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You’re not ‘fully vaccinated.’ You never will be.

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It’s a goal for communities or nations, not for individuals

By James Hamblin | 22 October 2021

THE WASHINGTON POST — When retired Gen. Colin Powell’s family announced his death Monday in a brief Facebook post, they said that the cause was “complications from Covid 19” despite being “fully vaccinated.” The former secretary of state, who was 84, had also been undergoing treatment for multiple myeloma. That kind of cancer causes marked impairments of the immune system, rendering it capable of producing only one type of antibody. In July, a study of vaccinated people with multiple myeloma found that only 45 percent had immune responses that would be “adequate” to protect them against covid. A booster dose is recommended for people with blood cancers, but no amount of vaccination can make up for an immune system that can’t fight back. To the medical community, it was no surprise that Powell could develop a severe, even fatal case of covid-19.

Much of the discussion surrounding his death, however, suggested otherwise, as if this was a case of some irregularity or failure of the vaccines. That specific phrase — “fully vaccinated” — stood out to me especially, as it featured prominently in most news coverage. It implied that Powell should have been completely protected; that he shouldn’t have been able to die from covid-19. The use of “fully vaccinated” is not unique to Powell, either, though the coverage of his death has highlighted that the term is inappropriate in many cases, primarily because there is no consensus on what it means. As we’ve seen throughout this pandemic, precision of language and transparency in delineating the known and the unknown are key to any effective public health response. A sense of false confidence — or of exaggerated risk — can permanently damage the credibility that is so critical to the success of the coronavirus vaccination campaign and of future ones.

At the moment, the central debate among immunologists and infectious-disease experts — in the United States, at least — pertains to booster doses. It has become clear that some people will benefit from additional shots (third doses of the mRNA vaccines and second doses of Johnson & Johnson) and equally clear that others may not. The challenge is in determining where to draw that line. Most of us fall into a gray area between the 21-year-old Olympic decathlete in no need of more doses and the 90-year-old with emphysema who sings in an unvaccinated choir and would quite benefit from boosting. […]

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  1. How can anyone take any of this seriously when everything about this scamdemic is a fabrication, make believe kosher fairy tales from the dark side? What is in these jujabs..apparently an operating system, toxins and something that screws with the red and white blood cells and causes clotting yet most don’t care and get it anyway. When this toxic witches brew first came out I looked into the Pfizer jab ..(not because I was considering it just research) it clearly stated DO NOT take if your are immunocompromised, the exact opposite of what MSM and all the ((usual suspects)) were telling people. It also said DO NOT take if you are on blood thinners…interesting since the jujab causes clotting. Nothing about this scam makes any sense except for total control and the kosher nostra trying to create another money magic system while killing off most of the useless eaters.

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