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Biden Admin Blacklists Israeli Spyware Firms in Unprecedented Move Against Ally

US President Joe Biden kneels before Rivka Ravitz, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin's chief of staff, in the Oval Office after learning she has 12 children. PHOTO: Times of Israel/Haim Zach/GPO

By Tyler Durden | 3 November 2021

ZERO HEDGE — The controversial Israeli company NSO group has been placed on a US blacklist by the Biden administration, in an almost unprecedented move targeting of an Israeli entity, given the Jewish state is America’s closest longtime ally in the region. Another Israeli spyware company that works closely with the government was also blacklisted in the same designation.

The White House moved against NSO for having acted “contrary to the foreign policy and national security interests of the US” – after last summer a bombshell investigation by the French non-profit group Forbidden Stories revealed its cutting edge spyware was used by foreign governments to hack Western allies, including accessing the mobile numbers of French President Emmanuel Macron and much of his cabinet.

Specifically its Pegasus phone-hacking tool was found to have been used to “maliciously target” journalists and activists as well as top government officials. Revealed by the initial report was an extensive list that included over 600 government officials and politicians from over 30 countries. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was also a big name on the list. […]

3 Comments on Biden Admin Blacklists Israeli Spyware Firms in Unprecedented Move Against Ally

  1. ‘Being on the entities list means the two Israeli companies are now barred from buying parts and components from US companies without specific approval from US authorities, which would require being issued a special license. Moreover, typically the reputational damage on a global scale is a huge black eye for such companies seeking to extend into foreign markets.’

    Wow. So ‘unprecedented.’ I’m sure the Israeli superwealth, tied up with the City of London and every European/Mediterranean laundering network, as it always has been, really gives a shit about ‘reputational damage’ coming from the US, where its apostates, i.e. the ‘diaspora,’ have a ton of leverage in media, PR, etc. Didn’t see Toku mentioned either- there are a lot of these, and this just seems like posturing to put a band-aid on a hacked off limb. What the Israelis who sold this out did, along with the criminal outfits they worked with, was an attack on the US, and other western Nations- easily proved to be as much. The carelessness and calculation both surrounding its export (and informational import) has gotten people, families, journalists killed, kidnapped, and extorted for political purposes. Yet all they do is another one of these- little ‘put you on time out’ measures. How can the US be this military power the world blames it to be, when it clearly cannot even guard its own sovereignty, when it is acting on behalf of foreign criminal outfits and remote narco-laundromats? Other countries, even developing countries, are tougher on these things- especially in regards to espionage, this extortion, blackmail being carried out by foreign nations.

    They will kill spies and those acting on their behalf in most countries for this. They killed around eight CIA agents caught in Iran about a year and a half ago over spying. Caught them, charged them, and killed them. Yet if its in reverse, especially when its cornball Israel, with their Tel Aviv Gay capital of the world ecstasy monopoly, country built on blackmail-faggotry, suddenly the US is like one of those rich parents who never disciplines their children, gets bossed around by them- when what the kid needs is slapped and their toys taken away. Then they wont act like they have been. Same goes for Israel, and that whole international laundromat that founded them in the first place. Black eye to extend into foreign markets? Israel has had two black eyes and a missing testicle since its inception. It has nuclear weapons and wont even admit it- collaborated with Mafias to assassinate a senator and US president to get it done- and people think a ‘reputational black eye’ means something to them? What reputation do they even have besides that of some deceptive, metaphysically racist technocrats who want to use their best skills, those in tech, to do what they have done with NSO/Pegasus. On a logical level, this renders Israel useless to any country, any nation, or cadre not wanting an ‘ally’ who sells them technology with corrupt backdoors, just to help Cartel networks on the fringes get best out of the deal- which was made on the docks, or the west bank, or wherever the hand-rubbing went down. Who cares how good the tech is when it is built on ethical, and even mechanical poison, designed to infiltrate and sabotage those they pretend to be friends with? Exactly. They have no reputation. Its a mercenary, (literal) criminal ghetto in the Middle East that has accumulated a lot of money. And they use it just like an oversized criminal ghetto would, to expand the powers of more criminal ghettos, until shit hits the fan- then they whine, cry, and its off to running away for the 115th time! It’s always ‘Moshiac Now’ until its Mo-shee your ass later. Every rip.

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