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All the President’s Jews: Trojan Horse Trump Going Down in Manufactured Political Crisis

My theory all along is that Donald “The Red Queen” Trump is a Trojan Horse (see) designed to take down the remnants of the U.S. in a blaze of crisis, corruption and shame. The end product is civil war. Not surprisingly, the point of the spear looks to be The Red Queen’s cadre of Jewish “friends” and associates.

There’s Trump attorney Michael Cohen, whose job it was to pay hush money. There’s Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg, now ready to talk to prosecutors.  And there’s American Media (AMI) Chairman and CEO David Pecker, who has reportedly been hiding dirt.

What a cohen-incidence that they’re all Jewish, and what a prime opportunity to compromise and, in turn, control the POTUS for nefarious elements (aka Crime Syndicate). Trump has turned out to be a stunningly compromisable person on several fronts, and we’re told more is forthcoming. Whodathunk.

(((The Keepers))) of Trump’s Dirt Dossiers

Cohen claims that Trump had foreknowledge of “Russia’s hacking” of Clinton’s emails. A source close to Cohen said Cohen wants to tell Mueller that Trump discussed the release of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails. Wikileaks’ “Russia hacking” is code for the Jewish plutocrat/Crime Syndicate attempt to sway the election- and then engage in influence peddling and full court kakistocracy. Cohen is the gift that keeps on giving in terms of sketchy transactions involving his fixer work for the Trump organization. 

David Pecker, holder of the dirt

The Jewish Forward reveals that David Pecker, a tribe operative who publishes the National Enquirer, is giving prosecutors detailed information about Trump and Cohen’s involvement in schemes to pay hush money to a porn star and a Playboy model on the eve of the 2016 presidential election.

According to NYT: “Prosecutors said that Trump Organization executives were involved in reimbursing Mr. Cohen for that payment, accepting his phony invoices that listed it as a legal expense. The other charge concerned a complicated arrangement in which a tabloid bought the rights to the story about the former Playboy model, Karen McDougal, then killed it.”

The “executives involved” include Weisselberg. The Daily Beast reports he “served for decades as executive vice president and CFO of the Trump Organization, and was one of the few people that Trump trusted with his ‘financial assets and business interests’ after he entered the White House.” Meuller gave Weisselberg legal immunity for his testimony before a federal grand jury in last year’s Cohen probe.

David Pecker is also the guy who collected and held “in safe keeping” the dirt dossiers and stories on Trump. This is referred to as “catch and kill” payments. What are the odds one purchaser could collect the main dirt on Trump? That’s ludicrous on its face. The compromising dirt safe was self-described as “a great source of power” for Pecker and his ilk.

In the process, Pecker openly peddled influence. Last summer, Pecker reportedly brought an adviser to Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman to meet Trump in the Oval Office to help him expand AMI’s business.

The Jewish Telegraph Agency reports two other Jewish moguls have dirt on Trump and are involved in the  “catch and kill” business: Sheldon Adelson and TMZ’s Harvey Levin.

Corneliu Codreanu (1899-1938) succinctly described these types of dirty dealings then and now in his For My Legionnaires [see “Corneliu Codreanu: Son of Romania, Father of the Iron Guard“]:

I. For winning over local politicians

1. Gifts

2. Personal favors

3. Financing the political machine for propaganda, leaflet printing, traveling expenses, etc. If there are several bankers in town or rich Jews, each is assigned to a specific political party.

II. For winning over local authorities:

1. Corruption, bribery. A policeman from the smallest town in Moldavia, in addition to the pay he receives from the state, gets monthly another salary or two. Once he accepts a bribe, he becomes the Jews’ slave and if he does not follow orders, then they use on him the second weapon.

2. Blackmail, if he does not comply, his bribe-taking is revealed.

3. The third weapon is destruction. If they realize you cannot be swayed or subjected they will try to destroy you by searching for your weaknesses. If you drink, they will seek an opportunity to compromise you through alcohol; if you are a skirt-chaser, they will send you a woman who will compromise you or destroy your family; if you are violent by nature, they will send your way another violent man who will kill you or whom you will kill and then go to prison;

4. If you lack all of these defects, then they will employ the lie, whispered or printed calumny, and denounce you to your superiors. In the market towns and cities invaded by Jews, local authorities are either in a state of bribery, a state of blackmail, or in a state of destruction.

III. In order to infiltrate into various circles or around some highly placed people, they use:

1. Servility

2. Boards of directors

3. Base personal favors

4. Flattery

So we are asked to believe that making a divisive actor who likes to bang porn stars and Playboy models (for money) the president wouldn’t lead to some serious trouble. Trouble was the idea all along. Trumps’ Jewish “friends” are now throwing him to the wolves as part of their larger plan to diminish and loot the United States. Trump’s interview on “Fox & Friends” was prescient and will prove true. He suggested that the stock market might crash if he were to be impeached.

And what’s a political crisis and national takedown without some Shakespearean betrayal centered around a black woman? Enter Omarosa Manigault-Newman, who The Red Queen brought over from “The Apprentice.” Word is that Omarosa functioned like a mole in the White House, recording all the goings on, including embarrassing ones.

Meanwhile, even before the latest wave crashed over Trump’s deck, Fox News showed Democrats mounting an 11-point lead in the generic mid-term election polls. The odds of Trump being impeached in his first term is put at 44%. That is far too low, and it should be noted that he may be forced to resign well before an impeachment. But for maximum damage to the country, he would likely linger around in a last-stand showdown to the bitter end.


10 Comments on All the President’s Jews: Trojan Horse Trump Going Down in Manufactured Political Crisis

  1. Yep, it’s all threater. He’s not going to be impeached. Just look at how he bends over for his masters. The NWO, military industrial complex and Israel remain untouched.

  2. Trump is a Trojan horse just as is Putin. The purpose is for the American Jewish oligarchs
    to asset strip the USA just as they did Russia. Their next country to asset strip is China, which is already a Rothschild client state and already has its own Jewish population. I wonder how many wealthy Chinese oligarchs might be crypto Jews.

  3. Two things are I think missing here – First, is the appreciation for the evidence of the bravery and greatness of Donald John Trump, as Daniel in the lion’s den … It is unmistakeable to many of us from his often refreshing words, that Donald Trump’s heart is significantly in a good place, and that against the most daunting political odds Trump has survived to do significant good in the world … tho certainly with an unavoidable load o’ compromisin’ on that road, the price Trump had to pay to do what no one thought could be done

    Secondly, there is an under-estimation of the forces that Donald Trump in the USA, and Matteo Salvini in Italy, represent and can draw upon … my strong instinct is that Trump will be there in the White House in 2020, and that it is Robert Mueller’s slimy, maliciously-motivated witch hunt which crashes & burns, as the epitaph of the old USA order of things

  4. There’s a reason Trump is in. Election results are bogus so he was PUT in. Those who put him there knew he was highly compromised and would face a barage of lawsuits and scandals. So why do it? Was it really because they thought he was tough enough to do the necessary job ( whatever that is!) or was it to set up this crash? Why bother to set up a crash when you could have Hillary do it with no strings attached? She’s the looting queen. But Trump has been gaming US bankruptcy laws with an army of (((financial advisors))) for decades. Trump has so far averted serious war, made some strides stopping rampant immigration, appears to be sincerely addressing the human/child trafficking situation and has plans to clean up the CIA and FBI among other alphabets.

    I see this turncoat scandal show as an effort by one faction to prevent the rise of another. Trump represents the orthodox control machine ( although I’ve read elsewhere they’re big on child trafficking) vs. the (((progressive))) crowd. Maybe it is a mafia battle to the death. We’ll just have to wait and see. Shekel needs to differentiate, both factions are J and have been in competition for decades now.

    I agree with Brabantian that Trump has more support than many realize. He managed to take the presidency against Hillary and that implies power behind the throne. The fact that in 2 years Meuller has not been able to indict Trump for any of the Russia nonsense is telling.

    Our (((brethren))) should fear a backlash. More and more is coming out and their censorship efforts are not faring well with the true patriot freedom of speech crowd. Civil war? Depends on who’s got the guns.

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