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Watching the Deliberate Takedown of America

The jab mandate deadline for the Air Force has come and gone. Two threats now remain that need to be revealed.

First the service did manage to jab about 96% of this cohort. The age profile of the average serviceman is younger (under 40) and thus makes them prime candidates for myocarditis (heart inflammation) and neurological illness. These sickness’ develop with a lag of several months and up to a year. Given that jabbing servicemen began in earnest last summer we will see more and more clear evidence of the bad outcomes.

In England there is now data showing the excess deaths being experienced in the 10-59 age group. There is no explaining away.

The data shows that excess death trend occurs in the vaccinated. Also don’t play the fool when examining this data. It is expressed in per 100,000.  You can readily see that excess death in the jabbed began to veer upward shortly after the jab campaign began in earnest. The second chart shows the weekly data.

Meanwhile come reports like this- whodathunk.

At a Senate hearing held by Sen. Ron Johnson we get further testimony on jab injuries to servicemen.

Meanwhile on the issue of military readiness and discharged non-compliant members of the military.

There are about 8,900 Air Force service people unvaxxed and facing discharge. To these heroes we say nobody will care about your discharge status in the coming apocalypse. And for those ready to throw the book at these patriots we offer the following.

On other fronts there are organizations acting responsibly against the 5th Columnists. The Biden administration through sheer malice ignores them as they deliberately collapse the country.

The Crime Syndicate infested Biden Administration is doubling down on several fronts. One is jabbing little kids which will all but eliminate any chance of herd immunity and will likely result in new more lethal variants. This is covered in a must see interview with Vanden Bossche and Robert Malone with commentary by Del Big Tree. This is mirrored on You Tube so it may be soon deeped sixed.

Finally the coup de grace to the whole economy and insuring jab related health issues across the population is dementia Joe’s jab mandate applied to 84.2 million workers at 1.9 million private-sector employers. OSHA estimates that 31.7 million of covered workers are unvaccinated.

The administration also said millions of workers in healthcare facilities and nursing homes participating in the Medicare and Medicaid government healthcare programs will need to get their shots by the same date.

(Reuters) – President Joe Biden will enforce a mandate that workers at U.S. companies with at least 100 employees be vaccinated against COVID-19 or be tested weekly starting Jan. 4.

This extreme and criminal measure occurs as the Italian newspaper Il Tempo reports that the Italian Institute of Health has revised downward the number of people who have died from COVID rather than with COVID from130,468 deaths registered as official COVID deaths since the start of the pandemic, to only 3,783. If a similar change were made by other national governments, the official COVID death toll would be cut by a margin of greater than 90 per cent.

And we now see yet another oh-by-the-way whodathunk omission from the crime cartel.

17 Comments on Watching the Deliberate Takedown of America

    • Good website except for his misogynistic view that women should basicly be breeders.Very focused on cabal created modern feminism.Dont agree with many feminists,never did,but women Should be able to equally access education,especially higher education.They should develop themselves in all ways to be more self-sufficient and complete human.Women still do not get quality healthcare and still endure sexual assaults from dr.s as well as their misogynist,dismissive attitude of the illness being hysterical or overblown.We still do not have many female govt. Leaders or ceos.Bolshevik Harris doesnt count,she was a poser and fraud as well as cokehead,,whatreallyhappened.c,dr.judywood.c,,,Truth11.c,,and for the brave… cheap energy and other Interesting Info.Clones,Brotherhood of the Snake,blackgoo,archons,evil a.I.,soul harvesting,etc.Many kayers to current events.DELIVERANCE OR EXORCISM AND ARCHON REMOVAL

  1. It is not just America , this is all the Western so-called first world countries .
    It is a war against Whities but most are too blinded to see it as such and it will soon be too late to change anything . If Americans make a stand it just might be the beginning of a roller coaster but I can`t see the Uk , EU ,CAN , AUST doing anything .

    • I read something in the past week or two that only 5% of the population in sub Saharan countries have been vaccinated. Don’t know if that’s true or not. However, it was presented as another expression of racism. I’m thinking more like reverse racism.

    • Many are well aware of the attack.It supposedly originates from kazharian,Soros clone who supposedly was quoted as saying he hates America,wants to destroy it,etc.and said Blacks were easier to control or manipulate.Elder Scrolls of Zion is VERY REAL.Who owns or founded most pharma co.s?Big banks?Hedgefunds?Media conglomerates?Publishinghouses,including educational publishing?Who are real Semites vs. The posers and liars?Kalergi plan,Operation Lockstep,Operation Bluebeam,popeye,cyclops,gardenplot,Jamjet.Refine your discernment,unify,seek SOURCE/The Heavenly Father and Hosts and ask for help.

  2. I might have to get tested weekly, do you guys think the tests are safe or tainted? I hear so many things, but this may be my only option to stay gainfully employed with a company i like.
    Its a shame, 130 person company in Florida of all places is following all CDC guidelines, ugh. So dumb this whole fricking thing is.

    • ‘Test’ swabs are said to be sterilized with ethylene oxide.
      I have heard at least one person complaining of nostril pains after the rapid antigen swab.
      Refuse all ‘tests’ and head-zapping temperature readings.
      Unfortunately, refusing a mask/test/temperature readings can get you terminated at work.

    • The swabs are different from long stemmed q-tip swabs. I watched a video on the test swabs and they are very bristly. The also contain nano particles that are implanted on the brain! Refuse all tests. Your life depends on it!

    •,,,,,europereloaded,,dr. Carrie Madej,,many others have DOCUMENTED NANOWORMS ON THE SWABS AS WELL AS OTHER THINGS.ALSO,TESTING IS DAMAGING TO VERY THIN BONE SEPARATING SINUSES FROM BRAIN AREA,IT HAS BEEN PUNCTURED MANY TIMES BY THIS TEST=oozing cerebral fluid,infection,big dangerous issues.This technique was purportedly used in Egypt to punish slaves.Mandates are NOT LAWS.LAWS ARE CREATED BY CONGRESS,NOT FAKE PREZ ACTORS OR CLONES OR JUDGES.FED LAW MUST BE A SIGNED BILL THEN ALSO COUNTERSIGNED AND STAMPED AND MAYBE ANOTHER STEPBEFORE LISTING INTHE FEDERAL REGISTER.Everyone look and See if you see a legit law forcing dangerous and experimental jab tech and unknown jab contents.Many lawsuits being brought-research others are helping.Employer would have to sign papers assuming all STRICT LIABILITIES FOR DAMAGE OR DEATH TO YOU.Steverotter.c,Experimentalvaccines.o,ICANN.o,medicalveritas.o,,,, should be able to uinform you and provide docs to refuse.Medical history is SUPPOSED TO BE PRIVATE.DO WR ASK PEOPLE THEIR STD STATUS OR HEPATITIS STATUS???Exercise your rights.

  3. If you accept that the ultimate goal of the jab is a depopulation agenda followed by a surveillance economy model, then for all intents and purposes its “mission accomplished”….No need to further the jab agenda into a resistance movement that could solidify and unite against the enemy.
    Time to back off and starve the rest through broken supply chains, mysterious variants, false flags, and stealth round ups of the “trouble makers”
    Those that are purebloods should be focusing on self sufficiency and not political outrage …All you are doing is identifying yourself .
    This is not your fight. Close to 50-80% of your fellow citizens surrendered already.

  4. There’s only one tribe that can successfully pull off the slo-mo collapse of the entire planetary civilization.
    It’s the very same tribe of banksters
    that was behind World War II, the
    Great Depression, World War I, 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic, Armenian Genocide, as well as the Ukrainian Genocide.

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