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More Inexplicable Cases of Young Men Found Dead in Water

A diver searches a Sacramento area river for the body of Alex Holden in January 2020. PHOTO: Fox40

We first began about two years ago writing about hundreds of young men who had gone missing and were later found dead in water. Links to previous posts are at the bottom of this page. The growing epidemic of deaths — most of which are incorrectly dubbed as “Smiley Face Killer” cases — continues to build. The stories concocted about their cause of death, when examined, are beyond incredulous. Nothing is what it seems.

Just examining a couple more recent ones will give you the idea. We could write post after post after post of other inexplicable cases just like this.

Ian Powers at the 49ers-Giants game, just hours before he went missing.

On Nov. 12, 2018, a 32-year-old Spokane, Washington, man named Ian Powers was reported missing after he became separated from his girlfriend and her two kids during the fourth quarter of a San Francisco 49ers game against the New York Giants at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif.

Friends and family described Powers as alert and responsible and, at 32, we would surmise mature and adult-behaving. It was said he wasn’t a swimmer.

A few days after Powers disappeared from the game, Santa Clara police released surveillance video (without time stamp). It is said to show Powers leaving the stadium alone. The cameras reportedly lost him once he reached the parking lot area. He appears unaccompanied. Of course, it could be that he is being tailed, but the police have inexplicably blurred out the other people in the image.

In this image, it appears as though Powers is looking at his phone as he walks Levi Stadium’s concourse.

His girlfriend told authorities that she last saw Ian when he left to go to the restroom alone during the fourth quarter of the game.  Apparently, his “cell phone died,” which seems to be a common occurrence in such cases. Another inconsistent account says he texted his girlfriend from outside the stadium.

There were few details given in this case, which means we have to go into Sherlock mode, starting with an obvious question: Why didn’t Ian just go back to his seat after going to the restroom? After all, it was a close game, a thriller decided in the last minute. Ian came all the way from Spokane to fart around in the restroom and concourse?

Having been at big stadiums many times in my life, I know that the reason to take off to the restroom in the fourth quarter is to beat the rush when the game ends. At least for men, there are never big lines in stadium restrooms in the middle of the fourth. The idea is to get in and out quickly. And restrooms at stadiums are usually close by and accessible.

If in the unlikely event one decided to leave their seat and ditch their companions in the last high-point finale minutes of the game, Ian should have told them to stay put, or possibly instruct them to wait at the aisle entrance. There is no indication he told them to meet at the car.

Furthermore, where is the surveillance video of red shirted Ian’s whereabouts inside the stadium in the fourth-quarter time frame and soon after?

But, for whatever reason, that meetup with girlfriend didn’t happen. With a dead phone, apparently Ian decided to head for the car, which was parked outside the main lot. The car was still there when his companions showed up, but there was no Ian.

Next, we have a pattern, seen again and again, in these dead-men-found-in-water cases. Powers’ body was discovered six days later in a San Francisco Bay marina, 2.6 miles North of the stadium. Someone supposedly spotted him not far from his car (shown on map) the night of his disappearance.

Was there consideration that Ian could have been abducted, taken somewhere and then dumped? No, of course not. Powers’ cause of death was immediately ruled an accidental salt-water drowning. There were supposedly no signs of foul play in his death.

“Based on these findings, the Santa Clara Police Department’s investigation into the Powers disappearance is now closed.”

In my open search, there is no detail in news accounts about the context of the events — namely, that this was a Monday night game, starting at 5:15 p.m., lasting three hours and six minutes. So Ian disappeared some time after 8:30 p.m. local time. Dusk was 5:28 p.m. that day at that location.


Ian’s clothing choice was also odd. He’s shown wearing a red, short-sleeve, 49ers shirt. It was not warm that evening. In fact, as anyone who has been to San Francisco knows, it can get quite nippy and damp at night. Here’s the weather that day. It would have been 55 F when the game wound down.

Did Ian leave a jacket with his girlfriend, because he’s not wearing one or carrying one in the surveillance photo. Are we to believe that Ian went to where his body was found 2.6 miles away wearing a t-shirt in low 50s F weather? What are the odds that a mature man from out of town would just abandon his car and companions and take off down the road at night?

Of course, he may not have been able to find his parked car. But couldn’t he have tried to borrow another fan’s cell phone to make a call to his girlfriend? Or how about finding a security person or police officer for assistance? Or maybe he had no luck with that and decided to locate a restaurant or service station to place such a call and wait.

So far, all this strangeness is still within the outer range of real-world possibility. Where it all breaks down is theorizing that Ian — who was not a good swimmer — decided to go several miles down the road in low 50s F weather in a t-shirt and brave frigid Bay waters to “accidentally” drown. The odds of that kind of unicorn event are frankly zero, compared to the possibility of an abduction occurring in a dark parking lot at around 8:30 p.m.

Abductions can and do happen with alarming frequency. The conventional wisdom holds that it’s women and children who are targets, not men. This is not true. Therefore, in our safe place outside of Pulp Fiction cartoon world, Sherlock needs to ask, who abducted and murdered Ian Powers? Why did police so quickly rule that out? Shockingly, the press rarely pursues such logical lines of inquiry.

The Case of Alex Holden

The deceased 25-year-old Alex Holden was an Amazon manager living in Sacramento, California. He was 6 foot 2 and 190 lbs. with brown hair and green eyes. He was an athletic marathon runner. He could be described as a high achiever, which is also typical of these case types.

Alex was originally from Missouri. In an Instagram post about his new life in California that he wrote shortly before his death, he said, “I’m excited about my budding career as a young urban professional in the American economy.”

Alex was last seen in the city of Sacramento on Dec. 31, 2019. He seemingly vanished without a trace. A post on Reddit claimed he was last spotted walking from the corner of 22nd and I streets headed toward Natomas at 2:30 a.m. on New Year’s Eve.

After his disappearance, his girlfriend posted this message on social media: “I am shocked and saddened to be sharing this. My significant other, Alexander Holden went missing around 2:30 am Tuesday morning 12/31 NYE in Midtown Sacramento, California after he left our apartment.”

She continues in another post: “Holden was drinking before going for a walk after an emotional talk.”

She told Fox News that Holden “headed for a walk to a friend’s house and would spend the night there. Perri believes his cellphone died as he was walking toward the Sacramento Northern Bikeway trail.”

There was a massive search for Alex, including along the American River. Then, on Jan. 27, nearly four weeks after his disappearance, his body was found in a marshy area at the edge of the American River in Sacramento, at Mile Marker 3 of the American River Bike Trail.

As the photo of the site shows, there is a calm river. A 25-year-old athlete should be able to handle it. Nevertheless, authorities quickly ruled out foul play and attributed his death to an “accident.” In Alex’s case we are asked to believe he messed with dark water in sub-40s weather.

By coinkydink, Spencer Bei, age 17, also went missing on New Year’s Eve. He was found three days later along the American River Bike Trail.

The Sacramento County Coroner’s Office reported Spencer was discovered in the area of mile marker 11.5, which is located on the north side of the river between Watt Avenue and Bradshaw Road. His death was attributed to suicide, and the investigation was closed.

By all appearances, Spencer participated in water polo and was an another high achiever.

Winter Watch Takeaway

Sacramento and San Francisco are sketchy, dangerous cities with more than their fair share of discordians. It has been well established that predators are active here — and nationwide. They prey on young, attractive males.

Podcast: TradCatKnight Radio’s Eric Gajewski, Russ Winter Cover Murders of Hundreds of Young Men Dumped in Water

Russ Winter Introduces Patrick “Dino” Ryan to the Smiley Face Killers Mysteries

SPECIAL EPISODE: Jim Smith, a Preeminent Researcher of So-Called ‘Smiley Face’ Murders, Joins Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan, Russ Winter in Examining the Phenomenon

For further reading:

The notion that young males could go out into the cold, dark night in such an environment and not meet with foul play is refusing to examine the dark side of life and its dangers. There is even a sub group, who I suspect are SFK operatives, who mock darker-view realists and spread false rumors of drug use.

Jim Smith, one of the leading researchers of these cases mentions online operatives who spread misinformation.

This has become a staple of our society. Naive optimism has become a virtue. The pajama person cult encourages people to remain oblivious in the face of adversity and real danger. And the more precarious our system becomes, the more these people see unicorns and rainbows. It’s especially disconcerting and suspect to see police and officials behave this way, and truly bizarre.

9 Comments on More Inexplicable Cases of Young Men Found Dead in Water

  1. The SCOTUS told us police are there to investigate crimes, not prevent them, and now they won’t even do that.
    Of course we awakened know it’s all B.S. Police are there to protect the so called “elites” and enforce their demonic agendas. In their spare time, the “po po” are to be used for revenue generation.
    God bless “Murka”.

  2. Alviso is not San Fransisco, not by a long shot. It is a mostly Mexican backwater, probably the most isolated place in the entire Bay Area. No one swims at the marina, and the SC county deputies know this. If they found a body there, the only reasonable conclusion would be foul play. Why did they not open a case? Pressure from the top. “Crime here in Santa Clara county goes DOWN, not up, Deputy, and you know that. GTFO.”

  3. well of course the authorities are involved, when they handle cases in such a manner. tjhis is all par for the course,ritual killings who does these

  4. The awake are awake for a reason–the awake are prepared and continue to prepare, for anything, including nosey neighbors, so no one knows how prepared the prepared people are, including the criminal psycho elites. The prepared do not go out walking alone at 2 am or whatever, cold or warm, in large metro areas, and do not let their cell phones die out. The prepared can swim. The prepared know Bushcraft, can live in rural remote areas rife with dangerous predators (such as mountain lions and bears) and even machete-wielding illegals. The awake know that they are on their own, and they have no problem with that.

    The “Po-po’s” are too living within delusion to even bother to act, so they pay the price unfortunately. They won’t even buy a cheap parcel of land to bug out in when the SHTF.

    The criminal psycho elites? they don’t realize that at some point even their minions will turn against them if the price is right. Ronald Bernard, and others, and didn’t a Rothschild get murdered several years ago?

  5. Hampstead Jewish man still missing in Sonning

    “… On Sunday a body was recovered from the Thames at Fawley Court, upriver from Sonning, after reports of a man ‘entering the water’.

    “In November a woman was found dead just downstream at Marlow, and a 24-year-old man was found in the river at Henley in August.

    “Last month Bogdan Skarbeck, 49, from Poland, who lived and worked in Reading, was found dead in the Thames, also near Henley.

    “Thames Valley Police are not linking the deaths, but one Sonning villager said: ‘Some folk are saying the stretch of river might suddenly have had a curse put on it.

    “‘We do get people drowning in the river but TO HAVE FOUR IN SIX MONTHS IS VERY UNUSUAL, and now Mr Stern has gone missing too.’

    “The villager, who asked not to be named, added: ‘GEORGE CLOONEY [Ghislaine Maxwell’s former sex partner, according to court papers] and his wife have settled in and everyone likes them – they have been very good in helping out with activities and various good causes in the village.

    “‘It must be terrible for them to hear about these deaths, especially with THE RIVER RUNNING PAST THE BOTTOM OF THEIR GARDEN’ …”

    Oh my God. I found this on Aangirfan blogspot.

    As I commented before at the ‘Smiley Faces Murders’ the same happens in the Netherlands, in Belgium and apparently in the UK as well.

  6. Santa Clara is very far south of San Francisco and much warmer. There are microclimates in the bay area and San Francisco and Santa Clara cannot be equated in climate or surroundings whatsoever. Santa Clara is in the heart of Silicon Valley near may high tech companies.

  7. Back in 2005/6 these cases had already hit the mainstream press in the UK enough times for me to notice the pattern and remark about it: “someone’s killing people and dumping them in water”. I never see the stories in the press any more though. And the police never seem to investigate. Given the time span, geographic spread and professional carbon-copy nature of the abduction murders, I’d say its likely being done by some sort of occult group within public institutions; intel community, military and/or police.

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