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Shanghai Disneyland Sparks Chaos as 33,000 Visitors Locked-Down, Forced to Undergo COVID Testing

By Tyler Durden | 1 November 2021

ZERO HEDGE — On Sunday, Shanghai Disneyland went into partial lockdown after a woman who visited the park tested positive for COVID-19. Hours before the night of Halloween, the park temporarily suspended entry of any new guests and requested tens of thousands within the facility to undergo testing before exiting.

The government and Disneyland staff sealed off the entire venue. A few rides were open, but it was utterly bizarre that hundreds of people in full medical hazmat suits were dispatched to the park after one person tested positive for the virus. Everyone inside, approximately 33,000, had to take a nucleic acid COVID-19 test before exiting.

Disneyland issued this statement on their Weibo account:

At the same time, all tourists who are already in the park need to undergo nucleic acid testing at the exit when leaving the park, and follow the CDC’s requirements for a nucleic acid test after 24 hours. After the two nucleic acid tests are negative, do the next 12 days independently Health monitoring.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. We will also release information about ticket refunds and exchanges for all tourists affected by this. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Other reports show that local authorities shut down a subway line connecting the park to surrounding metro areas and had 220 buses take parkgoers home for self-isolation. The park is closed on Monday and will be on Tuesday. There was no word on when it would reopen. […]

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  1. Oh my…33,000…no offense but that is a strong code so I am going to say this article is kosher bull. If you take the numbers associated with the capital letters of the first sentence SDSC= 45 for pResident tRUMP. I don’t know what’s true anymore so I go by my instincts besides we know ((Tyler Durden)) is a ((Russian)) so all Zio Hedge articles are on the ((Russian)) oligarch ((Soviet)) aka tRUMP bias. 220 means something also but I don’t recall.

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