Robert Phoenix and Russ Winter: Gay Mafia Exposed

We look at the pervasive infiltration of “The Pink Mafia” as a frontline deployment in the deconstruction of institutions by the “Cultural Marxists” and discordian criminals.

From Nancy Schaeffer, a two-time Georgia state senator, to Father Alfred Kunz, both likely murdered, to the demise of Anita Bryant and the destruction of the Boy Scouts of America, we detail in granular fashion how they were taken out for exposing child trafficking and pederasty, thus revealing a vast network of abuse and child exploitation.

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Backup podcast is at Robert’s site.

Posts discussed:

Was Georgia Sen. Nancy Schaefer Assassinated for Exposing Child Trafficking?

Who Murdered Father Alfred Kunz and Why?

The ‘Suicide’ of Porn Actress August Ames: Something’s Rotten in Ventura

Bella Dodd Warned of Diabolical Pederast Conspiracy Against Catholic Church

The Discordian Pederast Destruction of the Boy Scouts of America

4 Comments on Robert Phoenix and Russ Winter: Gay Mafia Exposed

  1. Gay Mafia is a cover story. The real mafia has always been Transgendered.
    Freemasons are all transgendered at birth. They are born female and then forced to live as males. Despite the lying and evil these Freemasons (servants to the upper class of the Luciferians/Rothschilds et al) perpetrate I feel sorry for them.
    They were never given a choice about becoming male.
    A sad and painful life they are required to live.
    One day soon all of this will come out and more importantly we must reconcile with these people and bring them back into our hearts.
    And no we will not forget the evil they have committed.

  2. That’s a lot of Freemasons. Every single one? I saw some Freemasons at the Gun Show last month and they didn’t look like gene switchers to me.

    I’m being slightly facetious, however the example I gave is true. Not all Freemasons are trannies and I’m not even here to defend them. Maybe you meant to say “high ranking Freemasons” but then again, I don’t want to put words in your mouth.

    • Don’t take this the wrong way.
      Ask yourself seriously if you can tell the difference between a male and a female.
      Yes I’m serious. Most people cannot tell the difference.
      Of course they will tell you women have breasts and long hair , men have facial hair, and blah blah blah. But those are not the real differences between males and females.
      I have studied the differences which are called Sexual Dimorphism for many years and I have become an expert on the subject matter.

      I can tell you unequivocally all Freemasons, meaning part of the Jewish cult of Freemasons, are trans-gendered.
      All of them.
      All US Presidents and their families are trans gendered.
      All media, all of Hollywood, all of Fortune 500/Forbes high level executives are trans-gendered, all high level government officials are trans-gendered.
      No exceptions.

      You might want to do some research on the matter.
      Some years ago I created some guidelines, I post them below:

      The top three areas to check for anatomy (Male vs Female) are the following:

      (A) Pelvic Region ,
      (a) Shoulder to Hip width ratio: Females Hip >= Shoulder, Males Shoulder > Hip
      (b) Curve in the lower/base of the spine
      (c) “Q” angle: angle between hip joint and femur bone

      (B) Length of Humerus bone (length of the bone between shoulder joint and elbow joint)
      Female = short humerus bone, Male = long humerus bone
      Female = soft elbow, Male = pointy elbow

      (C) Cranio-facial bone structure ,
      Male vs Female Facial Structure and Skull/Bone differences:

      (1) Brow Ridge–>Males: Protruding Massive Brow Ridge; Females: Little/No brow ridge
      (2) Cheekbones–>Males: High, Prominent and Sharp cheekbones; Females: Soft Chubby cheeks
      (3) Jawline–>Males: Strong jawline, angular, square; Females: Rounded to no jawline
      (4) Chin–>Males: Strong chin and blocky; Females: Classic Witches Chin , pointy
      (5) Forehead–>Males: Sloping back forehead; Females: Flat Vertical Forehead
      (6) Forehead–>Males: Large forehead; Females: small forehead
      (7) Nose–>Males: Large nostrils and nose; Females: small nostrils and nose
      (8) Eyes–>Males: Sharp, Hard, piercing eyes; Females: Soft doey eyes
      (9) Eyes–> Males: Smaller pupils, Females: Larger pupils (akin to dilated)
      (10) Eyes–>Males: Eyes far apart; Females: Eyes close together
      (11) Eyes–>Males: Deeply inset eyes; Females: forward, surface-set eyes
      (12) Eyelashes–>Males: Ordinary; Females:flowery, flared
      (13) Hairline–>Males: Hairline receding back; Females: forward hairline, widow’s peak
      (14) Dental Related–>Males: Wide, Large dental arch and mouth, large teeth
      Females: Small dental arch and narrow small mouth, small teeth
      (15) Ears–>Males: Ears large and positioned low relative to eyes/mouth level,
      Females: Ears small and positioned higher up relative to eyes/mouth level
      (16) Skull Shape–> Males:Block-rectangular shaped, big, heavy; Females: Oval,dome-shaped, small
      (17) Facial Fat–> Males:Skin is tight, little fat on face; Females: Soft, chubby face, baby-like
      There are many more, please learn the differences.

      One thing that should be mentioned:
      It’s not their fault.
      They are forced to undergo sex re-assignment surgery at birth.
      They had no choice.
      This is the price of admission to the Khazarian Jewish Mafia Child Sacrificing Death cult.

      Please do some research , watch these videos:
      (5) Hans Wormhat,

  3. This is why the truth community is taking on water. I don’t dispute the fact that high ranking Masons are imitation baphomets (I would put Trump in this category), but I can park outside the local lodge here in town and assure you that the rank and file porch masons are not the hybrid species you describe. If you cling to that belief and hold it as the gospel, one has to wonder if you’re completely deluded or just another asset polluting the well.

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