‘Bro, My Dad Arranged a $20B Deal and You Can’t Spot Me?’ Tape Captures Netanyahu’s Son Seeking Money

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his son Yair visit the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem on March 18, 2015. PHOTO: Bloomberg/Thomas Coex/AFP/Getty

In the recording, the Israeli Prime Minister’s son is heard with a son of a shareholder in a gas company that won offshore drilling rights

By Jonathan Ferziger | 9 January 2018

BLOOMBERG — Israeli television broadcast a 2015 recording in which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s son is heard bantering with a son of a shareholder in a gas company that won offshore drilling rights from the government and asking him for money to pay a stripper.

Yair Netanyahu was recorded while cruising between strip clubs in downtown Tel Aviv in a government-supplied armored car with one of the sons of Isramco Negev 2 LP shareholder Jackob Maimon, according to Hadashot TV news. Along with them was another friend, a secret-service agent and a driver.

Amid raunchy jokes about a night of drinking at the adult clubs, the younger Netanyahu can be heard complaining that the friend won’t lend him money to pay a dancer even though his father benefited from the lucrative gas business with the government . “Bro, my dad arranged a $20 billion deal and you can’t spot me 400 shekels” ($116)? Yair Netanyahu says. The conversation was in Hebrew.

As police have been conducting an investigation for more than a year into corruption allegations against the prime minister, his 26-year-old son has been criticized for leading an expensive lifestyle supported by taxpayers — particularly for being given a security detail and the use of government cars. […]

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