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Medical Board Moves to Strip Dr. Peter McCullough of Certifications

Epoch Times | Oct. 31, 2022

A medical board has moved to strip top cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough of his certifications in internal medicine and cardiovascular disease, claiming that he provided misleading medical information to the public about COVID-19 vaccines.

The American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) informed McCullough of the action in a recent letter.

The board stated that McCullough’s statements questioning COVID-19 vaccination for healthy people younger than the age of 50 and pointing out that Americans have died after getting a COVID-19 vaccine triggered a review, which led to a recommendation that McCullough’s board certifications be revoked.

The ABIM’s Credentials and Certification Committee found that McCullough had “provided false or inaccurate medical information to the public,” the letter states.


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  1. The fact that a Doctor of many years would be stripped of his credentials in order to proliferate false medical information to millions of people and to harm children is a testament to how degenerate this country has become, besides being totally corrupt.

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