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Following up on Reality: The Geopolitical Chess Game

Editor’s Note: We may update this post over next several days as events evolve.

Vladimir Putin stated clearly that non-friendly importers would have to go to the MOEX and obtain rubles to pay for Russian oil and gas. So why are we seeing endless dismissals being expressed about how and if these transactions will actually take place? The Russians have now added that they would accept bitcoin and gold as well as rubles.

So Putin laid it out clearly with no ambiguity. What part of “no” does the western bloc not understand? Nobody has translated Putin for them? Have Russian interpreters been fired? Who runs Russian policy? Social media or the Kremlin? This is the standard fare “bubble of non-reality” or magical thinking. 

Of course, also accepting gold is Russian trolling. Europe has to source gold. This could take weeks. Gold has to be flown to Russia, but flights to Russia are banned. Gold has to be assayed before Russia can accept payment. Euros and dollars are now toxic currencies for Russia due to sanctions. Practically speaking, those who are unfriended MUST pay with rubles.

Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary have indicated they will buy gas in rubles.

By freezing Russian reserves, the collective West has defaulted on the reliability of its currencies. Now we even see the IMF parroting Russia’s critique of weaponized USD reserves: “IMF Warns Countries May Cut Dollar Reserves In Response To US Sanctions Against Russia.”

Nonetheless, most European countries so far have slammed Russia’s conditions and propose alternatives.

One of the reasons magical thinking rules is that the important details are left out of news reporting. For instance, now Germany has announced they will start importing LNG from Qatar even though 85 to 90 percent of Qatar’s LNG is committed under long-term contracts to Asia — especially China.

Germany gets more than half of its natural gas, half of its coal and roughly a third of its oil from Russia. Additionally, “green” Germany has no LNG import terminals. Qatar is spending almost $30 billion to increase its output capacity by 50 percent, but the project isn’t expected to yield its first gas until the end of 2025.  

The U.S. really has limited natural gas to convert to LNG and export to Europe. See the blue line in the chart below. Then today the US and Europe announced a show deal of sending 15 bcm of LNG to Europe in 2022. Even if achievable this drop in the bucket would merely replace 15 of the 155 bcm imported from Russia.



Russia has quickly arranged to redirect to India in lieu of proper payment. In India’s case Russia will accept Euros.

Meanwhile, as Germany waits until 2025 for Qatari product, here is the current depleted distillates supply in Europe (on left) and the U.S. (on right). The U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve has been run low via dementia Joe’s expediency.

Pajama people still believe there are smart people rather than sub-zeros operating in the west. Does anyone think that rubles for gas is only the start? Putin said it’s only the beginning.

The sub-zeros in the U.S. are also dealing with China. The U.S. Trade Representative’s office stated that it intends to reinstate 352 expired product exclusions from U.S. Section 301 tariffs on Chinese imports. Just adds to the inflation and supply shortages — and this before any Chinese response.

The Great Economic Collapse of 2022 is unfolding right in front of you.

  1. Food crisis/fertilizer shortage

  2. Energy crisis

  3. Chip shortage will continue with shortage of neon gas (70% from Ukraine)

  4. Raw minerals disruption ripple effect (shortage of everything)

Political and economic turmoil follows.

  1. Inflation out of control

  2. Supply chain disruption and a shortage of everything

  3. Interest rates up followed by massive bankruptcies — 30% of economy propped up by zombie companies

  4. Breaking of social contract

  5. Unemployment and social instability

  6. Revolution and war

12 Comments on Following up on Reality: The Geopolitical Chess Game

  1. Euros and Dollars are now toxic currencies for Russia, due to sanctions.

    Not exactly — I think the Russians stated that nations not joining the sanctions can continue to pay for Russian oil and gas as before, i.e. with dollars, euros, or whatever — I’m sure Russia would accept rubles from these friendly/non-sanctioning nations, but they can continue to pay as before — on the other hand, nations, especially in Europe, that have joined or imposed sanctions must now pay in rubles — this is also partly trolling, but also a simple attempt by the Russians to boost (demand for) the ruble without more drastic central bank action.

    Practically speaking Unfriends MUST pay with Rubles.

    Yes, this is the stated intent/position of the Russians.

    I hope Russia, China, India et al (of the BRIC nations, perhaps Brazil will be the least willing) are working hard behind the scenes to finalize and introduce an attractive and permanent alternative to the USD — at this point, I don’t know why any country would not be interested in that, since the US, really the entire western bloc, has shown they can and will turn on you at any moment if you oppose the western agenda — particularly shocking and eye-opening is the seizure/theft of assets (e.g. yachts) from private Russian citizens on the pretext they support Putin.

  2. Apparently Russian pranksters staged a call with Ben Wallace, UK Defense Secretary — he seemed to be completely taken in, and readily discussed sensitive information about the war and the positions and intentions of the West.

    Videos released after Ben Wallace targeted by Russian pranksters

    The entire video can be watched (for now) here:

    Video-prank with UK Secretary of State for Defence Ben Wallace (Full Video)

    These people are really stupid and careless.

  3. Articles like this one remind me of a certain Bill Hicks bit where he criticizes the media for being overly alarmist. I try to avoid the black pill, if possible. I think we should be looking even beyond the obvious shortages. Like what if Trump becomes president again and decides he has to listen to people like Lindsey Graham and these war mongers in the media? What if Trump is being led by his nose by Israeli interests and decides to strike Russia or China? I would stop worrying about what Caligula Biden is doing and start thinking about living in a post usury world. Folks need to think beyond 2022 or even 2024. Sitting around saying “woe is me, we’re going to starve to death” isn’t the way out of any of this. The central banks are on their heels right now. The right move by the right person could take them out for good.

    • Bill Hicks died 28 years ago in a different era. The media of today is not overly alarmist. They lull people to sleep- avoid real truths and engage in tricks. I have cited several examples here of partial and incomplete reporting. I don’t knowingly engage in that. I believe they do.

      I am the first to realize most people don’t care for the black pill. But that’s not an issue for me- I carry on.

      As far as beyond 2022- no way, 2022 will be a huge, monstrous year.

      • Please carry on, Russ, I don’t agree with everything you write but you’re one of the few that are still brave enough to say it. I’m not black pilled either and I know it’s hard for people to see a bright side in any of this but I think there is. I know lots of people are looking at this stuff going on and are seeing opportunities, not fear. I think the opportunity to create tighter smaller communities with higher moral standards is right around the corner. We need to decentralize the people as well as the wealth. We just have to get through some nasty stuff first.

        • Thank you for the tighter smaller communities with higher moral standards comment, which is what is happening in my neck of the woods (rural remote far west Texas)…where folks are buying properties left and right…yep, even leftists are going un”woke” if you know what I mean. And learn bushcraft as well; lots of YouTubers making bush craft vids these days.

    • “I would stop worrying about what Caligula Biden is doing …”

      I could not disagree more. Biden has done nothing in his first year in office except undermine every single positive thing the Trump admin achieved — things that a majority of Americans have been voting for since 2000 but were never done. But it’s so much worse than that. The hardcore psychopathic band of neocons that have been terrorizing the world and destroying our country since the ’80s is back at the helm. Trump gave them a seat at the table. Biden gave them the keys to the castle.

      This next phase will be about getting back to the business of the NWO. Neofascist globalism in overdrive. Hold on tight, folks.

      We will never really know the full picture of what either of these presidencies is/was all about. We can only really go by actions, outcomes and perceived character. To bottom line it, I don’t think anyone would argue we are much, much worse off in 2022 than we were in 2018 both domestically and geopolitically, which leaves character.

      Trump’s admin was like a circus, one in which the clown was the ringleader. The clown was entertaining, flawed, pathetic, stupid, but not necessarily malicious. He wanted the crowd to love him and to please them — even if for no other reason than to feed his own ego and remain relevant.

      Biden doesn’t like you. Since stealing the 2020 election, he no longer feels he has to answer to you. That’s a very dangerous thing.

      Nobody is required to agree with me, but I just felt it needed to be said.

      • Funny- my predilection was for the candidate who materialized out from right field- Trump- whose rhetoric recalled a seemingly more healthy agenda for a sovereign America and whose voting in was a complete surprise. His overt alliance with Israel casted doubt on any honest attempt at ‘making America great again’. Still his act was much more a truer friend to the now mythical American ideal than the current geriatric dummy whose NWO ventriloquists impart their vomitus filth, lies, & murder as normal procedure for our extinction.

      • You’re right on all points but don’t forget that all of the NWO nonsense has to be enforced somehow. If they can’t find enough scumbags to enforce it, it won’t effect us. Just like the mask/vaccine mandate enforcement. It was a joke. I know people who never wore a mask one time during the alleged “pandemic” and, including myself, have remained un-vaxed as well. You don’t lose your job over mandates if you have a job that is valuable to the community. You don’t get fired when your boss isn’t a satanist.

        I’m semi-retired law enforcement, the guys that will replace me are not up to the task. They are weak people who will run at the first sign of a threat. Trust me, the federal government is already at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to quality employees. The people they hire now have tons of education and affirmative action points but no real world experience. They lack social skills and the healthy mind and body that it requires to be part of an effective enforcement arm. They focus on paperwork and gadgets over firearms training and defensive/control tactics. They place an emphasis on diversity and inclusion instead of identifying criminals and neutralizing their ability to commit crime. Strong men and women aren’t seeking jobs in the military or law enforcement anymore because they understand that there is no moral authority behind what they are doing. America is a criminal enterprise and everyone knows it.

  4. Hello, Russ. Today Francis is consecrating ourselves, the Church and all humanity, especially Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, so I want to share with you and your readers this:

    The three servants and the fig tree:

    A king sent to tell three of his servants, “Soon your enemies will surround your cities and your lives will be in danger. Plant a fig tree at the entrance to the city.” The first did not do as his king commanded him. The second dug a winepress, planted a vineyard, and erected a watchtower. The third did what his king commanded him. Then, when his enemies surrounded the cities of his servants, the king said to his armies, “Go and rescue those cities at whose gates you see a fig tree.”

    God Bless you, Mary.

  5. Im german and it is sure sad to see how conditioned everyone is, and the politicians do anything to kiss their occupiers feet
    hits the nail on the head that article…

    It could be so easy, europe partnering with russia and the US would have no chance to use russias surrounding countries as their door mat, but sadly there is a 3rd force which has the absolute power in europe and the US…the same power which did not destroy germany fully after ww2 (like their plan was) but kept it as fat cashcow paying the building of isreal and everlasting money rain for any “survivor”.

    Germany and europe are beyond done. You can see it here.

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