China’s Northeastern Black Soil Grain Field is Alarmingly Depleted

By Mary Hong | 18 June 2022

THE EPOCH TIMES — The fertile black soil in northeastern China, which the Chinese grain community relies on, is in an alarming state of  degradation due to over-use. Chinese researchers recently admitted that the area has lost a huge chunk of its productivity.

It is the most important grain commodity base in China, affecting the country’s food security. This grain field is over 107 million acres, which is one-fifth of China’s arable land; the rice production accounts for at least a quarter of China’s total grain crop.

That is, this land affects the food reserves that matter to hundreds of millions of people in China.

Alarming Soil Degradation

On June 15, researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) said that the rich black soil in the northeastern region has lost 20 percent of productivity, the Chinese media reported.

Significant loss of soil and the organic nutrients in the soil from excessive use of the land are the main causes of the decreased productivity, said the report that came after an inspection by a regime high official. […]

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