‘Greens’ Destroying Germany’s Ancient Forests To Make Way For Industrial Wind Turbines

Stop These Things | June 3, 2022

To make way for over 30,000 of these things, the German wind industry has ruthlessly clear-felled ancient forests, once considered out of bounds.

Provided the wilderness being turned into smouldering ash is used as a platform for hundreds of 260m high/300 tonne industrial juggernauts, it’s all for the greater good.

Trashing thousand-year-old oak trees and carving up pristine woodland is all in a day’s work for those promising to save the planet.

Germany’s Black Forest has already been overrun; chainsaws, bulldozers and blazing torches doing their worst to save us from the horrors of a change in the weather.

The Reinhardswald in the State of Hesse is their next target. A magical place where the Brothers Grimm brought Snow White and Sleeping Beauty to life, both literally and figuratively.


4 Comments on ‘Greens’ Destroying Germany’s Ancient Forests To Make Way For Industrial Wind Turbines

  1. This is insanely criminal. But look on the bright side. Now with fewer possible homes for birds means fewer bird deaths via giant windmills. You see folks?…there’s always a bright side.

  2. Ein bisschen übertrieben vielleicht — you don’t need to clear a forest to erect wind turbine generators; you just need an access road and a small clearing for each one — in any case, I doubt this has happened or will happen on a large scale — a train ride thru Germany shows 1) wind turbines are mostly installed on elevated, hilly ground that is already clear (rolling farmland), and 2) they are unsightly.

    They are also clearly a danger to birds, and lots of bird migrate thru Europe (south to north in the spring, and north to south in the fall).

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