FDA/Media Shell Game: Pfizer ‘Vaccine’ Was Not Approved After All

PHOTO: North County Daily Star

By Patrick Wood | 24 August 2021

TECHNOCRACY NEWS & TRENDS — In just 24 hours, the mainstream media complex has been flooded with the headline “Full Approval!” for the Pfizer gene therapy injection. Let the vaccine mandates begin!

Anthony Fauci is thrilled over this news, stating“you’re gonna see a lot more [vaccine] mandates because there will be institutions and organizations which previously were reluctant to require vaccinations, which will now feel much more empowered to do that.” 

But wait. Something is not adding up with this new stampede to get the needle into your arm.

First, the drug giant Pfizer did not directly develop its mRNA shot: it hired a German company in 2018, BioNTech, to do that for them. They subsequently entered into a joint marketing/manufacturing agreement to deliver the resulting product to the world. Thus BioNTech is not a subsidiary of Pfizer. According to their joint 2018 press release, we learn that:

“Under the terms of the agreement, BioNTech and Pfizer will jointly conduct research and development activities to help advance mRNA‐based flu vaccines. Pfizer will assume sole responsibility for further clinical development and commercialization of mRNA‐based flu vaccines, following BioNTech’s completion of a first in human clinical study.”

The latter human clinical study is what was delivered to the FDA for evaluation, on behalf of BioNTech, in order to get FDA “approval”. BioNTech named the shot Comirnaty. Pfizer has not conducted its own trial, much less submitted it to the FDA.

Because of the contractual development agreement between the two companies, it is unclear that the BioNTech shot is identical to whatever Pfizer is distributing in America, or anywhere else, for that matter. Nevertheless, the media and the FDA promote Pfizer/BioNTech without making any distinctions between the two.

What was “approved” by the FDA on Monday (8/23) was Comirnaty, which belongs to the BioNTech side of the Pfizer/BioNTech working agreement.

In other words, Pfizer is not even in the picture for approval and continues to sell its version of the shot under the Emergency Use Authorization. To repeat, Pfizer has no approval for any mRNA vaccine.

Now, there are a boatload of problems with BioNTech’s application and the FDA’s treatment of it. Medical experts who are examining BioNTech’s human clinical study are quite alarmed. I don’t want to address those issues here, but a detailed analysis is forthcoming.

This report will only point out the duplicitous behavior of the FDA and the mainstream media in promoting this falsehood that Pfizer’s shot has full FDA approval. […]

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