The Corpse of Syed Farook and Psychological Trauma-Based Mind Control

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The San Bernardino terror hoax is a case study in psychological traumatizing of the general population. On Dec. 2, 2015, 14 people were allegedly killed and 22 others were said to have been seriously injured by a “Muslim terrorist”, one Syed Rizwan Farook.

This is an adjunct to my podcast, that went into mega-rituals and trauma based mind control.

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Shades of the Boston Bombing: The nearby Loma Linda Hospital only took five victims because of a bomb threat. This same threat routine was done at Boston as well. The objective is to clear out uncompromised medical personnel for the purpose of having the scene controlled by moles and security goons.

In addition, Loma Linda University is front and center in the arts of zombie mind control and crowd stimulation projects-  see dozens of articles.

The arch-satanists outdid themselves. They produced a B-horror movie scene straight from of the Golem school of freak shows and fright. It was designed to strike terror and fear into the minds of the gullible. It’s mind control and black magic. It’s as if the “crazy Muslim” is staring at you in monster form from the grave. Scary stuff. Hide your women and children.

Disclaimer: To be clear, the source of this image seems to be screed and was quickly spread via Muslim demonization sites and agitprop. I can’t trace it to a MSM news source and am NOT making that accusation. But somebody created it and is using it, so that is the point. To regular readers, it’s no mystery who I think is behind this kind of thing. I don’t  think the death-face photo below is real, but I want to look into this to understand the process, the tactic being employed and deal with it head on. In addition, I have observations about the other death photo of Farook bound or handcuffed on the pavement. Warning: Fake Hollywood Gore.

So let’s look over this arch-fraud. To accept this death picture as real, you would have to believe that Farook’s teeth would be magically transformed to piranha-like incisors. And that his otherwise droopy-appearing eye would be transformed in death into a freakishly open, unnatural staring position. The eyes sockets are too far apart and freakish.

As a reminder, muscles go limp at the moment of death. In the 19th century, postmortem photos were a morbid rage. Do a search for “post-mortem eyes” and you will see photos of deceased in a peaceful stare, or with eyes shut, or in a sleepy droop. But the wide open freak show pose seen here is unnatural and can’t be found. In addition, this image is off the charts with Photoshop manipulation, as if the artist got carried away with the discoloration. The remaining nose doesn’t look even remotely like “Syed Farook.” The forehead is a too-large fail. Where is the hair on the right side of his head? In its place is a crude Photoshop line.

Related imageThis death scene is fraudulent as well. There is a large phony-looking pool of blood well away from the body. Judging from the head shot and instant-death nature of the wound shown above, it’s impossible for this dummy — I mean man — to have relocated himself into this other position well away from the blood pool.

The close up of the body is grainy and equally strange, as far as the hands go. I really have little idea about what is wrapped around his right wrist, as I have never seen handcuffs that color. If it is his left hand, that would just add to the freak show. The discolored curling and clunching of the fingers seems extreme compared to the standard handcuffed individual in the example. And the wrist looks bloody? Why? And he has a nose! Little of this nose is evident in the face view shot. And the right eye is closed here, and wide open in the other. 

Yes, hand and feet tight bound cuffing obviously dead individuals (with brains blown out) after they bleed out and then moving them can be done at the officer’s discretion. But Lord knows why in this case? Perhaps it was the dead man’s “evil eye.” Would be convenient if this was an execution. However, this position looks more like torture than standard procedure, which is shown.

We wrap up this whole scam with a telling comment from Farook’s landlord, who really sums it all up, saying, “It’s unreal.” This scene shows reporters crawling over “Farook’s apartment” after police failed to properly secure the scene as evidence. How did they even get in?

gunman dallas_0

It is all too eerily familiar. The Daily Mail (aka Daily Fail) put out “leaked” photos of Dallas police shooter Micah Johnson after a remote-controlled robot allegedly ended his life in an explosion. WInter Watch has located and put up the uncensored version of the photo. Oddly, somehow, Johnson’s end-of-life experience has transformed his physique into the proportions and size of a dwarf.

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