Boston Anti-Mandates Rally Disrupted by ‘Anti-Fascism’ Protesters, Clashes Break Out

By Learner Liu | 8 November 2021

THE EPOCH TIMES — A rally against mask and vaccine mandates in Boston was disrupted by “anti-fascism” protesters on Nov. 7. According to Boston Police, two individuals were arrested as clashes broke out between the two sides.

Police officers with clubs and anti-riot gear quickly reacted and divided the two groups. After that, the “anti-fascism” protesters marched to another side of the park and broke through barrier fences. Not long after that, riot control officers assembled and began to clear the field.

The brief conflicts on Sunday concerned many of the rally-goers. One participant, Kevin Mackie, who held a sign that read “see people not sides,” was worried about “people blinded by hate, calling names and dehumanizing each other.”

“I think we need to be diplomatic. We need to be respectful of each other. Listen to each other. Remember, at the end of the day, no matter what sides people are on, they are all human beings,” Mackie told The Epoch Times. […]

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