr. Stewart Copeland (of the rock band the Police), as well as his family, and Barry’s grandparents (the Dunhams) had more of a connection to Mr. Philby’s operation than Mr. Angelton.

          Please be clear, I am not a proponent of Mr. Angelton and / or his work, world views, love of orchids, his poetry or anything else about him. To the contrary, I think he should be prosecuted “in absenia” for war crimes against humanity and giving away technological secrets to a foreign power.

          So I am just wondering how you developed this perspective.

          Many thanks.

          Simple Citizen

          • Maybe not proof, but JJA was suspected by some of being a Soviet/Israeli penetration agent. This is from “The Judas Goats: The Enemy Within” By Michael Collins Piper

            “In reality, Harvey was right. Philby was ultimately exposed as a major Soviet penetration agent and ultimately confessed, fleeing to Moscow where he ultimately died.

            Angleton’s fate was somewhat similar. In a long-suppressed top secret report (which was cited in the Pentagon summary described by The Spotlight), a senior CIA security official, C. Edward Petty, concluded that Angleton may have been a Soviet-Israeli penetration agent while he made his way to the top of the CIA bureaucracy.

            The Petty report suggested that Angleton, throughout his career as the dominant figure in U.S. counterintelligence, had slipped vital information to both the Soviet Union and Israel. The report was submitted to President Gerald Ford in April of 1975, but a political decision was made that the evidence was not sufficient to indict and try Angleton, largely because it would have been impossible to stage a public trial of an intelligence official who was privy to as many secrets as Angleton was.”

          • The only thing that Angleton had in common with Mussolini is April 28th 1945, when Angleton and his gang of killers caught up with the fleeing remnant of Italy’s Fascist leadership and shot them all. This was all in a days work for Angleton, who had murdered many hundreds if not thousands of facisti during the previous 18 months. Yes, murdered is the right word- none of these people were given a trial or even a hearing. The only one Angleton did not kill was Ezra Pound. He admired Pound’s poetry, and so he spared him, and even drove Pound back to Rome in his car. There Angleton locked Pound in a dog cage, in the open air, for the spring and summer of 1945.

        • Angleton & Golitsyn were a duo & their insistence on ‘the mole’ & ‘the plan’ was met with consternation from the rest of the CIA departments creating the schism therein that has propelled ‘the company’ into accelerating ‘democratic communism’ throughout the world. And, yes, Angleton’s admiration of ersatz ‘Israel’ was incongruent with American interests, while Golitsyn’s naming himself as the last authentic Soviet defector could be suspect to some.

          • Wow! Three whole responses; what a milestone! I shall endeavor to keep up.

            JWR — Good morning. Great to see you. Bringing in Mr. Piper is like telling me “…but Alex Jones said…”.

            To be clear, the Mossad and Israel had ZERO to do with the assassination of President Kennedy. The only Jewsih person who may have known about the assignation, prior to its occurrence, might have been Mr. Lansky (an American Jewish man). The only foreign intervention in that event may have been the two Corsican killers on the bridge, which were brought here by Trafficante and Giancana.

            Since Mr. Piper has trouble with this theory, one of his biggest, I do not buy into any of his other work. Consider Mr. Morley’s work:


            Still, I am thankful for your response and wish you well.

            thebullshitpoliceblog – Well you decided to run with Benito, instead of answering my question. Thanks.

            What I wrote:

            “Although he never stated an affection or affiliation with those gentlemen (as he had done with several prominent Israelis and members of the Mossad), much of his perspective seemed to align with Mr. Dulles who was an ardent enthusiast regarding the ideas of both gentlemen (Adolf and Benito).”

            HE HAD A PERSPECTIVE (in other words: THINKING OR THOUGHTS) IN COMMON WITH LEADERS OF SOCIALIST AND FASCISTS NATIONS. He also had a mindset in common with his boss Mr. Dulles, and the very well known fascist President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

            I left Mr. Pound out of my response, because he is irrelevant to a conversation of how Mr. Angelton was allegedly employed by the Soviet Union. I could have also stated that he counseled both of his daughters to join religious organizations so that they could be change their names and be shielded by any repercussions of his work, but that would have been irrelevant too. I could have mentioned that in his final years he thought he and many in the CIA (including Dulles) would end up in hell. Again, what would be my relevance here in this dialogue?

            What I still wish to know is a source stating that he was a Soviet agent, and that all of his “mole” hunting was simply a cover. He may have been right about a mole or many moles (Cord Meyer comes to mind, so does Ted Shackley), but never have I come across any direct information, from a credible author, that proves he worked for the Soviet Union.

            Huntress – Thank for the response. Please see the other items I mention (above), but also I would like to comment on this point:

            “Angleton’s admiration of ersatz ‘Israel’ was incongruent with American interests…”

            It is also in-congruent with Soviet interests. Israel and the Soviet Union did not really begin to like one another until the 1990s. The Soviets were well aware that Israelis were “middlemen” in supplying weapons to El Salvador and Afghanistan.

            Further, I do not think the whole Pogorm thing in Russia was easily forgotten and / or forgiven.

            Thanks for the responses everyone. Happy Wednesday.

            Best to all,
            Simple Citizen

            • SPEAKING OF MINDSET:

              Who do you all think is propelling our nation toward enhanced socialism / fascism right now?

              Who helped elect the four Presidents before Mr. Trump, and then stood aside for a little while, finally coming back to show exactly how to crush a populist uprising?

              Who helped form and promote the gigantic technology companies?

              Who support technocrats as an alternative to elections (also coming to the USA very shortly)?

              If you answered the CIA to any or all of these questions, then you are right.

              What is your point SC?

              The mindset of the CIA is not Mr. Angelton’s or Mr. Dulles’s alone, it is an institutional mindset. This mindset is shard across many departments in our government (since the CIA infiltrated all of them under Mr. Dulles), the media (also infiltrated under / during Dulles), round table clubs (CFR, Trilateral Commission), other industries (Google as one example), and so many of the threads that compose what is left of our society’ s fabric (lack of better wording right now = ).

              What we are witnessing in this nation is the return of the Phoenix Program to our own shores. It was conceived here (USA) and now it is being used here against the citizenry. Now I would imagine everyone at WW knows which department created Phoenix…if you said CIA, then you are right again.

              It is an institutional mindset that has a great deal in common with Mr. Hitler, Mr. Mussolini and their government administrations.

              • CORRECTION:

                Jack Ruby (a lapsed Jewish man) and Mickey Cohen (Jewish man) may have known about Texas after both Chicago and Miami failed; however, I doubt the latter since it would seem many mobsters didn’t really like Cohen too much, yet I do concede he may have known.

                • Thanks!

                  In closing, I respect all four of you (counting Mr. Winter in our mix), and I know we are just all doing our best to find some truth. I just cannot agree with many of you on Mr. Angelton.

                  Also, in the end, I would have to ask if it really matters. Many of us (Mr. Winter and JWR, I am thinking of you both as I type, but I also think TBSPB and Huntress might concur) agree that we created and financed our own enemies. We made the USSR and modern China. We financed their revolutions and bank rolled their dictators (well no us personally), but Americans in general.

                  Our banks have paid for Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Benito and many, many more (Pol Pot anyone?). So even if one was right that Angelton was working for the USSR, then I might opine that he was still working for the American banks and government in one way or another.

                  Please be well all of you; I will keep you in my good thoughts and prayers.

                  Simple Citizen

                    • My friend, if you get a moment, please listen to Angelton in his own words. Maybe give it just 15 minutes of your time (I think it is about 50 minutes long).

                      Hearing his voice and watching him rationalize his ideas is truly fascinating. It may not help us understand him any better at all, but it does add a dimension to the man that books cannot do.


                    • FE is not a psyop, as the fakeness of C was not a psyop. FE is objective reality. Globe and space flight are psyops coming from the Vatican and jesuits/masons. Wake up! They do not lie only about one thing, tjey lie about everything.

                  • Banks are not American. Banks are international and may have addresses in NYC, where they were able to use their funds in order to arm Lev Bronstein, but they as you already know are part of the Fed, which is a depot for international transactions, initiated by the Rothshchilds and the crown, not the Queen’s crown, but their crown, their coat of arms, which they purchased from the original crown.

                    American lending, laundering, and slushing is nothing but a transfer point and perhaps a watermark of sorts.

                    While their may be some dispute about Piper-Collins work, and who actually killed JFK, it’s quite clear that Ben-Gurion couldn’t stand JFK, especially since JFK was quite vocal in his lack of support for the reactor facility at Dimona.

                    He was also less than enthusiastic about supporting Israel’s statehood.

                    Keep in mind that Israel also started their six-day-war after Kennedy’s death and on Johnson’s watch.

                    There is strong evidence that Johnson was a crypto.

                    He invested heavily in moving political refugees/dissidents from Russia to Texas, particularly in the Galveston area. All of this happened prior to his presidency.

                    We all know LBJ hated JFK, and he’s a central figure in the assassination, as is Jackie.

                    Jackie is also likely a crypto, she was raised in a wealthy Jewish family (Auchincloss) and by the end of Kennedy’s life, despised him nearly as much as Johnson.

                    I have a client whose husband was one of the brain/trauma surgeons who desperately tried to save JFK, and she told me that her husband witnessed a very un-emotional Jackie, remove JFK’s wedding ring, make a circular gesture over his body with an open hand, then walk out and leave.

                    She had already been intimately involved with Onassis by that point, since Ari was a friend of the family.

                    BTW, it’s my belief that JFK jr, another key data point/figure in the Q psyop, was actually Ari’s kid.

                    He looks nothing like a Kennedy.

                    It’s truly a dark winter, but this administration will be a disaster and it will only be a matter of time before they start eating their own.

                    In the meantime, keep the faith.

                    • Thank you for your response.

                      Although I cannot completely agree with everything you have stated, I do respect your position and the history you have covered.

                      On the short side (a little crunched on time right now):

                      The Anglo American Empire in fact owns banks. The City, Washington and New York form a nexus of sorts for all manner of very odd conglomerations. Although the Rothschild family is often mentioned when the banking sector is analyzed, they are not the sole “player” in the game.

                      Now if we were to state that they have a voice over the other players, I could support that statement; however, Chase bank created by their partners the Rockefeller family. The Bank of New York is a creation of the Roosevelt family. There are other folks in the mix.

                      “… it’s quite clear that Ben-Gurion couldn’t stand JFK, especially since JFK was quite vocal in his lack of support for the reactor facility at Dimona.”

                      Sure, I can get behind this statement; however, I would add that Mr. Ben-Gurion disliked many of his contemporaries at the time. Yet, all I am stating is that the Israelis and the Mossad had ZERO to do with Dealey Plaza.

                      As for John Kennedy, Jr., I had met him a few times since I was friendly with his wife before their marriage (then we lost contact).

                      You are right, he did not look like a Kennedy, but he did have very strong Bouvier features and had a resemblance to quite a few of his mother’s relatives. He would not necessarily be the first Kennedy that does not look all that much like a Kennedy.

                      Again, thank you for your reply. You certainly have given me more to think on and I am appreciative.


              • Okay, thanks.

                Yet, Israel and the Mossad has ZERO to do with the assassination unless you count an “okay” by Lansky, who held dual citizenship and attempted to run there while under investigation.

                I have read Mr. Piper’s work, and I would much rather believe that the aliens reneged on their deal with JFK (abducting the real one and sticking an actor in the vehicle) since he was not Ike and they liked Ike much better. Or I could just go with that old “It was Jackie! She was tired of him having liaisons and decided to end it by blowing his head off and then trying to save the fragments for her collection.”

                Listen I respect JWR (and you) big time, but I just cannot handle Piper’s books. He is Alex Jones without the following and supplements.

                Moving on…

                (Very respectfully) Further, the individuals you mention may have known about Dallas; however, I do not think Mr. Shaw had any knowledge of the plans for Miami and / or Chicago, as it would not have been relevant to him.

                To think that the CIA, working with the mob and bringing in Corsican hit-men, would have permitted a massive amount of anyone to know the full scope of a plan, would seriously need to be questioned.

                My feeling was that at best, Mr. Shaw had rumor and speculation from the other homosexual, Mr. Ferrie, but neither would have known the complete plan until after the event had occurred.

                Mr. Ferrie had a minor role of distraction, but to my knowledge, he was no where near the Plaza that day. My guess is that there was concern over both these gentlemen being well known homosexuals who could be compromised, leading up to the event, if discovered.

                Now I was surprised that you did not hit me up for a source on Ruby being lapsed…that was from the book Me and Lee by Judith Vary Baker. She seemed to have the best descriptions of both Ruby and Ferrie. Although I do not think her book is excellent, I do think it is a nifty read.

                Also, I was surprised you did not ask me why I mentioned Meyer and Shackley. Simple truth: they were both big time globalists who loved the U.N.. If you watch that interview I posted of Angelton, you will notice that he was not a proponent of the U.N. and believed it was the cause of security leaks.

                Gotta run…

                I will do more research on the man you sited.


      • Great information, thanks!

        Maybe the messenger was not who he claimed he was, but I think that the message well applies with what is happening now. I think of all the leftist intellectuals and good “regular” people that will wake up too late, and will be eradicated the same way Stalin did after WW2, and both US and USSR did during the Cold War in many countries.

        Thanks again for providing these insights.

  3. I read “New Lies for Old” back in the 1980s. I think Golitsyn got the template correct but what I think actually happened was that it was realized the Soviet business model wasn’t working anymore, so they changed (like Esso changing to Exxon, “We’re changing our name but not our stripes) and transferred much of the wealth to the (((oligarchs))). I find the rise of mid-level technocratic jews of a supposed persecuted minority being able to get the wherewithal to accumulate the capital to acquire the valuable state assets remarkable. I await a book, documentary or even article about how this happened. The idea that the USSR collapsed because of Afghanistan or Reagan’s SDI is ridiculous.

    Either the jews in charge of Russia wouldn’t play ball with the New World Order Crowd or it was decided that a strategy of tension was desirable.

    • And they are using now China as the governmental enemy (national) entity instead (see my earlier post).
      This is because people understand nations as enemies, without figuring that other entities (the cabal, the criptos, etc. a
      have been the ones running the show).

  4. I suspect Biden is a Yeltsin equivalent in the context of comparing Russian history with the USA.
    More dirty laundry than a busy (pre coronapocalypse) hotel so easily manipulated, cognitive incompetence, surrounded by mental midgets (not just Sandy Cortez) to further obfuscate and confuse as the looting goes on, just like in Russia but on a global scale.

    Regarding ‘qAnon’ I’ve always assumed that was some sort of clumsy five eyes red herring going back to the Trump miscalculation. I suspect, as I’ve said previously, Trump and Sanders were inserted as support act pied pipers to nowhere in the quadrennial circus that is the US election lobbyist bonanza. The goal is to have these ‘lower on the bill’ festival support acts play out pseudo socialism and populism before ‘losing’ to Mrs Clinton or equivalent. I presume Trump’s marching orders when he won in 2016 was to do Chabad’s bidding while making a giant insane mess of populism which is a real and very unstable threat. (It is also an absurd descriptive word for the non elite aligned voters).

    People are desperate to conform, be lead and ‘do the right thing’ though, so if the boob tube is wall to wall negativity that trains people to be fearful and hate they get very divisive and destabilized. If the boob tube is full of pictures composed with Biden with a ‘halo’ circle behind his head and lots of ‘glorious future’ nonsense people will get behind that event, if those selling the vision make the Sopranos look like good people.

    The most astounding thing for me in the current western world is the open sale of divisive racism and encouraging ‘black’ people to be racist which can’t end well. We are in a total clown world when English commercial football teams owned by global oligarchs (few from the UK) and with international athlete players are kneeling before games in empty stadiums and giving a black power salute, with the seating areas covered with banners saying ‘end racism’ and black lives matter’, triggered by events on a different continent thousands of mikes away. What better metaphor is there than elite sports being played in empty stadiums that are more and more just TV studios for our current era? In previous decades when UK football was still somewhat English you would be whacked with a truncheon and thrown out of the football ground for any sort of demonstration of’ crowd white power’ racism….raised clenched fists etc.. the irony…

    Modern cars have such efficient exhaust systems that the majority now have fake electronic engine noises permanently piped through your stereo modulated by your accelerator to seduce you that your car is exciting. The levels of lock down cognitive tuning we are going through are astounding. Piped in fake televised crowd chanting and singing disconnected from any sort of team allegiance is a great example, to a football fan this is dissociative torture…

  5. “The agendas sought by those in power are sinister in nature. This has to be because the primary agenda of the state is always based on gaining money, power, and control over humanity. With that known objective in mind, each and every step along the way will be incrementally pursued and always detrimental to the population at large. This will continue until the people are so weak that they will accept even the most blatant of lies, and become willing to acquiesce to the most ludicrous, harmful, and dehumanizing orders, laws, and mandates demanded by the state tyrants. Once this stage is reached, the final push can be attempted and likely achieved. We are heading into the final stage in this country today, and 2021 will be the year that Americans decide whether to be free or to be slaves to this corrupt and heinous system of rule.

    “The evil of the world is made possible by nothing but the sanction you give it.”

    Ayn Rand (2005). “Atlas Shrugged”, p.1006, Penguin”

  6. Thanks, Russ, as always, for exposing the fake “patriots”….something I’ve known about since the mid-90s having been around the infiltrated and fake “patriots” that got what they deserved when “Republic of Texas” narcissistic leader Rick McLaren screwed up two-way radio dispatches in which he thought he heard one of his minions was killed by law enforcement when that was false…and which led to the 1997 Republic of Texas standoff, and McLaren’s life in prison for trying to play god.

    • The fact that some insider at the CIA/FBI could leak information on reddit and other trash owned social websites and not get caught is beyond plausible. And secondly for Trump to acknowledge Q at one of his rallies is beyond absurd and was the final straw for me to have any spec of trust in it as an inside source.

  7. Okay, so a balance has now been struck and a new psyop completed.

    Liberals and many in the center were swept up by “Hope and Change”. They followed a CIA cutout with an unverifiable past to the very end.

    A mulatto man, from an affluent background (whose grandparents began as “civil servants”), was sold as an “African American or black” (depending on your perspective) legend. A fighter for the meek, left behind, and forgotten. The first truly “black” President of the United States of America (not to be confused with any of the Presidents of the Continental Congress).

    For the hope these followers had, the change they received was: A. chaos in the Middle East, B. more debt at home, C. a severe loss in jobs, D. a decline in urban areas throughout the nation, E. the continued take over by a technocracy, F. more hatred amongst the citizenry, G. more selling of Main Street to Wall Street, H. corporate sponsored terrorism and I. militarism par excellence (please recall his corp of little civilian troopers in the hood, who marched in their classrooms between lunch and snack time).

    Now a more conservative, and to some degree populist group, that began formation during Mr. Ross Perot’s Presidential run, continued with Paul / Kucinich / Nader, and culminated in the Donald (we could also include Bernie here) is now DOA. Who could really blame folks for seeking something / anything to be hopeful about, even a psyop like Q, when they have been repeatedly lied to and demeaned?

    It would be so easy for me to be an “arm chair quarterback” and point the finger at this group or that group for their naivety, yet what would I accomplish beyond feeding my own ego? Winter Watch called it early, which is great. We are at Winter Watch, which is superb. Our civil discourse helps each one of us out in supporting one another while discovering some truth in this lifetime, and maybe even having a moment of release from the reality that is outside of this blog. All of this is a positive for us.

    Yet, how are we ever going to lift our own lives, and our nation out of the mess we find it in, if we cannot forgive those individuals who were willing to believe a lie as a means for a little hope of relief? How can we invite more of our loved ones, friends and neighbors to “wake up” and join us in seeking the truth (at WW and elsewhere), and perhaps changing the course of this sinking nation?

    As I sit here typing, I reside in the largest debtor empire in the history of the world. Unlike former debtor empires, this one possess the weapons to wipe out our entire planet many times over. A ruling class wishes to kill me, my family, my other friends, associates, and all of my friends here at WW simply for the crime of being born into this world.

    What can be done?

    When does this nonsense end?

    How can we escape this moment, and evolve to more in this lifetime?

    Where is it all heading?

    Are we to be culled for the pleasure of people who do not know us, but simply find our end a desirable prospect?

    In past posts I have endeavored to provide some positive ideas: 1. the peaceful breakup of the nation, 2. moving overseas, and / or 3. protective measures that should ensure everyone at WW has the opportunity to legally protect themselves, using the rules that others have created, from a “great reset” that is intended to destroy everything they have worked so hard to build in their lives.

    Without more support of other individuals waking up, our little group does not have the best odds of creating positive change on our own. We might inspire an individual here or a friend there, but in the end there would need to be a larger awakening in order to really develop an impactful momentum behind a change.

    Just think of the economic boycott that Mr. Winter has been speaking of over the last month. Do we think that the regular 10 or 20 of us who currently show up would have as much of an impact as 100, 1,000, 10,000 or more?

    I would opine that humility, forgiveness and respect are in order for anyone and everyone, no matter what their political ideology when they walk in the door (or come to the blog), who is now open to having a bit more truth in their life.

    At this point, whether they bought into Donald or Barry or some other salesman matters very little. Once they accept that truth is their greatest ally, then we should try to welcome and encourage them to begin their journey. We all had to begin somewhere and they will be no different than we were when we took our first steps.

    Simple Citizen

    • Good Find! Russ had him sorted quite a few years back as a result of what Q didnt discuss, something to do with tiny hats…

      One now has to ask “Whats Next?”

      I suspect Covid goes somewhat away, not away away, but an ongoing pretext for keeping the public in place while the monetary dismantling continues.

      Looks like the UBI is a shoe in and justified “until” the Covid goes away..But alas, no ones getting vaxxed so I guess Covid stays lurking like a boogie man or terrorist–to take from another recent playbook.

      Economic Rests need an alignment point with the old system…I suspect that’s when the UBI’s start to run dry and the dollar goes to confetti..

      I assume we will all be listening then..

  8. “We are convinced QAnon was run by artificial intelligence.”

    Without further context, I find this statement puzzling. It sounds like the sort of claim Q enthusiasts would make. I recently heard it claimed by a Q enthusiast on a Jim Fetzer show that Q was, in fact, a quantum computer that had the ability to predict the future. Fetzer was skeptical, but he found the Q enthusiast’s views worthwhile, otherwise. I agree with WW that Q appears to be a PSYOP, but I see no reason to think that Q is run by anything other than people scheming to find ways to lead on naive Trump supporters. They could be assisted by AI, but I don’t think AI is sophisticated enough (yet) to be able to perform the task of leading people on. At least, not on an ongoing basis. AI is capable of fooling people, but only in very limited settings. It would be more correct to say that people are fooling people using AI.

    Speaking of AI, I was in a teleconference today with closed captioning. I was amazed at the system’s ability to translate my spoken words into written words in real time.

    • Fred it’s Dead !! Totally agree!! AI is filled with a malformed competency you could only imagine when it’s pushed to some stress point…Its embarrassing…

  9. So….anyone here actually graduate from an accredited US college, possibly speak a language other than English, and not court-ordered to take various medications? I have questions, and, doubts concerning the article content. Not to be nasty, but that monster could stand a rewrite. Don’t forget to get some sun, today! Vitamin D and all that.

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