Portland police ‘riot squad’ resigns following indictment of officer

Night 100 of Portland riots on Sept. 5, 2020. PHOTO: KOIN News

The Rapid Response Team voted unanimously to resign on Wednesday following the criminal indictment of an officer for assault stemming from a riot in August 2020.

By Katie Daviscourt | 17 June 2021

THE POST MILLENNIAL — The Rapid Response Team, a unit within the Portland police department, voted unanimously to resign on Wednesday during a meeting with the police union. This follows the criminal indictment of an officer for assault stemming from a riot in August 2020, sources within the police bureau told The Post Millennial.

Officer Corey Budworth was on the Rapid Response Team, a group police officers that volunteer for the post, and are deployed to respond to riots, civil unrest, and demonstrations in Portland. Budworth was indicted and charged with one count of fourth degree assault, a misdemeanor by Multnomah District Attorney Mike Schmidt’s office on Tuesday.
On the night of August 18, 2020, Antifa militants threw a Molotov cocktail into the County Sheriff’s Department Headquarters as the Rapid Response Team struggled to contain the riot. …
“Now that the riot team is no more, we have no clue what’s going to happen. We don’t have enough patrol officers to be pulled from the road to handle huge crowds,” a Portland police officer said. “We are only backups with no gear like the riot team has.”
This is ahead of massive demonstrations and protests that are planned for this upcoming weekend. …In October, County District Attorney Mike Schmidt rejected over 540 riot related cases in “interest of justice” and has implemented catch-and-release policies for accused criminals and rioters. […]

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