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Smiley Face Murders: More Victims, A Mother’s Torment and Strange Parallels to Belgium’s Dutroux Murders

Editor Note: This is rerun of 2018 post.

The Smiley Face death toll continues to climb, this time in Germany. On April 23 in Hamburg and the following weekend in Dusseldorf, the bodies of young men were retrieved from waterways. In both cases, and as per usual, police attributed the deaths to accidents before autopsy or investigation. Dozens more inexplicable cases have been reported all summer as the Smiley Face Killers continue unchecked.

As you will recollect from our April 29 post, around 200 healthy, athletic and attractive young men in geographic clusters have died under similar and highly suspicious circumstances during the last couple of decades — but the rate of incidents has grown rapidly during the last several years. Typically, these younger men go missing following a night out at a bar, party or event. Their bodies are then discovered days or even months later in a waterway. Autopsy often shows GHB or a similar date-rape drug in their system, and the death is deemed accidental drowning. However, some believe these men are being targeted, drugged, kidnapped, tortured and murdered. The term “Smiley Face” murders (or killers cult) came about because of the smiley face graffiti sometimes found in proximity of the body.

Since publication of April’s post, I’ve had some Twitter exchanges with one of the principal researchers investigating these haunting cases and have looked in greater detail at the Dawsonville, Georgia, deaths. On Jan. 1, 2014, four young men went missing: Mason Cox, David Wood, Cody Bohnet, and Russell Sutton Jr.. The bodies of three of them were later found in water. The primary focus of this post will be on the Mason Cox case.

Cody Bohnet, 18, went missing for five days before his body was discovered in a shallow stream with smiley face graffiti nearby. Though his death was reported as a drowning, the coroner said there was no water present in his lungs. Russell Sutton, Jr., 26, was found on the side of a road after leaving Graveyard Restaurant. Was it a failed abduction attempt? (Note: I can find nothing whatsoever online about this case.)

Dawsonville is a small town 70 miles north of Atlanta in the rural Appalachian hills. Thus, abduction opportunities would be different from SFK cases involving city bars and venues. In all cases, the police declared the deaths accidents. In one case, two young men drowned together in shallow water eight days after their disappearance and after the cove had been searched. Police put forth a theory that one fell into shallow cold water while fishing at 3 a.m., and the other healthy young man drowned trying to rescue him. Both were swimmers. Neither were dressed for cold weather.

For those trying to get to the bottom of these cases, we recommend visiting the Facebook page of LeaAnne Cox, the tormented mother of Mason Cox. She calls her page “Justice for Mason Cox,” and there’s valuable information there that you won’t find in the media or police statements. You will also see what this mother, who has limited resources, is up against. Update:  The Facebook page is now dormant.

For researchers out there: LeaAnn, on Dec. 6, 2016, provided the case number and permission to access it, though it is a public record. I would encourage our readers to test the system with a request. She says: “I’m moving forward on Mason’s Case #20140000019, Dawson County, Ga., Sherriff’s Office.”

We can start with her May 18, 2016, Facebook post on the condition of Mason’s body. David (Wood) was Mason’s friend found in the water with him. But first, the autopsy report covered by CBS46:

DAWSON COUNTY, GA (CBS46)An autopsy was performed Monday on the two men found dead in Lake Lanier on Friday after disappearing during a fishing trip. The medical examiner ruled the cause of death for Mason Cox and David Wood, both 20, as drowning. The autopsy revealed that there were no internal or external injuries.

LeaAnn posts: Still cant believe the police/gbi — he lost 3 teeth,blunt trama to back head, eye so beaten, body beaten around groin —David nothing —- so many unanswered questions!!!! Why ????

A little more color from her Nov. 5, 2015, post:

My son was beaten… 2-3 teeth missing .. Blunt trauma to back of his head.. His eye so horrible… His stomach … Black and blue… The other boy no trauma … Except for drugs.

And again on Dec. 28, 2017:

Freezing– Found in Lake Lanier- Fredricks Cove 8 days later!! Right behind the house??? No coat, hat,gloves,cellphone anything! Brutal injuries, he was a great swimmer, could have walked out of this cove.

Next we track her experiences with law enforcement. She states she had photographic and visual evidence that caught the investigators in an obfuscation about Mason’s body condition.

A Caveat

I have asked through the researcher for permission to publish this evidence, but so far without success. Thus this article has that caveat. Also consider that posts such as this one are risky for us, too. But, if LeaAnn has more efficient venues to come forth with the visual evidence than Winter Watch, it is my belief that she should do so. It has been three and a half years since she made her initial claims.

Feb. 9, 2015, LeaAnn post:

I’ve got pictures of Mason’s face... No teeth, busted eye, nose! Even his dentist see that his teeth are missing! And bruises in his stomach!!!Yeah accidental drowning! ???

March 8, 2015:

I’m still fighting hard!!! Tired and exhausted ...I want to post pictures …but I won’t!!! Unless you … Have connections that can help me! Then send or call me 706 429 7706

Once a case is closed and the fatality is declared “accident,” as opposed to “open” or “unknown,” then forensic evidence and CCTV footage can be disposed of. On March 14, 2015, she writes:

I sent a lot of pictures to the Forensic LabThat his words stating that there was no damage to Mason Cox face and lower stomach! It’s wrong ! Waiting until Monday to get a response, then back to Dawson County and GBI! I’m trying to take the right steps but April 20th… The lab will destroy Masons blood, all fluid that is stored there!!!! Please someone come forward!

So apparently the mother has to intervene to save bodily evidence of her own son? Incredible. On March 26, 2015, Lea Ann posts that she went to the media for help and they blew her off.

I’m going to Fox. News !!! North Georgia police, GBI, forensic lab in Decatur won’t answer!!!’so. For you Mason Cox! And this bites!!! Have to go in this direction! But I’m a Mom…and I have to come up with $$$ to saved his fluids !!! Because it’s called accidental!!!! Questionable.. They keep it !!! This next month is going to be busy!!

Are we seeing a pattern of disposing of important evidence? On March 22, 2015, she posts:

I sent pictures and questions to the Forensic Lab .. Decatur…. Week 1/2 ago…. GBI …. Just answer my questions … I’m doing my own research! The way my son looked… I want his death report changed to non accidental . 706 429 7706!

Can you even imagine this treatment? Also on March 22, 2015, she wrote:

Dawson County Police, Chris Murphy told me today… Pretty much, I have no hope! In changing Mason Cox, death to non accidental ! He doesn’t even want to try, … Just said No! Didn’t even want to see , or know the names of people that have come to me, just plain out! It was accidental ! Gosh I wish I could post pictures, or names!! Well .. I’m not done, next move !

In another post that same day (March 22, 2015), note her reference to pictures and audio. Two of those taunting pictures follow, a snapshot photo, and a sick, evil 1:43 a.m. message (33 minutes after the first one) that could only have been written by the perpetrators. The photo of the young men looks taken surreptitiously, or perhaps by someone they know – hard to tell. Mason Cox is on the left. Does this look like a fishing outing?

Yesterday, the detective…. That I was rescheduling the apt with… And I’m sure he was taping… Told me flat out, that unless someone comes in and confesses! The case is closed. And they are leaving it as accidental drowning! I I’ve even got people that have questions about the cars, yells, book bag found 3 months later, the inconsistency of certain people…wish I could post the pictures, and the audio on Facebook! But it’s too graphic! Well I guess the News is next! Maybe find someone with an open mind! Pictures speak a million words!

Her entry on Dec. 28, 2017:

I was told by the Sheriffs dept that they thought this was a good idea to maybe get leads on Masons death, went to Dawsonville News was told it would run Dec 23 or 27. Just a mothers plea for info/help! Then told by news paper— Aawwhh well decided not to run— but if I wanted to pay! That was my intention to begin with, they offered for free. They said, that the Sheriffs dept told her different from what I was told. My hope, for closure, has been crushed! My son didn’t go fishing Jan 2nd 2014 at 3am— freezing! To be found yards from shore..beaten– Shallow cove…behind his house—– and info from neighbors never investigated! Video, audio info…. Very Disappointed in the county that I and Mason live in.

It doesn’t appear that the story in the local paper was ever run. Winter Watch is willing to run any actual explanations from the parties involved (sheriff, coroner, GBI and newspaper) for the public record. But be forewarned, gaslighting doesn’t work with us. In fact, you may address any of the details mentioned here. But know that we do not consider to be valid rationales involving Hanlon’s Razor namely: “Never attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity or incompetence.” That is nonsense.

Although she doesn’t elaborate on Nov. 14, 2016, the following comment was posted. Are Mason’s friends being pressured or compromised into silence?

I havent given up!! Just sad that no one–even one—of Mason Coxs friends wont come forward– you know and I know– it was murder! Help a mother move on, please, I beg!

June 3, 2016:

Kim williams— was head of his investigation– No Help– I went to her several times?
No and even talked to Kim Williams – GBI-Cleveland, GA– not any help!

Early on, March 8, 2015, LeaAnn speculated about rumors of a “Mexican cartel.” My theory is that this narrative was put out as a misdirection. The snapshot image above doesn’t look written by an uneducated, English-as-a-second-language gangbanger. The best suspect is a cell of Smiley Face Killers (SFKs) who operate with stunning efficiency.

Heard from a customer at work… That of course that the police GBI … Knew that the boy that cause Masons death… Involved in doing drugs. That something about Mexican cartel, out of Gainesville, Ga and Virginia. Beat up my son, and at gun point were made to tread water in ice cold weather.. Jan 2 2014 until hyperthermia set in and drowned. Even in police reports neighbors heard early am 530am someone screaming for help! Why won’t anyone do anything?

Since the Cox and Wood cases there have been more young men found in water in Georgia (a hot spot) and elsewhere.

Similarities to the 1996 Belgium Dutroux Affair: Is That the Model at Work in SFK cases?

“I look at him [inspector De Baets], and I really want to believe him, but somewhere, I know that I will never make it. The people I have known are too powerful, too influential, too untouchable. I realize that; but the investigators not yet.” –– Victim-witness Regina Louf (X1) from Belgium describes her thoughts when she first began to testify in secret in September 1996 

This kind of SFK pattern is not in isolation. The notion that law enforcement wouldn’t be involved in a cover up or involvement at some level in this type of murder is patently false. Anybody interested in these unsolved SFK cases needs to examine the Dutroux cases.

Marc Dutroux was the procurer of sex victims for powerful and influential people in Belgium and in the NATO apparatus during the 1990s. Law enforcement really fell down on the job — and far beyond mere incompetence. In fact, incompetents were promoted and diligent police were shuttled away from the cases. A number of government officials involved in the inquiries conducted themselves as utterly corrupt and/or compromised.

The Dutroux case points to the certainty that compromised individuals are actively recruited into positions of power — particularly within deep-state intelligence, law enforcement, military, judiciary and media. In the course of my research, I discovered that it goes far beyond just compromising enforcers and gatekeepers. Pedophiles, rapists, sadists and killers are put into the control grid not just because they can be easily corrupted by the Crime Syndicate, but typically because they are completely lacking in any moral scruples. Par for the course, BBC reports that child abuse files on hundreds of U.K. cases were “accidentally deleted.”

The shocking and sordid story of Belgian child murderer, kidnapper and rapist Marc Dutroux provides a matrix or background of how this works. As those who have tried to expose the deep state have learned, these criminals are ruthless at quelling witnesses, whistle blowers and reporters, and have a large and organized “defense league” to do their bidding. In child abuse cases in particular, death squads are sent after a shocking number of people, as shown in the documentary within the Dutroux post.

How did Dutroux and his handler, Michael Nihoul, manage to slip through Belgium’s justice system? I suspect they left a cache of evidence with a trusted custodian that could implicate powerful people in “sex slave” parties. Nihoul admitted as much.

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  1. If the police are failing to do their duty in these cases, well, what do all major police agencies have in common?

    1 Israeli training

    2 Freemasonry
    Police departments in the Anglosphere are dominated by Freemasons. In Britain and Oz they openly wear the Masonic checkerboard on their cars and equipment.

    All major US police departments have CIA employees that do double duty as cops.

    All date rape drugs are particularly dangerous when they are mixed with alcohol. This is because they combine to have a very powerful anaesthetic effect. This is a temporary loss of sensation or awareness. It can cause unconsciousness.

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