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A Day in the Life of ‘Karen,’ a Race Industry Caricature for a New American Agenda

A mean-spirited caricature of Lisa Alexander as an evil, racist Karen. IMAGE: via

On the sunny morning of June 11, 2020 a white, fit, heterosexual, Boomer couple probably did what they undoubtedly had done hundreds of times before at their home in Pacific Heights; a scenic, historic, hill-top district in San Francisco. They rolled out of bed, ate a quick breakfast and headed out the door for a brisk walk around their picturesque neighborhood. No shower, no makeup, no shave, no hairdo. Just some exercise.

Pacific Heights is not a single-family home suburb. It’s dominated by high-density, low-rise buildings, mostly constructed sometime between the 1860s and the 1960s. Block after block of studio-size apartments, “efficiency” condos and subdivided Victorian manor houses are what you will find there. Nearly all look newly refurbished, freshly painted, beautifully styled.

Pacific Heights, San Francisco, California PHOTO: Business Insider

Recent data shows the median price for Pacific Heights housing is $2 million, but $1.1 million is the absolute minimum one should expect to pay. The median list price per square foot in Pacific Heights is $1,274, which is higher than the San Francisco average of $1,108. Only 12% of properties are owner-occupied. The population is surprisingly small, with just 21,000. Nearly 30% of residents are foreign-born.

The median age is surprisingly young, at just 36. Most residents are between the ages o 25 and 44. They are also the highest-income group, with average household earnings of $166,000 a year. That may sounds like a lot of money but, for San Francisco — the most expensive city in the world — it’s struggling middle class. The welfare-qualified poverty level is $101,000 per year.

Read “In the Bay Area, Households Making $117,000 Are Now Considered Low Income”

Data also shows Pacific Heights is predominantly male, predominantly single and a “major enclave” for homosexuals, according to Some consider it “The New Castro District.” The Castro district rose to fame for it’s homosexual activism 50 years ago, spearheaded by Harvey Milk. Interesting story, but I digress.

Pacific Heights couple Lisa Alexander and her husband, Robert Larkins were out on their power walk. They rounded the corner of their block and were walking along Gough Street across from Lafayette Park when they came across a light-skinned, silver-haired Filipino man named James Juanillo, whose style is reminiscent of an overweight Mr. Miyagi circa 1980.

Mr. Miyagi

Juanillo was crouched on the sidewalk outside of C.A. Belden House, one of the city’s registered historic landmarks and, on the decorative wall that defines the entrance to the home, he was stenciling in large, bright-yellow, block letters a message: “Black Lives Matter.”

C.A. Belden House, at 2004 Gough Street, was designed by Walter J. Mathews in the Queen Anne fish-scale style and completed in 1889, according to Wikipedia. The Beldens lived there until 1900.

Because of the earthquake of 1906 and subsequent fires that leveled San Francisco, there are not many mansions that are this old around the city. In the ’60s, Belden House was bought by John Fell Stevenson, a son of Adlai Stevenson II, who lived there until ’73. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in ’83, at which time its owners were restoring it.

Today, the property is privately owned by the John Newmeyer Trust, which has turned it into multiple rentals.

See C.A. Beldon House featured in 7×7’s “Your Guide to Decoding SF’s Secret Victorian Symbols”

The sight of someone writing graffiti on the entry wall disturbed Lisa and her husband. It wasn’t the message on the wall that bothered them. What bothered them is that a historic landmark was being defaced. So the couple confronted James. And at some point, James started recording the confrontation.

From the start, we hear Lisa and Robert trying to reason with James, explaining that the issue isn’t with the message, it’s about defacing private property.

“Absolutely, your [BLM] signs and everything. That’s good,” she says in an apologetic tone and with non-threatening body language, “This, this is not the way to do it. It’s private property.”

“If I did live here and this was my property, then this would be fine,” Juanillo questions back at the couple, adding, “And you don’t know if I live here or if this is my property.”

“Actually, I do know. That’s why were asking,” Lisa replies in a snarky yet polite way while touching her index finger to her chin. Her body language is telling him the jig is up.

“Oh, really,” James says. “You do know, because you live here. Right.”

“Because we know the person who does live here,” Lisa says.

“Oooh, okay,” James says. “Well, then, I suggest you call them, or call the police.”

Looking confused and with her hand to her chest, Lisa replies, “Why would I call the police?”

“Because you’re accusing me of a crime, correct?” James said.

“What I’m asking you is why are you doing this?” Lisa said calmly.

“And I’m not answering you,” he retorted.

“That’s fair,” Lisa says, nodding.

“So your choices are to call the cops, if you believe I’m committing a crime, and I’d be more than happy to talk to them,” James says.

“Okay, thank you,” says Lisa, to conclude the conversation.

James then asks them their names. They give him their first names. Then he wants their last names, to which Lisa says, “What is your name, sir?” He doesn’t give it.

“You’re talking to me,” he says. “I’m asking you the questions.”

“But I’m not doing anything illegal,” Lisa said.

“Neither am I,” James replies.

“Yes, you are,” the couple says practically in unison. “This is private property.”

“Well, then call the cops,” James said as the couple turned to walk away.

James is still recording and says to his soon-to-be audience on social media, “And that, people, is why black lives matter.”

Robert, who had basically hung back during Lisa’s non-confrontational confrontation with James, did decide to call the police from Lafayette Park. The following recording is a police dispatch recording of that call. Note that near the end of the recording, you can hear Lisa in the background pleading with Robert to just drop the issue because she doesn’t want this whole thing to end up on social media and be called a “Karen.”

James — who lists himself as a dog walker on LinkedIn and an activist on Twitter — does rent an apartment or room within Belden House along with his husband. He’s one of many renters, in fact. And, according to James, the police did cruise by the Victorian mansion to see what was happening. James said they recognized him and didn’t even bother to get out of their car.

Before the end of the day, James posted his video to Twitter, where it immediately went viral.

James could have been straight with the couple about renting a room there, or he could’ve simply said he lives there, and the couple probably would’ve gone on their way and apologized. Instead, he acted coy and then called it his property in order to provoke, escalate and perpetuate a confrontation.

Lisa Alexander's video summed up in a nutshell. | San Francisco ...It’s not the only thing James did to mislead people. Notice his Twitter profile picture. He looks about 20 or 30 years younger and darkly tanned. It’s also slightly out of focus. At a glance, one might think his tweet was coming from a black person. And just in case the Twitter mob had any doubts, James refers to himself in his tweet as a “person of color.” Generally, Asians aren’t accepted as marginalized groups or people of color.

James implies in his tweet — and later states outright — that Lisa knew it was chalk he was using on the wall. I don’t buy this argument. How could she possibly know? He was clearly trying to provoke her, so why would he divulge such a thing?

Cancel Culture Trolls Create Shit Storm Over a Little Altercation

Rather than dig into the facts of the incident, grievance industry trolls dug into Robert and Lisa’s background instead and went after them financially. They contacted Robert’s employer and demanded he be fired. He was a managing director for the investment firm Raymond James, which manages the pension funds of counties throughout the state.

They also discovered Lisa is the CEO of a beauty product line called La Face and uses a beauty subscription service called Birchbox to distribute her products, among other retailers. The grievance mob went after them all, demanding they sever ties.

Robert Larkins and his wife, Lisa Alexander at a 2019 Lake Tahoe charity event.

Birtchbox terminated their relationship with La Face on June 13 and posted the following tweet.

On June 14, Lisa decided to eat shit by issuing the following apology to the Terminators on social media.


Here’s the general consensus of how her apology was received among the cry-bully crowd.


On June 15, Raymond James posted a tweet announcing Robert’s termination.

Meanwhile, James Juanillo got to tell his nothing-burger story to countless local, metro and national news media outlets.

James Juanillo Interview - CNN Tonight w/ Don Lemon - June 16 ...
A race baiter interviews a race activist. The circle is complete. It’s not this man’s property, and it never was about race.

Nobody told Lisa and Robert’s story. Nobody, even for a moment, chose to look beyond James’ narrative. That’s why I felt compelled to do it, but it did require that I take a small amount of creative license.

Nobody told the story of the house either. This is probably because James would’ve been revealed as a renter, not the property owner, as he claimed. He would have also revealed himself as a liar and manipulator. Plus, historic preservationists would probably have pushed back on the notion that anyone should be allowed to deface San Francisco’s historic homes. C.A. Belden House is a publicly funded historic landmark.

The Lugenpresse not only omitted the historic significance of the house, but it also cropped tightly every image of James near “his retaining wall” to prevent readers from seeing the bigger picture, so to speak. So the major context of this story was deliberately hidden — one that could have demonstrated Lisa and Robert’s real motive (property protection) and dispel contrived claims of racism.

The media kept referring to it as a ‘retaining wall.’ That’s not correct. It’s a decorative perimeter wall that serves to protect the property. PHOTO: Chase DiFeliciantonio/San Francisco Chronicle/AP
Woman Apologizes After Backlash From Confronting Homeowner - GV Wire
Smirky face Cancel Culture Warrior after putting graffiti on historic property

Now, it appears the graffiti is spanning the entire frontage of Belden House. And, of course, even if the house’s other residents don’t like it, or the property owner or the neighborhood or the historical society don’t like it, they dare not speak up about it. They’ve seen what happens to those who do. They loose everything. This is what tyranny looks like.

SF man who stenciled 'Black Lives Matter' on home speaks out after ...

If I were Lisa and Robert, I would hire an attorney and file a defamation lawsuit against James Juanillo and some of the media outlets, as well as a wrongful termination lawsuit against Raymond James.

Read “CNN Settles $275M Lawsuit Brought by Covington Catholic Student Nicholas Sandmann”

But wait, there’s more!


Black San Francisco Supervisor Shamann Walton and Filipino Bay Area Assemblyman Rob Bonta (D–18th District) have teamed up and introduced a local ordinance and a state bill, respectively, that will create both criminal and civil penalties for those who use 911 calls in order to harass people on the basis of their race, religion, sex, or other protected status, reports in an op-ed against the legislation.

The lawmakers’ painfully contrived the title of the bill in order to specifically call out Karens. Walton, while introducing the bill, even cited Lisa Alexander as an example of why such a law is needed. It’s called the CAREN Act, which stands for Caution Against Racially Exploitative Non-Emergencies.

Walton said Tuesday, June 7, that the purpose of the ordinance is to create “consequences” for people who would weaponize 911 with racist intentions, Reason reports and notes that California already has laws against false 911 calls.

“If you are afraid of a black family barbecuing in the community park, a man dancing and doing his normal exercise routine in the bike lane, or someone who asks you to comply with dog leash laws in a park, and your immediate response is to call the police, the real problem is with your own personal prejudice,” Bonta told the Chronicle.

Read “The Original Karen Agitprop Hoax: An Examination of the Lake Merritt, Oakland, Racial Shitstorm”

Under Bonta’s proposed bill, anyone victimized by a discriminatory and fraudulent call to cops could sue the caller for up to $10,000, the New York Post reports.

Torchy Takeaway

Whether this event was real agitprop or a staged hoax, the message being given to whitey is the same: You are a pawn for political theater, and at any time your rights and your livelihood may be yanked away for any sleight of real or perceived racism or privilege toward someone who identifies as a person of color.


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  1. The program began in 1754 with the Currency Act that ended colonial scrip which is money issued by the colonies to promote trade. A depression ensued and that depression spelled the end of Englishmen in America and led to the revolution that was “won” by the colonists. Of course the colonists had been had and didn’t know it and don’t know it to this day. By 1791, a new Constitution was proclaimed and a little understood detail became law that would eventually produce “Karen.” That change was the vacating of primogeniture and entail and of course ending any titles of nobility. Americans didn’t understand the implications of those changes and were puzzled when the American aristocracy fled back to England sans their landholdings. Despite the tremendous wealth accruing to the new states from these land seizures and the buying out of the soldiers wages for pennies on the dollar, the federal government still plead poverty and passed the Whiskey Tax. Enforcing that Whiskey Tax was the first flexing of the government muscle, sort of an opening joy ride to see if it worked. Here we are some 200+ years later and the people are finally starting to get it. Without leaders we are nowhere and leaders come about out of the nobility who are created by society recognizing that some are stronger, smarter, braver, more determined, more visionary and deserving of their wealth which they pass on to their eldest sons to create a societal structure with political leaders. It began in Greece, passed on to Rome and then built Europe. Many will have difficulty believing this but it is all there, just covered up. George Washington was servant to Lord Fairfax.

    • Yes – I believe this to be mostly correct.
      I would add the caveat that they must be ‘qualified’ and held to a standard or face
      removal / replacement. But I believe that most people want to be led, or prefer it,
      and in general by someone strong, firm and perceived to actually care. Electing
      Trump the first time most were hoping for that and thought they saw it. Too bad×445.jpeg

    • Agreed, patpappano. Freedom is derived by what you create and earn for yourself. It’s derived from your property, specifically land. That’s how I know that the constitution was purposely flawed. “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”… that line is 2/3 full of NLP, essentially. We all know ‘property’ was the term excised from this passage and replaced with ‘pursuit of happiness’, in an obvious rewording that rescinded, or at least backtracked on the concept of right to personal property. I’d argue liberty was inserted around the same time and is also a vague NLP type term. If you have your life and live on your own property, you are free. Liberty is a very different word from freedom and denotes entitlement, permission, privilege, and deviation from norms.

      • It’s an important distinction you make.

        The term “property” was obviously removed because it was decided that Americans, like citizens of other countries, could not be allowed to truly “own” property. In order to govern the land, the state must have control of the land.

        When we purchase property, a government is granting us the right to use their property in a manner they deemed acceptable. And at any time of their choosing — and sometimes under the flimsiest of excuses — that government can chose to rescind our right to the land for which we hold a title/deed.

        The differences from one country to the next is how the government treats the citizen when it decides to revoke the privilege of use, meaning justification, notification, compensation, right to appeal, etc. America is arguably one of the better countries in this regard.

        • In Texas one can actually still own land and have allodial title (you own land not property). Likely the legalistic notion of “property” came about after the passage of the Act of 1871 which turned the US into CORPORATION (all caps, as with the names on all Social Security cards) under ADMIRALTY LAW (Yellow fringe on US flag)…”Property” is taxable, land is not. Another reason along with Home owner Associations is Property Owner Associations, to force one to pay “property” taxes. Even large ranches must pay property tax, though a lot lower rate (and Texas has some of the highest property taxes in the US).

          Thus what was once property (actually land) is now “property” not land. It is almost impossible now to get allodial title in Texas, and that is the only US state where you can claim it. That is also why Texas is loaded with “property owners associations”–so one cannot get allodial title!

          • Wow, that’s interesting. I didn’t know it varies state to state. Here in California, you can own your home and the land it sits upon. You get taxed annually for both as separate entries on your Property Tax Bill.

          • Somethinghappening- I’m sure there’s still ways for the very rich to grease the bureaucratic wheels to obtain allodial title. I assure you that wealthy people buying large tracts aren’t paying property taxes on hectares of land. Here’s an interesting link on “accepting land patents”… which I believe is the current nomenclature for allodial title in the USA. I believe land patents do establish allodial title because the municipal and state owned parcels are patented. I’d doubt that they pay taxes to themselves. I also suspect this because there’s no publicly available tax information on these parcels like they have on parcels owned by individuals. This is in my neck of the woods, SE Arizona. As you correctly stated, might be different elsewhere.
            The law is a rabbit hole of monumental proportions, but I believe that the crime syndicate leaves hidden loopholes for themselves and their flying monkeys, usually hiding it through legalese or changing nomenclature.

  2. Well, some assertive white women are getting shown their new lower place in relation to the ascendant People of Colour

    As women learn the new pecking order, one question is whether some will get even harsher in behaviour toward the remaining soft target they have, white hetero males, at the bottom of the barrel of inter-sectional Pokemon Points

    As has been endlessly pointed out for years in the manosphere, the instincts and antennae of women are very oriented to power relations, who is on the upswing and who is on the decline … hence the polls showing that minorities and migrants are ‘sexier’ to many white women, just as in the history of wars and conquests, women adapted to go with the victors and pass their genes on

    Tho reversals are also being noticed recently, as white women themselves go under major fire now

    There is apparently even an upswing in women on dating apps portraying themselves as traditional or ‘trad’ as they seek the white ‘chad’, who can protect them amidst the brewing storm and perhaps active killings of whites that is perhaps being unleashed

    Interesting piece on AmRen about how the demonisation of whites in the USA, is actually following a similar playbook to what happened in South Africa

    Despite USA whites still being a majority, tho barely … but the white position is limited by:
    – Lack of loyalty of many women who follow the media narrative as to who is dominant now
    – Lack of loyalty of the ‘shitelib’ white male kissing up to try to save their jobs etc
    – The traditional inability of whites to unite and get past the ‘universalist’ thinking style of their heritage, and realise they are under threat of destruction

    Here’s the AmRen piece

    • This is all a direct result of women’s suffrage and allowing women to pretend that they can do whatever a man can. They are as blind to how their selfishness is destroying western civilization as they are to their own monthly hormonal PMS bomb. By being especially susceptible to emotional manipulation, especially at certain periods in their life, women have become the embodiment of Shiva.

      There is a small compensation in watching them get bloodied or murdered when they burn coal, or even better, when they get the crap beaten out of them by trannies in sports. We are in a race war and women are finding themselves having to fight in the trenches with the men they have cucked. At some point the good ones will realize that being a mother and housewife is far more rewarding than poo flinging wars with dindu monkeys.

      • Wow, spoken like an angry Saudi shit lord with no wives and small penis.

        The mob is going after your white women. Instead of defending them, you say you relish seeing them bloodied.

        Viking women fought alongside men for centuries. How long do you think they would’ve tolerated your attitude?

        I personally don’t want to see misogynist comments like this on this site.

        Does anyone else agree?

        Yes or No.

        • Duane sums up how women have cucked white males:

          Tied to the Whipping Post

          I’ve been run down
          I’ve been lied to
          I don’t know why,
          I let that mean woman make me a fool
          She took all my money
          Wrecks my new car
          Now she’s with one of my good time buddies
          They’re drinkin’ in some cross town bar

          Sometimes I feel
          Sometimes I feel
          Like I’ve been tied
          To the whipping post
          Tied to the whipping post
          Tied to the whipping post
          Good lord I feel like I’m dyin’

          That typical California man hating limosine liberal piece of crap b**** didn’t care about racist war time propaganda like “black lives matter”, she only cares about graffiti when it encroaches on hypocritical life. Her pathetic cucked and gonadless liberal “husband” stands in the back ground cowering. He is tied to the whipping post.

        • I personally don’t want to see misogynist comments like this on this site. Does anyone else agree? Yes or No.

          Given this part of the comment, your question deserves an answer:

          There is a small compensation in watching them get bloodied or murdered when they burn coal, …

          I did find this disgusting, since I don’t want to see any white woman hurt, regardless of her ‘offense’ (here ‘coal burning’) — this kind of sentiment can become extreme, e.g. in comments on some really ugly things were said about Tessa Majors just because her Instagram account had fotos of her together with non-white friends (and with green hair).

          But I’m basically free speech absolutist.

          • The issue is that if my colleague Torchy, who wrote the dynamite article (that you blew off, if read at all) says you have to go, then you go, not her, and without the slightest hesitation on my end. If you want to stay around don’t offend her with your BS or take it somewhere else. I don’t really consider a platform on my forum to be a right. It is much more a privilege.

          • <<< Today’s modern women, who like Torchy Blane, want to deprive “misogynists” like myself of freedom of speech, are the enemy. >>>

            To HOOT: That’s right, bro. But I’m not just your enemy. I’m the enemy of any man or woman of any color who advocates for or relishes in violence toward women — especially white women. That’s not a “feminist” thing. It’s a human thing.

            You whine about your right to free speech after arguing the rights of women should be taken away. And you have the audacity to do this on my post that’s about the unjust and systemic demonization of women who are trying to push back on BLM.

            You claim to “love feminine women.” But you have no idea what “feminine” even means. To you, “feminine” is synonymous with subservient.

            So you are done here. Other misogynists like you will be ban-hammered, too. And, just to be clear, we also ban pedophiles and people who abuse their pets.

        • I personally don’t want to see misogynist comments like this on this site. Does anyone else agree? Yes or No.

          I agree that misogyny like much profanity comes into the conversation as ideas fade and the protagonist has nowhere else to go. Nevertheless, I count suffrage as one of the key markers to our destruction. In earlier times the woman’s vote was contained in the man’s vote and may have even been the greater part of it as she used her concern for human rights to trump her husband’s concern for economics. Separating that vote, as suffrage did, then removed that conversation and it became a numbers game. Women like to think that their vote and freedom gets them a better life but I think that is propaganda. Beautiful blue eyed blond girls are getting raped in Sweden and one wonders where are the Swedish men? They were knocked down by women’s lib and have lost power. Power being an assumed life-view that is shared by all white men that if any niggers touch our women they are toast. That is all gone now.

      • To Hoot: Yes- women deserving of acknowledgement are those whom Providence gifted with skill, talent, ability, & knowledge to be used in man’s world without presuming to be ‘equal to’ or ‘competing with’ men. Clara Schumann exemplifies this. There were others throughout time deserving of mention but the 20th/21st centuries’ degenerate mindset makes them out to be ‘equal’ to the men who were the originators & practitioners of the professions. As for the women who choose the ‘2nd oldest profession’, more power to them & may their husbands not be abusive drunks, philanderers, or lazy SOBs! 😉

          • To Torchy Blane: “Rights are legal, social, or ethical principles of freedom or entitlements; rights are the normative rules about what is allowed of people or owed to people according to some legal system, social convention, or ethical theory.” Certainly women are included in having objective legal rights along with men. When rights are determined in the ‘modern’, subjective realm of social or ethical nonabsolutes, anything goes & white men devolve into losers as do white women in the feministic, equalitarian current state of affairs gone wild.

          • > Do you think women should have the same rights as men? <
            Torchy – one word answer = No. While avoiding for the minute
            the much longer and wide ranging discussion, if women don't
            have the capabilities of Men, and they clearly and truly do not,
            then how can (or should) a case be made for blanket equality
            across all areas of society. Men have 'roles' – and traditionally
            based on their abilities and capacities. Women also. People
            have roles for very similar reasons and also due to choice or
            free will. In my humble opinion, women should NEVER be
            cops or in the military, and for similar and related reasons,
            should not be governors, mayors, police chief, or district
            attorney, etc. Keeping on theme, I would generally be
            opposed to women being involved in criminal justice.
            Dealing with men, esp. manipulative or violent men,
            is naturally the province of other men, and mostly
            has always been so. Note the word 'natural'. Why
            go against the nature of the world and the beings
            existing in it ? Fair question. I could keep on like
            this, but one gets the idea. If we are finished for
            the moment, would you please go to the kitchen
            and make me a sandwich ? I'm hungry ! 🙂

            • TO ROMMEL:You are confusing ROLES with RIGHTS. They’re very different things.

              Certainly, men and women EACH have qualities of value that the other doesn’t possess. That’s why men and women should couple. They complete each other, so to speak. There’s no need to get wrapped up in discussions about who should or could do what. That’s beside the point. I’m a big believer in traditional roles. Russ can attest to that.

              My question was about RIGHTS. In other words, should women have the RIGHT to drive? Should they have the RIGHT to vote? Should they have the RIGHT to voice their views in the public square? Should they have the RIGHT to have a job? Should they the RIGHT to have a bank account or credit card?

              I know these seem like crazy questions to most normie people. But it wasn’t all that long ago women didn’t have the right to do or have these things. They were second-class citizens. In some countries, it’s still that way. Based on some of the things I’ve seen commenters like Hoot write, clearly there are some folks who visit this website that don’t believe women should have the same RIGHTS as men. They claim that it’s because women have been given such rights that we have ALL the problems that we have in the world today. This is pure horse shit.

              “Equal Rights” is a trigger phrase for the Equal Rights Movement, which went way too far in terms of imposing women into male groups and demanding they be TREATED equally by men. I believe women should earn the respect of men and be invited into their groups, not impose themselves by being cry bullies.

              However, I believe that women deserve the same basic HUMAN RIGHTS and RIGHTS AS CITIZENS as men. If that make me a radical feminist, so be it. Attach whatever label you want. I don’t care. I can’t believe I even have to argue such things in 2020. It’s like somebody spiked my ice tea with crazy pills.

              I sense you’re a descent guy, and that’s why I’m taking the time to make this important distinction — and for others on this site, too, who may be confused about the difference between ROLES and RIGHTS.

              Cheers! 🙂

    • This may be delivered to the doorstep of women, but I don’t see it as a women’s issue. As noted in this story, Robert lost his job, too. And in St. Louis, the couple is being dubbed Ken & Karen and both are being given the perp treatment.

      One of the motives of people perpetuating the race-hate agenda is to make normies afraid to stand up and defend their communities and their property. White Democrat progressive liberals thought they would get a pass. Nope. The more they try to show how sensitive and “woke” they are, the harder they get kicked in the teeth.

      Moral of the story: Animals in the jungle prey on the weak. Do not show fear. Do not bow your head. Do not attempt to reason with them.

      • Yes, and that is why your article is so important. It shows the (((Globalist))) aim is to crush all resistance by white people to their extermination. It also shows the utter futility of being “liberal”, “apologizing”, “bending the knee” or any other form of abject humiliation as attempted appeasement.
        “Weakness invites aggression.”

        Someone called it “Ritual Humiliation”, referring to all the ridiculous CoronaHoax rules, and fundamental to this tactic is to make the victims grovel, apologise and plead for their job, or their life, or their family, and then fire them, or kill them, or rape their kids anyway. People should never submit when an attacker or home invader threatens your life or those you love to make you do what they want, because they are going to rape & kill you all anyway, so you might as well die fighting. Teach your children the warrior spirit of our ancestors.

        And as you pointed out, this couple were punished just for defending normal civilized society, which they worked hard to establish, as our ancestors did. The Illuminati goal is to destabilize society, everywhere, like the logo of the Fabians: demons sledgehammering the world, in order to build a new one more to their liking. Hell on Earth.

      • … but I don’t see it as a women’s issue.

        Race is much more important than sex/gender — but clearly the behavior of white women in aggregate, including their electoral behavior (not that I think there’s a voting solution to this; there isn’t), is more problematic for Whites in general, a racial/ethnic group, than that of white men.

        I agree with the comment above that this piece is well done and should be read/shared widely.

    • RE <<... upswing in women on dating apps portraying themselves as traditional or ‘trad’ as they seek the white ‘chad’, who can protect them ...>>

      Absolutely. To be clear though, what these “trad” women are signaling is that they’re looking for a man who knows how to “act like a man” rather than some leftist bun boy or pathetic man child in need of a MILF.

      • Exactly, Torchy! One reason among others I married my hubby is HE WAS, IS, and ALWAYS WILL BE A MANLY MAN!

    • It’s not about “whites standing with whites” and it’s just more divisive narrative framing to claim that is the issue. Universal Principles, and standing for those who share them, period. Would that property owner and all the neighbors allow their residence to be plastered with “Ron Paul Revolution” flags and slogans? Someone should try that and see what happens.

  3. Again the issue for Whites is very simple: rule or be ruled — it has always been that way, and always will be — and if you are white, you are getting a really good look at both who your rulers will be, and who will be electing them — as well as the humiliating absolute subservience that will be demanded of you.

    Despite the name ‘entitlement spending’ given to them in the budget, no one is entitled to Social Security or Medicare benefits: both are just a matter of law, and the law can be changed — white boomers and their children who expect to get what they think they’re ‘entitled’ to from these programs ought to think again, because I can easily imagine that a country full of low SES non-whites, and ruled by those elected by them, will not want to endure the financial burden of funding these programs to benefit older, better off Whites, whose higher SES was obtained by an unearned and illegitimate “privilege” granted them by an ‘institutionally racist’ system.

    • I always felt “entitled” when the money I earned my whole life was taxed to pay into SS and medicare. Maybe the law created to pay these taxes should be ended. They make you pay into it but when it comes time to return your sweat equity its now somehow your government giving you a gracious handout. Lets see “entitlements” is that what our politicians receive in free medical and pensions after a few years of service to self and collecting bribes or in the case of our X-pResidents security for life…why would we care if someone whacks them? I remember when the RepubliNAZIs came up with their “entitlements” scam…blabbering on and on of how that was the reason for all the debt while voting in their own pay raises. What we do know is the ((chicken swingers)) greedy hands are all over all pensions, retirement programs, SS, 401K’s etc. along with the dept ((they)) create and profit from.

  4. Let me get this straight Torchy. So during a period of raised hostilities and tension between groups of people, whether Rich/Poor Black/White Male/Female , We have a couple in St. Louis exercising their rights to bare arms in a sensationalist display, A yuppie couple selling products to the public at large sensationalizing historic defacing with chalk on brick. And ALL Brought about by a global reaction to a pathogen whose origin we cannot scientifically state as being either man made or naturally occurring..The ramification of which would be huge…

    And we are concerned first and foremost with Civic Justice or the appearance thereof. Sometimes the situation calls for just shutting up and going on your bloody walk..Bigger fish to fry if you know what I mean…

    • Where did I say/write any of those things you mention? I didn’t mention COVID. This non-event is pure election-year agitprop. COVID adds to the tensions, sure, but it’s not the driver of these events.

      It’s not really about Karen and Ken. They are the catalyst/burn offerings used by race groups to grab power, by the media to create fear and by politicians to erode public rights in the name of “civic justice.”

      The punishment they received did not fit their so-called crime of being middle-class white people, regardless of what we may think of them as individuals.

      But if I had to venture a guess, I’d say Ken and Karen probably struggled and worked to get ahead in life. They didn’t inherit wealth. That’s why they feel compelled to defend their home and community.

      • Sorry Torchy, Have to disagree, Covid is the driver of these events. These riots are the riots designed to end the bigger ones…Now wait for the 2nd wave and see how housebound people become.

        I was not sympathetic to this couple. They likely live above Market St and have seen perhaps, on any given day, Big-5 tents with meth addicts inside, feces on parking meters , and the occasional turrettes outburst at the Trollies.

        This BLM platitude has taken on a religious zeal…Why kick up a fuss while people are wilding about?

    • This is the broken window theory in play. If one just goes on their merry way and ignores blighting like this the whole neighborhood goes to pot. This couple did the right thing. Who could ever imagine that the lugenpresse would run with this storytelling.

        • Too inflammatory and sweeping carte blanche remarks not really adding substance to the conversation. We have decided to crack down on this , you need to restrain yourself, we are not the Daily Stormer. Sometimes we suspect cointelpro operatives are on here as it is so stupid. Even I have a certain cringe level.

          • I’m glad that you are psychic enough to expose me as a “cointelpro operative”…Why are you so paranoid about me disclosing the fact that the 2 “victims” in this article are probable jews? NOT WHITES (the husband is DEFINITELY a jew). Are you afraid of the ADL? If there is no ability to state the truth here we might as well go to the NY Times website…Even Fox and ZeroHedge rarely censor comments….

            • You attach the label “probable Jew” without evidence to some white couple whose lives are being destroyed by Marxist tyrants. You are trying to ensure that the “white rights” crowd moves along and doesn’t give a damn about them. Sounds kinda Hasbara to me, bro.

            • @Protestant (to limit indentation)

              Some patriots trying to save Ethnic Europeans from extinction think that they need to justify their views by “proving” the inferiority of all other ethnic groups, which is just pathetic.

              You need to be careful here.

              I know of very few responsible people who use words like “inferior” — but many people (including me) do highlight the significant differences between ethnic/racial groups, including in IQ, which relates/correlates directly to SES, which is an extremely important issue for society: the huge disparity in average SES between Whites and Blacks is the major social pathology in America — I’m convinced this problem is irremediable, because the differences responsible for it are primarily genetic — and it is not wrong or “pathetic” to highlight this.

              I personally have no problem with use of the word “inferior” in this particular context, although I don’t use it myself.

              Generally I skim thru Dave Rubin’s comments (although I did once correct a factual error) — I find them more weird than offensive.

          • @Mr. Winter, you beat me to it this morning! I wanted to warn you that “Dave Rubin” also seems like a Hasbara troll, spewing endless vitriol about African inferiority, regardless of the article’s topic. It’s as if he’s planning to report his own remarks to get this website shut down.

            Some patriots trying to save Ethnic Europeans from extinction think that they need to justify their views by “proving” the inferiority of all other ethnic groups, which is just pathetic. No one needs to justify preferring to live in peace exclusively among their own people, their own ethnic group, their own “race”, their own tribe. It is natural, because God made us that way. Tribalism is how mankind have managed to survive for thousands of years.

            • I have tried to be patient and tolerant, but finally ban hammered “Dave Rubin” this morning. I did give him the opportunity to link to his site if he has one, which is more than some alt media sites have permitted me. Instead he spewed out a string of a half dozen long winded posts all on one off topic.

              The JQ is on the table here, but not incessantly, off-topic, and obsessively, they don’t have the full and only NUO franchise IMHO. I don’t think Rubin is operating in good faith and nor was SaintQuinn. There are some others we have in the penalty box for a general clean up of cringe. If we don’t do it, reasonable people who show up here get dissuaded. Need to get somewhat tougher- but with balance.

  5. A Flip (?) renter tagging a Tartarian Mudflood Mansion with Deep State social engineering rhetoric is the perfect analogy for what the U.S. has devolved into.

    I’m Irish-Italian, hence I was once a despicable immigrant, but not without sound reasoning. Luckily the vast cyclopean chasm of intelligence and immediately identifiable whiteness isn’t the issue, it was truly class related. The nü-Americans have absolutely no cognizance of decorum or historic posterity whatsoever. They relish in cutting off the nose to spite the face of anything they hate.

    Maybe calling these people renters is even more credit than credit is due, they are squatters. They are the mold that excretes an acid that decays even stone. Some of them are even far removed from the shitholes they originate from so they don’t really even have some tangible patriotism to their country of origin. The perfect synthesis of a proud POC from the Republic of Malaria and a proud American Affirmative Actioneer.

    This stupid liberal bitch just received the most important lesson in ideology – you lose your money you lose your buffer. Deplorable Whites are at least United by some vestiges of racial commonality. Her mea culpa to rejoin the Liberal Lotus Eaters has been denied, and rightly so, she’s a dilettante. She wanted to defend the historicity of the structure and commend the enemy sapper simultaneously.

    This Karen should have read Solzhenitsyn instead of Steinem. The writing is now on the wall – literally.


    “A few weeks earlier, an article titled, “I was raped by Rotherham grooming gang—now I still face racist abuse online,” appeared. In it, a British woman (alias, “Ella”) revealed that her Muslim rapists called her “a white whore, a white b***h,” during the more than 100 times she was raped in her youth by the Pakistani grooming gang.

    “We need to understand racially and religiously aggravated crime if we are going to prevent it and protect people from it and if we are going to prosecute correctly for it,” Champion said in a recent interview.

    “Prevention, protection and prosecution—all of them are being hindered because we are neglecting to properly address the religious and racist aspects of grooming gang crimes…. It’s telling them that it’s OK to hate white people.”

    Ella’s attempts to highlight the “religious and racist aspects” of her and many other girls’ similar abuse led only to “a lot of abuse from far-left extremists, and radical feminist academics,” she said. Such groups “go online and they try to resist anyone they consider to be a Nazi, racist, fascist or white supremacist”.

    “They don’t care about anti-white racism, because they appear to believe that it doesn’t exist. They have tried to floor me and criticise me continually and this has been going on for a couple of months. They tried to shut me down, shut me up … I’ve never experienced such hate online in my life. They accuse me of ‘advocating for white paedophiles’ and being a ‘sinister demonic entity.'””

    Radical Feminists attacking rape victims. Just like that Pacific Heights bimbo who has no problem with “black lives matter”. Only women can exist with this kind of cognitive dissonance echoing between their ears.

    • The woman at Pacific Heights had one main objective, prevent blight in her neighborhood. She wasn’t there to have a political debate about BLM. The fact that she was relatively polite shouldn’t reflect that poorly on her. The moral of the story is that her foes were Terminators who created a shitstorm out of it. The routine then pulled on these poor folks shocked even me. This is a jaw dropping lesson learned for any thinking person. Accordingly we did our part in telling the true story. Thanks are accepted.

  7. As I got deeper down the rabbit warren I begin to see things differently. I have already divined that the “American Revolution” was a Bank of England project but this talk about land got me thinking about the Civil War which never made sense to me. The south had land which is real wealth. The north had manufacturing and shipping that is wealth until a better competitor comes along. With land there is no competition. At the start of the Civil War, the south supplied 70% of the world’s cotton. That made strong dynasties which would mean people that would eventually take over the nation and get rid of the Jews. I am beginning to think the Civil War was intended to destroy this threat. And like the U.S. is today got its boot on Germany, the Union had its boot on the south until the Rutherford Hays election could only be settled by the south and they cut a deal, remove the boot and we will vote for Hays.

  8. Very surprised that, in an analysis of the article in question, one commenter was not percipient nor brave enough to discern what to me appears to be the obvious: ‘Karen’, Robert and James are simply posing pilpuling and posturing for the camera (isn’t it strange that there is always a camera – and concomitant perfect picture – at the ready in these types of mimetic/memetic events); to engender the environs requisite for this ‘event’ to go viral, viz. this whole scenario stinks to high heaven; and appears to be another psyop designed by the kakistocracy to evoke the emotional polarities we’ve, so often, borne witness to today. That is all! RGB-Y2 out!!

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