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Freedom Convoy Driven Out of Ottawa, But Fight Against mRNA Jab Mandates Continues

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News media during the last several days reported that the Freedom Convoy, a trucker-led protest against forced jabs in Canada, is now over.

It’s not over — even when it looks like it’s over.

Sure, cabalist tyrants can harrass them, intimidate them, mandate them, tax them, silence them, arrest them, shame them, gaslight them, poison them, exploit them and rig their elections, but they will always find ways to fight back.

Soon, I suspect, and for a long time to come, the tormentors will be longing for the days when resistance against jab mandates only involved flag waving, horn honking, jacuuzis on sidewalks and bouncy houses.

They’re fucking with “the little people,” the “working class.” Tyrants think they have absolute power over them, because they’ve sat idly by for so long while they’ve desicrated their sacred freedoms. Then, one day, they go to far. It appears that day was sometime last month, and it was long overdue.

Growing numbers of both the vaxxed and unvaxxed are coming together, irregardless of their poticial affiliation, to support bodily autonomy. Some are quite angry — especially those who trusted their institutions to guide and protect them.

Last summer, Big Pharma and health agency mucky mucks were finally forced to admit that mRNA vaccines not only fail to protect against Covid infection but also fail to stop transmission.

What this Fauci video “underscores” is that the jab doesn’t protect you or others. He admits that the level of infection is the same in both jabbed and non-jabbed people, and that both can equally spread infection to others. The claim that infected people who were jabbed and boosted had “minimally symptomic” Covid infections was widely disproved by Christmas. Despite this, he encourages local authorities to take regulatory action to mandate pointless jabs.

I Feel Like Im Taking Crazy Pills GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHYEvery day evidence is building that the jabs are actually harming people. In fact, among some populations, the jab is undeniably riskier than the virus.

Employer-mandated forced jabs threaten people’s very survival — meaning their ability to earn a living, to pay their rent or mortgage, to put food on the table and care for their families. It doesn’t get any more personal than that.

Rather than concede and regroup, leaders like Biden and Trudeau are doubling and tripling down. They’re trying to keep a stranglehold on the population.

Around the world, they’re arresting protesters, hauling away trucks, seizing bank accounts, threatening and intimidating real journalists, fining people, firing people and issuing ominous-sounding memos about designating criticism of government as “domestic terrorism.”

This is true fascism.

At some point, the public — even law enforcement and military — will finally push back. It appears we may be reaching that inflection point — not in Ottawa mind you, but elsewhere.

Leaders everywhere would be well advised to tread lightly on the heartbeat of America, which is our country’s working class. They have all sorts of creative ways to protest. Keep in mind, these are the people who cut your hair, handle your luggage at the airport, service the brakes on your car and cook and serve your food at posh events.

The Guerrilla Terrorist of the Food Service Industry – Fight Club (1999) – Restaurant Scene

The People’s Convoy is forming in California and preparing to depart for Washington, D.C. this week. The demonstration will begin in or near Barstow on Feb. 23 and end in D.C. on March 5. If you’re retired with an RV and making the trip, we’d love to hear from you.

In the meantime, elected overlords, you should keep in mind that back in November 52% of voters said they support workers refusing to comply with workplace requirements to get COVID-19 vaccines, according to Rasmussen, and support is growing. Who are these voters? Take moment and think about it.

15 Comments on Freedom Convoy Driven Out of Ottawa, But Fight Against mRNA Jab Mandates Continues

  1. They can haul away the freedom trucks, but they can’t haul away our need to fight these Soviet style mandates. And it will be fought across Canada and the United States. All my best to the American freedom convoy. By the way, that photo of Fauci with the Hitler style mustache mask is clever and humorous but not honest. Hitler would have been an enemy of this poison jab, and Jewish run big pharma.

    • Really, not so sure- Hitler drugged his entire army and himself with meth aka speed. Goduckgo Dr. Theodor Morell, got Hitler on serious substance abuse and moved him away from natural treatments.

      • Speed = good for lightning war. Jew injections = bad for Deutsche Volk. Please don’t get all Jewey with the Hitler misinfo like Henry Makow Russ. We need some heroes to look to. And there sure as hell weren’t many among the allied leaders in WW2.

    • The photo was meant to be humorous, not literal. To be a Hitlerian fascist, Fauci would have to be nationalist, and that’s the last thing he is. I’ve changed out the photo.

  2. Not at all convinced by the freedom convoy except maybe to pop off trouble makers. All so scripted and controlled. Authentic truckers would head straight for the tarsands pipelines and erm other diesel fields.

    • It was indeed a CSIS operation. The proof is in the pre-cast concrete wall erected around Parliament Hill. This thing was in place a full week before the truckers showed up. Contemporaneously, a similar wall was going up around the White House. A fort of cast concrete sections has also appeared on the lawn in front of the Oval Office. I would expect some sort of horrors to result from all this. Martial law is coming, and soon.

      • Yeah and that ziojew Rebel media with their big old fishing hook nose all out of whack. What a joke. Satan sure is sticking his fat old commiezio Jew nose out from behind the two cheeks of his Kabbalah arse for everyone’s to see … whose not totally hysterical or morbidly hopeful or of course contiel. In fact, when the mob ignites it’s something else entirely. Arseholes.

      • It was likely some variety of staged/hybrid operation; other suggestions (not to say proof) is the sudden shift of “leadership” mid-way including a Liberal party activist (now facing a 10 year jail “sentence”) – there are trucker interviews out there re: these “leaders” – to the effect “we have no idea where they came from; have never spoken to them; don’t think they have ever met with us” etc – // suggestion #2: just how difficult would it have been for the RCMP to block trucker access to center city Ottawa? – there are only 3 multi-lane highway access routes into the city. – and the post-facto suggestion: they got to control of the bank/crypto accounts of the entire populace – which is just where they wanted to get. Permanent (or semi-? remains to be seen) state of Emergency.

  3. I can see Biden pulling the same totalitarian garbage as Castreau did with that martial law crap, but NOT using UN troops. Likely he’ll use BLM, Antifa, MS-13, communist groups, and young psychopaths who crave bullying, sacrificing animals, etc. (organized Satanists among others) to do what the UN would not likely come to do (and maybe tranny athletes as well and other LGBTQs…I can just see Megan Rapinoe wielding a machete! Bwahahahahahahahahah!). For one thing, while Canada is a huge country most of its population lives within 100 miles of the US border…how many live in Yukon? NW Territories? Labrador? Nunavet? Nothern Manitoba/Saskatchewan/Alberta/BC/Quebec/PEI/and even northern Ontario? Maybe 10 percent of the population. So we’re talking maybe a tenth or less of Canada; the US on the other hand has people everywhere including rural remote areas like far west Texas, and rural populations are growing thanks to the ridiculous blue state mandates and commiefornia type crap that sane folks are leaving…

    And oh yeah, I forgot to mention: the population of the US is armed while the population of Canada isn’t.

    So, bring it on Commie Biden! Watch out for mountain lions….

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