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Victor Davis Hanson: FBI, RIP?

PHOTO: Complex

By Victor Davis Hanson | 12 August 2022

ZERO HEDGE — The FBI is dissolving before our eyes into a rogue security service akin to those in Eastern Europe during the Cold War.

Take the FBI’s deliberately asymmetrical application of the law. This week the bureau surprise-raided the home of former President Donald Trump — an historical first.

A massive phalanx of FBI agents swooped into the Trump residence while he was not home, to confiscate his personal property, safe, and records. All of this was over an archival dispute of presidential papers common to many former presidents. Agents swarmed the entire house, including the wardrobe closet of the former first lady.

Note we are less than 90 days out from a midterm election, and this was not just a raid, but a political act.

The Democratic Party is anticipated to suffer historical losses. Trump was on the verge of announcing his 2024 presidential candidacy. In many polls, he remains the Republican front-runner for the nomination — and well ahead of incumbent President Joe Biden in a putative 2024 rematch. […]

2 Comments on Victor Davis Hanson: FBI, RIP?

  1. Too bad the FBI no longer helps solve interstate crime or confront & incriminate known foreign & domestic saboteurs, subversives, traitors, & enemies of the US constitution, now that the bureau itself has become what it used target for exposure, capture, & delivery to American authorities.

    What a dialectic the FBI & most ‘security’ agencies currently are!

  2. The FBI won’t even resolve who leaked the opinion on Roe. There are 9 justices with staff and security…maybe 300 people.

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