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Donald Trump Nostalgic For Good Old Days When Israel ‘Literally Owned Congress’


2 November 2021

CHRISTIANS FOR TRUTH (JEWISH TELEGRAPH AGENCY) — Former President Donald Trump recently told a Jewish radio host in Seattle that until recently Israel “literally owned Congress,” a fact that has triggered accusations of antisemitism against other politicians who have made the very same observation:

The comments came during Trump’s Oct. 29 interview with Seattle-based talk show host Ari Hoffman as Trump was reviewing his Middle East policies, including the Abraham Accords, the normalization agreements between Israel and four Arab countries, and his pullout from the Iran nuclear deal.

Trump, as he discussed U.S. policy in the region, pivoted to what he believed was the “biggest change” he had seen recently. “The biggest change I’ve seen in Congress is Israel literally owned Congress — you understand that. Ten years ago, 15 years ago, and it was so powerful, it was so powerful and today it’s almost the opposite,” Trump said. …

The claim that Israel controls Congress has historically been treated as an antisemitic slander by antisemitism watchdogs. Omar herself got into trouble and apologized in 2019 when she suggested that Israel and the pro-Israel lobby purchases sympathy in Congress. Trump suggested that he did not have a problem with the notion that Israel had once controlled Congress, saying, “Israel had such power, and rightfully over Congress, and now it doesn’t.”

In the interview, Trump also repeated his disappointment with the U.S. Jewish community for not voting for him; President Joe Biden carried the overwhelming majority of Jewish voters in the last election. “I didn’t get a kind of vote from Jewish people that you would think I would get,” Trump said. Trump earned rebukes from Jewish groups in 2019 when he said American Jews were not sufficiently loyal to Israel because they did not vote for him.

Saying Israel no longer controls Congress is like saying the Rothschilds are no longer the world’s most powerful banking dynasty. […]

10 Comments on Donald Trump Nostalgic For Good Old Days When Israel ‘Literally Owned Congress’

  1. tRUMP the eternal guardian for the synagogue of satan and a card carrying member of the ((tribe)) pretending his cabal isn’t in control of the Congress aka the entire government is hilarious, disingenuous or just a giant freaking lie. The orange turd took a moment out of another “its all about me” interview to blow his ((masters)) by shielding them behind the magic curtain proving once again where his loyalties lie. To me nothing has changed and obviously with this ((covid)) nightmare and the consolidation of power ((their)) control has never been more evident and hopefully more will see it.

    • Christians for truth has very well researched articles and are not afraid of calling out globalists including Cabbalist and Talmudists that are the enemies of both humanity and God. Unfortunately, they also believe that Noah’s flood was partial instead of global, and therefore the promises of God only apply to the descendants of Noah. This doctrinal belief excludes Asians, Hispanics, and blacks from eternal salvation.

      There is most always some flaw in people’s theology. As for Trump, he is duplicitous in the ultimate destruction of this country and its constitution.

      • Much in the Bible does not resonate with me and I never dug that deep into their beliefs but to you I say have you ever seen the sculpture of Moses by Michelangelo?? Story goes when Michelangelo sculpted the statue it was to be viewed from below so the public would not see the HORNS!!! I read this a while back but apparently it went into the kosher black hole and has been replaced with “stories” trying to explain away obvious. Was Michelangelo trying to tell us something? Whos Gods are these ours or ((theirs))? What you said about Noah means he and his “God” are basically racist supremacists so again who’s God are they speaking of…I believe it is ((theirs)) Lucifer.

  2. If more folks would read books they would’ve known from Trump’s pre-election book that he was very clear about his loyalty to Israel. He wrote point blank in the introduction that his goal was to improve relations with our closest ally. How they could get it any better he also stated, through the military.

    • About tRUMP…I never liked the big mouth egomaniacal orange turd ..but I did vote for him ONCE because the commercial with the star of Remphan got me! I thought this guy is on to the tribe! By year one it appeared he was one of the tribe and just GWBush 2.0 judging by his administration. Does anyone remember when tRUMP went before some group ..Congress or something, I wasn’t paying that much attention and it was so long ago, where he was complaining about the American Indians not paying taxes regarding their casinos and how he shouldn’t either….funny the things that stick in the brain for future evaluation. Guess old tRUMP was of the wrong tribe that day, as if that turd pays taxes…its never enough for the ((chosen ones))

  3. I’d like to hear the original conversation – does anyone have a link for this Seattle radio station piece (CfT unfortunately provide one)?

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