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Northeast Flooding Combines with Pajama People, Willful Blindness and Magical Thinking

Members of the New York City Fire Department rescue a woman from her stalled car on Sept. 1, 2021. PHOTO: CNN/Anthony Behar/Sipa/AP- Note this pajama lady has her priorities and is wearing a mask during her rescue

There are a variety of potential disasters that people may encounter in life. For instance a hurricane such as Ida is one. Does one approach such a storm cautiously and take survival steps to stay out of its path, or does one willfully ignore it and end up without power and water in sweltering 90-degree heat and high humidity?

Although New Orleans proper was spared major flooding, Ida has left more than a million people, including most residents of New Orleans, without electricity, and more than 300,000 without water. The outages may last for weeks.

In New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell said roughly half the population evacuated ahead of Ida. The other half — 200,000 people — remained. The story is that many who stayed behind didn’t have two nickels to rub together to evacuate, which begs the question: What percentage of the U.S. is one paycheck away from zero financial resources?

The mucky mucks at the Federal Reserve, who bear considerable responsibility for this state of affairs, tell us that four in 10 Americans couldn’t afford a $400 emergency, and that was back in 2019. And now the free ride hyper deficit spending from the scamdemic is coming to a screeching halt as enhanced unemployment ends on Sept. 5. This will impact roughly eight million all at once. The free rent regime of eviction moratoriums ends as well and impacts three million.

At the same time, the Crime Syndicate is pushing mandatory jabs to stay on the job or to have access to public spaces. How many people, including first responders, will just go on strike? That’s the question I have been asking. You wouldn’t be paranoid to assume all this combines into a monster shitstorm.

Read “Shutdowns and Covid Tyranny: Rubber Meets the Road for Resistance”

Willful blindness is best explained as trying not to notice what is happening in front of you. Willful blindness, also known as cognitive dissonance, is considered to be when a person is responsible for doing something they know is or could be problematic and choosing to do the opposite and pretending not to see it.

I call this the pajama people syndrome. These folks don’t want their positive perspective or magical thinking to be changed or challenged at all. Their brainwashed minds dislike confrontations. This leads to disregarding anything that does not agree with the assumptions already made.

This in turn almost guarantees great difficulties and suffering as this inverted society comes unraveled.

If you thought the Ida magical thinking ended in Louisiana, think again. Last night Ida rolled into the northeast with torrential rains, and it came through during nightfall. With the ample warning of arrival, a rational thinking person would just hunker down for the night, get candles, extra water and flashlights with new batteries at the ready and stay put at home. But you would be wrong.

Ida dumped large amounts of rain that accumulated on low-lying roadways, streets, between buildings and in waterways. Let’s have a look at the willful blindness and magical thinking shall we. These are people who own or have access to automobiles, thus the standard bullshit excuse of “immobile homeless people” doesn’t apply. In fact, I would bet that street people — who weren’t passed out — sought shelter when this hit. But not these yahoos. These are not parked cars, these are being driven in deep water.

First clip at minute 00:07:35 from the excellent disaster site Agenda Free TV below shows severe flooding in downtown Short Hills, New Jersey. Notice the rapid speed of the water.

Next, at 00:08:22 from mentally addled Brooklyn we see a car floating in the water, as streams of other cars just plow on through like they are living in a cartoon world where cars are boats.

At 00:09:30 and 00:10:15, we see huge quantities of water filling the subway. Note people still hanging around. I guess train wrecks are too fun to pass up.

Minute 00:11:55 we see multiple cars stuck in water in Queens, New York. The person filming is on the bus, which begs the question: Why are you even out, moron?

at 00:13:50, we see Newark airport flooded out. Fly much? Black swan event for insurance companies?

It goes on.

00:16:20 a classic, showing more low-I.Q. magical thinkers driving in high fast-moving waters.

00:16:50 shows rain intensity, which normally signals to brain the potential of hazard impending.

00:22:250 more social Darwinism as dude wades through hip-deep water to enter his car. This is what happens when you skip on basic education, such as how electricity and water combine. Speaking of shitstorms, keep in mind that sewers are backing up. Got your scamdemic mask on?

00:24:40 reporter tweets she came across 13 cars submerged in roadways for failing to turn around.

00:42:00 New Jersey people trapped underwater in cars.

Several more social Darwinism candidates on the street, note lights on in raging water.

Made my point. This willful-blindness behavior goes on and on for hours. Have at it.

Next up, rivers won’t crest until Thursday afternoon.

16 Comments on Northeast Flooding Combines with Pajama People, Willful Blindness and Magical Thinking

  1. YouTube agh!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and by the way Google S*CKS AND IS EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry, I still have not had my second cup of coffee yet and I am feeling a little agitated; Simple needs a fix! = )

    What I had wanted to provide to Winter Watch was a combination of videos that were up on YT even 3 years ago; however, with all things for the “motherland” they have been purged. What I was looking for was the following:

    Test footage from the 1950s showing McDonnell Douglas jets being utilized in “cloud seeding”
    Test footage of a vastly improved technique being displayed by DOD in the 1960s
    An older HAARP interview for the author (s) of Angel’s Don’t Play That HAARP


    (Believe it or not) an old Infowars / Prison Planet / Alex Jones segment that aired for 3-4 days with one of the early scientists / pilots who helped develop weather weapons from the 1960s forward; it was actually a good piece of work in the older days of Jones’s media production (when he used to do more documentary types of projects).

    What I found? Nothing! See Daddy Gov’s. little Frankenstein projects (YT, Alphabet, et al.) just keep (quietly) purging the back-end, while slipping in more videos that are mental filler or out right dangerous. I could probably hunt these down, but it would take time that I do not have today.

    Please just know that old Simple, meant really well.

    Instead I have to go for the low hanging fruit and will provide this one:

    Still, Prince is not wrong here at all; in fact he is quite correct / and succinct. Kudos to Mr. Smiley for just taking a step back and let the man speak (Mr. Smiley could sometimes get excited by a guest and “jump the gun” in terms of responses).

    Clouds are seeded with metal dust (a few different combinations can be used), then a elector-magnetic substation shoots a charge at the cloud formation, this move a storm front and viola (or roughly viola in a simple form). Now, this is different than the very crude program first used on the Koreans and then Vietnam and then Nicaragua (I think, if I recall correctly) which was a cloud seeding with a (may have been DuPont) based chemical that basically works like an acid rain product (still different from Agent Orange, which was chemical).

    My point, many of these weather patterns are made to look natural, but are still our nation (whether the substation in Alaska or Brazil or anywhere else in the world – we shared the technology – thank the bankers and the last time I checked there were 9-12 spread in many nations of the world) mucking around with humanity in the cruelest of ways.

    There are certain regions that they know full well they should not funk with and they do not; however, everything in between may be manipulated at will.

    Have a good day everybody; actually, after the rains yesterday (heavy, but not as bad as NYC) we now have perfect weather. Basically sunny and 70 in the Mid-Atlantic, with a slight breeze.


    • Forgot:

      ” …they should not funk with…”

      Pun intended, with my compliments to Prince for broaching the topic all those years ago.

      • Kati,

        Will do, but since it is 23 pages, it may be a weekend activity based on time. Still one must wonder if James Roger Flemming is any relation to Ian Flemming and James Bond? If so we may need to ask several unrelated questions (kidding of course = )

        Thanks for the link.


      • REPLY 2


        I really appreciated the white paper link that you left for me. Although the author does not cover HAARP, the use of metal amalgamations used in aerosols to “magnetize” clouds so that they may be pushed in directions, and just a general update in Doppler technology for reading storm directions, as well as the formations of storm fronts; however, I did love the history in the work. Many, many thanks!

        Now how much do you know about Popeye? No, not the sailor man, but the operation. If you are unfamiliar then I would like to start here:


        Basic yes, but just an overview.

        If you already know about it, then I am sorry to be redundant.


  2. How very topical! – Thanks – I am – to revert to the CIA-Lexicon – at Ground Zero. Planning a 100+ mile drive today after assessing safety from on line and personal sources. (A very similar event at just about the same time happened 52 years ago just before the Woodstock (NY) Festival – same torrential rain, same flooding – “North Plainfield” etc).

    I am in a rush (as SC often seems to be) – so will just add this query:

    How many drivers shown in the above videos driving through and into flooded roadways were wearing face masks? The answer is almost certainly not zero (from my daily observations); many of those who were not, had face masks within easy reach in the vehicle.


  3. Just the psychos piling it on… Back in 2005 Katrina flooded out NOLA but not this time; instead, Houma got blown away so to speak as Ida plowed through the I-55/I-12 corridor where loved ones live…cute, geos, cute. Just as northern Cali and southern Oregon get fried. Just as NYC and the northeast (used to nor’easters, BTW…no excuses folks) get hammered and rains coming too little too late in the midwest where too late for crops… Meanwhile, far west Texas is getting more rain in three months than we’ve had in likely three years… well, enjoy it wildlife and flora, because in a year or so the psychos will be destroying this part of the earth (even though several of these psychos own ranches and land out here….Pyschos? Just ask Justice Scalia…oh wait… If dead judges could talk….)

  4. Inverted society?

    Watch this explosive piece by a great lady https://brandnewtube.com/v/6las4Y

    as for weather, isn’t it about SIN not this bull dung of industrial pollution?

    “The Lord is slow to anger but great in power; the Lord will not leave the guilty unpunished. His way is in the whirlwind and the storm, and clouds are the dust of his feet.” {Nahum 1:3}

    The Lord will cause people to hear his majestic voice and will make them see his arm coming down with raging anger and consuming fire, with cloudburst, thunderstorm and hail. (Isaiah 30:30)

    Rain will come in torrents, and I will send hailstones hurtling down, and violent winds will burst forth. Therefore, this is what the Sovereign Lord says: In my wrath I will unleash a violent wind, and in my anger hailstones and torrents of rain will fall with destructive fury. {Ezekiel 13:11-13}

    or better yet go here:


  5. Weather modification. Ida came through west tn where I live with some good rain but not torrential. Then it moves another 1000 miles inland and develops into a power house storm that causes the worst flooding in NYC history? Something totally wrong with the official narrative.

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