What Are Taxpayers Spending for Those ‘Free’ Covid Tests? The Government Won’t Say.

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By Christine Spolar | 11 Februrary 2022

KAISER HEALTH NEWS — The four free covid-19 rapid tests President Joe Biden promised in December for every American household have begun arriving in earnest in mailboxes and on doorsteps.

A surge of covid infections spurred wide demand for over-the-counter antigen tests during the holidays: Clinics were overwhelmed with people seeking tests and the few off-the-shelf brands were nearly impossible to find at pharmacies or even online via Amazon. Prices for some test kits cracked the hundred-dollar mark. And the government vowed that its purchase could provide the tests faster and cheaper so people, by simply swabbing at home, could quell the spread of covid.

The Defense Department organized the bidding and announced in mid-January, after a limited competitive process, that three companies were awarded contracts totaling nearly $2 billion for 380 million over-the-counter antigen tests, all to be delivered by March 14.

The much-touted purchase was the latest tranche in trillions of dollars in public spending in response to the pandemic. How much is the government paying for each test? And what were the terms of the agreements? The government won’t yet say, even though, by law, this information should be available. […]

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  1. Any fool who would use one of those “tests” after all the information out about the intentional death jab for a non existing “virus” is will deserves the consequences.

    “Scanning/Transmission Microscopy Reveals Graphene in CV-19 Vaccines
    https://tinyurl.com/dsvba4tf 2021 August 20, 2021 (edited for brevity)
    Robert O Young CPC, MSc, DSc, Practitioner

    Early autopsy reports revealed…patients were suffering from huge amounts of thick, coagulated blood and dysfunctional blood vessels. Perhaps it is not the virus wreaking biological havoc but the spike protein itself.

    If true, we are in big trouble because spike proteins are exactly what the “COVID” vaccines are instructing the body to manufacture in great numbers… They instruct our cells to make our own version of the spike protein, which happens shortly after injection. Exposure produces all the symptoms of “Covid,”

    They’ve been reported in nasal swabs, masks and other items. People were “catching Covid” symptoms from the very masks they were wearing to protect them. This was then to be amplified with nasal swabs. And finally made terminal with the vaccine. These health events are caused by Titanium dioxide with graphene oxide.

    The Nano integration form a matrix which I can only describe as Nano Sandpaper.
    There is NO CORONA VIRUS and NEVER HAS BEEN![56]”

    Come watch a short vid of mine from the accumulated harvesting of truth since April, 2020 on the “Covid” lie. Even a free download there as well of the original pdf I have been making available with updates monthly.

    LINE IN THE SAND https://www.bitchute.com/video/EFwefBX5SLvW/

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