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The Impossible Whopper Estrogen Burger: Helping Men Grow Boobies Since 2019

PHOTO: Information Liberation

Agricultural commodity prices of late are hitting highs and have that Wiemar vibe to them. It goes without saying that high food prices and empty shelves leads to social disorder or worse. This seems very much from the agenda playbook of the kakistocrats aka sub-zeros. The ultimate goal is control through hunger- and shifting diets away from real food to more cheaper fake foods.

The choke hold is the cost of fertilizer which the food growing industry has become more and more dependent on. 1 ton of ammonia require 33 mmbtu natgas. Current natgas spot price is up to $30/mmbtu. Cost of this input to make 1 ton ammonia >$900/mt.

Russia To Ban Exports Of Ammonium Nitrate For Two Months Starting From Feb. 2 – Tass. This tit for tat follows the moves by the west to put more sanctions on Russia.

At the same time are more signs of curious coinkydinks:

(CNN) A fire that erupted Monday night at the Winston Weaver fertilizer plant in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, still poses a threat to the community Wednesday — and an evacuation radius remains in place, authorities said. The fire is still burning at the plant and the one-mile evacuation radius that has affected thousands of people is ongoing.

Fertilizer prices have risen as much as 300 percent in some areas, making 2022 preparations more difficult. Supply chain disruptions and trade duties put in place are also contributing to the rapidly rising prices. On February 7, 2022 the sub-zeros have instituted tougher training standards for truck drivers, which guarantees more labor shortages in that profession.

There will be a major push to grow more soybeans as fertilizer requirements are lower.

Bill Gates: Proponent and investor in estrogen burgers

Burger King’s new plant-based protein burger, called the Impossible Whopper, is reportedly so popular that it has brought in more than $250 million from investors, including Bill Gates, and endorsements from sketchy celebrities, such as Ellen Degeneres, Miley Cyrus and Leonardo DiCaprio. My oh my, what all-star crew (/sarc).

This fast-food offering’s claim to fame is that it is good for you, its better for the environment (sans cow farts), it still “bleeds” when cooked, and it tastes somewhat like a good ol’ classic American hamburger.

And the push for more soy based food is on as contrived fertilizer shortages and inflation orchestrated by the sub-zeros all but guarantee a crop rotation to soybeans as it uses less fertilizer. This in turn will impact animal feed lots. More Gates inspired estrogen soy products are on the way and will be slipped into foods during the upcoming food inflations.

Note that all these marked links are good, think we have yet more gaming going on.

The “burger” contains the inclusion of a genetically modified plant-based hemoglobin, called soy leghemoglobin, according to the Impossible Whopper’s web page.

Soy protein contains genistein, a xenoestrogen that has been tied to breast and ovarian cancer in women and found to adversely affect sexual development in males, among many other negative effects.

Soy-based products are not health foods due to their sex-hormone disrupting properties. Also well documented is the presence of phyic acid, trypsin inhibitors, goitrogens, among others, which are often found in commercial American soy products due to the fact that westerners generally don’t ferment soy to remove these toxic substances as Asian cultures do.

The issue of whether soy in general is good for you at all has been widely debated.

Last year, the FDA revoked the health claim that soy protein reduces the risk of heart disease. And there are many contradicting reports about whether consumption of soy may be connected to increased cancer risk, particularly hormone-dependent cancers (like breast).

The issue of estrogen-laced foods for men seems pretty clear cut, unless your goal is to achieve a feminine, metro-sexual appearance and die young. Maintaining male testosterone is critical to preserving youthfulness as we age. When testosterone drops below 400 in aging males, there is a greater risk of premature aging, heart attack and stroke. Males should not want anything to do with hormones that artificially draw down testosterone. That is a no-go.

“Regenerative Times” concludes: “We are particularly concerned that a single patty of Impossible burger very likely contains a clinically active level of an estrogen booster designed for post-menopausal women.”

But even for post-menopausal women, this much estrogen regularly is problematic.

The Impossible Whopper has 44 mg of estrogen, and a regular Whopper has 2.5 ng of estrogen (no straw man fallacy comments please- we aren’t promoting regular Whoopers). Now, let me refresh your metric system. There are 1 million nanograms (ng) in one milligram (mg). That means an Impossible Whopper has 18 million times as much estrogen as a regular whopper, according to Tri-State Livestock News.

Forty-four milligrams of estrogen! By comparison, an entire month of estrogen tablets for transsexuals transitioning from male to female is 60 mg, and a year or so of that hormone regimen causes them to grow breasts, the penis and testicles to shrivel, and makes them infertile. So, in reality, this is a depopulation burger.

Just six glasses of soy milk per day provides enough estrogen for a man to grow boobies. That’s the equivalent of eating four Impossible Whoppers per day. You would have to eat 880 pounds of beef from an implanted steer to equal the amount of estrogen in one birth control pill.

The Impossible Whopper patty is made from 24 ingredients. The most important ingredient is soy protein. The Whopper patty has just one ingredient: beef.

The Impossible Whopper has 10 grams of usable protein, and the traditional Whopper has 22 grams of usable protein. So you would have to eat two and a quarter Impossible Whoppers to get the same protein in one regular Whopper. But that’s okay, because cow farts cause global warming or something.

If that’s not enough, you can sterilize yourself with exposure to plastics, which not only reduce testosterone but reduce sperm counts. But nobody is behind an agenda here you say? Nothing to see here, move along?

Tips for Aging Men to Maintain Male Hormones

  • Avoid Statins
  • Avoid Painkillers – Use healthy alternatives such as turmeric for pain
  • Avoid Fragrance – Fragrance often contains EDs, use essential oils
  • Dust & Vacuum – Use vacuum with HEPA filter
  • Clean Regularly – Clean with vinegar, borax, baking soda
  • Clean Indoor Air – Large-leaf houseplants filter toxins from air
  • Avoid Thermal – Don’t take receipts or, if must, wash hands immediately after touching
  • Sweat To Detoxify – Exercise regularly

Read “Chemical Agents in Water and Food Supply Feminize Human Population”

9 Comments on The Impossible Whopper Estrogen Burger: Helping Men Grow Boobies Since 2019

  1. Make sure its organic turmeric and not from China. China products even if organic have heave metals in them so pick a different country like South America and certain parts of India.

  2. Hubby was vegan once before we got married, then turned strictly vegetarian (and I went along with it until we had our first child, a boy). Then we went back to eating meat and dairy products (but we always used cheese in our Mexican food…love Mexican food!) to give our son and then daughter a choice. Stopped using soy milk, and that was one of the best decisions we ever made! Hubby thank God is still a manly man if you know what I mean (and so is our son!). We live in rural remote far west Texas, “where the deer and the antelope play” so if we need meat… Plus local ranchers love to sell their free-range beef once processed. Best brisket ever!

  3. I bought rough natural forrest and built a small place on it. I just rented an excavator and put in my septic.

    I have heard that our topsoil in America is depleted with only an inch or two of nutrients. I didn’t dismiss it but also did not consider the information. I guess I thought soil naturally only has inches of top soil.

    After doing my septic on this uncultivated land I can tell you it was dark top soil over a foot down. Maybe even two feet in some spots. We definitely have a big problem with the mega agriculture model. Our food sources are not nutrient rich. Not even close!

  4. It’s funny because where I live, farmers just use manure for fertilizer. No dependency on the big fertilizer manufacturers. Also, many farmers keep a stockpile of fertilizer just in case of scarcity issues like what is allegedly happening right now.

    I feel that the crime syndicate is trying to force people to move out of cities where there is a great dependency on convenience. I think part of the “great reset” is creating an environment where people will have to either sink or swim.

    It may sound callous but I think it might be for the betterment of humanity as a whole. Way too many people now days are slaves to the fast food/grocery store mentality and wouldn’t even know how to obtain food if it’s not served to them by a delivery service.

    Do people really understand how much suffering is caused, just because lazy Americans want to sit on their butts and self-gratify on the internet instead of making an effort and working for their food and shelter? Or how many people completely disregard their ability to create nurturing, caring communities where you help your neighbors and watch out for each other, instead of attacking and isolating from each other because you aren’t vaxxed or you don’t like what Whoopi Goldberg said about the holo-nonsense?

    It’s ridiculous and I’m quite sick of the behavior of 90% of my fellow citizens acting like spoiled children, angry that their feelings are hurt because someone told them the truth. It’s time for the lazy narcissist to suffer the consequences of their actions and their lack of leadership. Bye bye libtards and conservacrooks it’s time for you to go!

    • My understanding of The Great Reset, or at least in part, is that the opposite is planned, indeed the Rewilding Project seems to be testament to that fact. In other words concentrating people into smart cities and having them totally dependent on provided services, including ‘food’. Smart cities would also provide the ideal ground for a multi-prong attack on the people via the food, water and the environment (localised pollution)

      Bill Gates buying up farmland seems to align with the Rewilding Project that promotes 50% of land returned to nature, 25% of land as buffer zones where farming will be allowed, with permission and certification from the ‘government’ and the remaining 25% of land for human residence. Dave Foremen is the head of the Rewilding Project, his vision of the future might not align with yours, or mine for that matter.

      Here in Europe other measures are being considered to cut our ties with nature and stop our farming practices. We are slowly moving toward a total ban on organic manure spreading and there are rumours of an anti-tilling act to follow soon. There are also laws regarding keeping chickens which at present do not impose many actual restrictions but as we know the laws, once in place, can easily be modified to suit a more sinister agenda. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the laws are already quite strict in the US with regards to raisng any animal or fowl in resedentail areas.

      If other countries in Asia and S.America serve as an example of the future, then seed storing and even seed possession could also be the subject of new laws, further promoting reliance on big ag for our food. All in all, not a great vision for the future.

      Her in blighty we shall hark back to days of yore. Stiff upper lip old chap and grow for Britain!

  5. I recall reading somewhere, sometime that alternative health therapies are gaining in popularity, and the alleo’s want too shutdown herbs, vitamins, etc. But, the Mormon politicos are holding the fort, as they have a long history with herbs, etc.

  6. McDonalds teeth in McMuffin.

    In 2018 Kanazawa Ishikawa kids teeth were found in a sausage muffin.
    At the time McDonald’s Japan held press conferences, though did not mention the causes of the human remains that were traced to children’s teeth. They said the meat came from their headquarters in the US and even tried to shift responsibility onto their customers.

    Rabbi Abraham Finkelstein (Interview with son of the devil)

  7. “Avoid Thermal – Don’t take receipts or, if must, wash hands immediately after touching.”

    What is this ‘Thermal’ and what do you mean by the advice not to take receipts? Do you mean that nasty smell on some cash register receipts indicates some toxin is present? I wouldn’t be surprised.

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