Russ Winter Joins ‘Operation Scorpio’ and the Brain Trust to Discuss Bringing Down the Woke Sistema

Russ Winter joins Guiseppe Vafanculo (aka The Brain Trust) and Mallificus Scott, who is pinch-hitting for David Scorpio. The discussion centers around Russ’ renewed optimism that the New Underworld Crime Syndicate and woke corporations pushing the jab mandates can be busted (collapsed). This is the most superior opportunity for successful resistance ever.

Russ’ segment of the “Operation Scorpio” show picks up at minute 01:01:30 here.

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Russ was going read this comment on the air describing the tight labor market:

James Foote, the chief executive of CSX, one of the largest railroads in the U.S., put it this way during this week’s earnings call (transcript by Seeking Alpha):

“I’ve never seen any kind of a thing like this in the transportation environment in my entire career where everything seems to be going sideways at the same time,” he said.

“In January when I got on this [earnings] call, I said we were hiring because we anticipated growth. I fully expected that by now we would have about 500 new T&E [train and engine] employees on the property,” he said. “No way did I or anybody else in the last six months realize how difficult it was going to be to try and get people to come to work these days.

“It’s an enormous challenge for us to go out and find people that want to be conductors on the railroad, just like it’s hard to find people that want to be baristas or anything else, it’s very, very difficult,” he said.

“Nor did we anticipate that a lot of the people were going to decide they didn’t want to work anymore. So attrition was much higher in the first half of the year than what we had expected,” he said. “So even though we brought on 200 new employees, we fell short of where we thought we would be by now.”

Read “CEOs Pandered to Wall St. by Slashing Human Capital Investment Pre-COVID. Now They Whine That Slaves with Skills Won’t Return to the Plantation, Blame COVID”

Reference to masks and Japan:

Russ also discussed the greatly overlooked Ne’er-do-well Billy Mellon Hitchcock the bankroller of the counterculture drug culture and notorious plutocrat bankster for various crooks and cultural debasers around the world in the late 1960s and ’70s. This discussion starts at minute 01:53:00 of the call.

Read “William Mellon Hitchcock: Bon Vivant Who Helped Bankroll the LSD Counterculture”

Monday August 9 update-

11 Comments on Russ Winter Joins ‘Operation Scorpio’ and the Brain Trust to Discuss Bringing Down the Woke Sistema

  1. Here is a thought on this idea that ‘nobody wants to work anymore because commies in the gubbmint are paying them to loaf. This is not so from my worm’s eye view: There has been a long term neglect-or actually denigration of important trades. The government and the cultural machinery has pimped for the tech sector while reinforcing the notion that electricians, welders and plumbers are dirt-headed layabouts and subhumans. When I tried to get work at the railroads they wouldn’t talk to someone who didn’t have 15 years experience with all kinds of certs. Now they come begging. The ad I saw would take anyone with a valid driver license. This is central planning and technocracy in a head on collision.

  2. Good show and Mr. Mallificus Scott is a welcome addition. Hoping all is well with Scorpio nd his migration.

    Quick question:

    Has anyone tried to attain, expand, or renew a life insurance policy since the beginning of 2019 (lets say January or February) or up to now?

    If we get an affirmative, and you do not mind sharing with us, was there a rider or set of provisions excusing the insurance firm from any transition attributed to COVID-19 (whether it was the root cause or not – but “attributed to” or even “present in” your body)?

    BTW – Trey (Billy Boy Gates) has been putting out the ides of holding back Social Security for the un-poked. The legality of such a move would be so complex s to be mind-numbing, and I will not even try to begin to explain why here; however, I do not think it would be easy for any branch or even all of the branches of our government to do (just my two cents).


  3. RW is right this is the economic opportunity of a lifetime, and a great time to weed out the weak minded / weak souls from the job pool. The modernist that you can smell the fear on, and see the weakness coming from miles away will find the walls in their own minds growing taller (and this is true of the 1% of the 1% as well as they continue to fail).

    I have been thinking about this aspect of the whole scenario for months now, and just have kept this opinion to myself.

    An aside: The flatulence through the jeans joke was funny.

  4. RW – Nice on the PUTS regarding NFLX; I was thinking of the same idea for other reasons.

    (mainly the “noise” on paying too much for certain deals, stagnant membership and recent writers accusing them of satanism — oh yeah, and no one seems to like Hastings and / or Sarandos)

    So I was considering actually buying for once (since I prefer to sell options) with PUTS against them and quite possibly the “Mouse House” (the way they are handling the possible law suits of the “starlets” should be interesting to watch unfold – plus the restrictions may shutter the parks again this winter).

    We shall see.

  5. Listening to the show right now…….I like a lot of your work Russ, but I just have to comment that I find it astounding how many individuals on “our side”….supposedly “non normies” that are awake are still mostly clueless as to what is happening. How much more you need to witness to be able to comprehend what is going on is beyond me. No, no boycott of these “woke companies” will do a damn thing. And a double no to the fact that the powers that be are just incompetent and overplayed their hand. They are taking down the system and transferring to a new one.. This has been outlined in detail by such figured as Rosa Koire, James Corbett, Catherine Austin Fitts, etc. The whole point of having worker shortages and supply line bottlenecks is exactly that……

  6. My previous comment posted by the unlucky strike of a key somehow before I was finished……

    The point of the shortages and supply line bottlenecks, as I was saying……well…… to have WORKER SHORAGES AND SUPPLY LINE BOTTLENECKS. Like I said, this has all been outlined by many content creators already and everything we see them doing on the ground fits this narrative completely Completely. Like hand in glove. Dave Cullen at Computing Forever is another one that has done a great job revealing this plan. It is agenda 2021…..Agenda 2030. There will be no more cars, no more gas, no more air travel, no more consumer economy….non of it.

    So when you express a kind of “dismay” as to how they think they are going to keep operating this system (cruises being one example that you gave), put your mind at ease and just do a bit of research via some of the sources that I just listed and your dismay will disappear. And, of course, like I said, just look at what they are doing every day. They have no intentions in anyway of operating this system, or saving it, in fact, it is to the contrary. I do agree with you about them overplaying their hand….eventually they will…but we are a long, long way off from that happening, which can easily be seen in that they have gotten 100s of millions of people world wide to go along with their agenda solely based on a “spooky story”, no facts on the ground whatsoever. Not only did they just “go along”, they participated in the murder of their senior relatives, the suffocating of their own children and the poisoning of everyone. So not only is it the powers that be that could care less if millions are harmed or killed, it is also a massive percentage of the “regular people” as well. The same “regular people” that you are calling to hurt the system with their pocketbooks. How can you hurt a system that is about to be thrown in the garbage? If you are about to take your car to the junkyard it doesn’t matter in the least if you beat the shit out of it with a baseball bat. And even better if someone is paying you each time you hit it with the bat. That is all they are doing now. All of the debt will be wiped clean, so max out the credit card as much as you can before that happens and transfer all the material wealth you can to yourself before that day. This is what you are seeing.

    Don’t waste your time trying to “fight the system”. Put all of your energy into preparing and surviving the storm. Get out and away from everything, go as self sufficient as possible, solar, your own animals, water, stock pile food…….and hunker down for the storm to pass. Once the zombie hoards have been cleared out (probably a few years), and just the strong and lean resisters are left, then it will be time to act……

  7. If I were a Dr Evil type here is what I would do:

    1.Blow the 3 gorges dam after the Olympics to have China lose face and foment a hate against the West.

    Get the FDA to reject approval of the Vaxes thereby creating a self implosion of the capitalistic system via lawsuits tied to employer mandated vaccinations after the ADE kicks in.
    Close the oven door, turn the heat up, and await max pain in order to introduce your white knight.

  8. 5th generation Directed High Frequency Energy is but a tool… What one must understand is leverage, and the best leverage is having the populace turn on itself..We are amidst a societal breakdown and at some point everyone will forget how we got here…Even a Chimp knows this

    • Great video; I hear you and concur.

      There is a cancer eating away at our society and it is spreading quite rapidly. I recently acquired a book (more or less a collection of essays) by Pepe Escobar titled, The Roaring Twenties. One might assume that the a author was referencing the 20th century; however, the main topic is where we find ourselves today. The work is very interesting and presents some valid observations at both the domestic (U.S.) and global levels.

      Also, I was in contact with RW who normally ignores (by mutual agreement) any message with an economic or financial root. Mainly he is kind enough to let me use him as a silent sound board. Yesterday, I was moved to write about the “infrastructure bill” that will destroy the middle class and officially leave most people unable to travel, even if they have followed all of the other government mandates.

      Although I am not against ending U.S. hegemony regarding the petrol-dollar, I am not in favor of the measures offered in the bill, along with the invasion of privacy that would occur through the means that have been included. The level of taxation will crater the U.S. economy very quickly and will erode the gas and oil markets (one of our major sectors). It is a mess of enormous proportion, yet XOM and even WTI barely showed any signs of major downturn yesterday. All was, gently, lower by a little bit. The disconnect is astounding.

      As I stated on one of the threads months ago, CHANGE is the PSYOP. Too many inputs from changes and disconnected data is leaving even those of us who are awake having to catch our breath at the end of each day. Also, it is not by accident that the powers in place want everyone glued to their every word as the psyop will not work if no one is listening; hence that is why they will levy some form of punishment if one were to miss a new edict and simply live their life in peace. They need to incentivize everyone to subject themselves to the evil that is constantly spinning in the news cycle with each new day, and they will not accept ignorance as an excuse for not paying attention.

      All my best,

      P.S. Your analogy on your military training and the current situation was a good one; I am not sure that I mentioned how much I appreciated that post.

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