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China Decrees no ‘Sissy Men’ Allowed on TV

By Tyler Durden | 3 September 2021

ZERO HEDGE — China’s ongoing battle with feminized men has accelerated – with Beijing recently restricting access to online video games, and trying to discourage ‘unhealthy’ attention towards celebrities after President Xi Jinping called for a “national rejuvenation.”

Now, China’s government has banned effeminate men on TV, and told broadcasters on Thursday to instead promote “revolutionary culture” across all aspects of Chinese culture, according to the Associated Press.

Broadcasters must “resolutely put an end to sissy men and other abnormal esthetics,” the TV regulator said, using an insulting slang term for effeminate men — “niang pao,” or literally, “girlie guns.”

That reflects official concern that Chinese pop stars, influenced by the sleek, girlish look of some South Korean and Japanese singers and actors, are failing to encourage China’s young men to be masculine enough. -AP

In January, China’s education ministry called for more physical education as an antidote to male feminization – vowing to recruit better gym teachers and introduce fitness-based incentives such as free college education.

The response came after a delegate of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, a top political advisory body, had suggested that Chinese schoolboys are “weak, self-effacing, and timid,” and may be unduly influenced by so-called little fresh meats — handsome, well-groomed, delicate-featured celebrities in the vein of K-pop stars. The proposal also described the feminization of Chinese boys as “a threat to the development and survival of our nation.” –Sixth Tone

“Finally, the education ministry does something right,” wrote one user on Weibo who claimed to be a teacher. “Boys now are in dire need of more exercise so they can be manlier. They’re too gentle these days.” […]

34 Comments on China Decrees no ‘Sissy Men’ Allowed on TV

  1. Good for China.

    The focus on K-Pop type groups in Asia is actually just another “spoke” in the wheel of population reduction through the use of selling an agenda. Listen, old Simple really does not have a problem with individuals of any kind. What I really do not get along with is a corporate agenda that further wishes to execute an agenda of folks that I could never even enjoy a cup of coffee with.

    Personally, I could not see myself, for any reason, enjoying a cup of coffee with George Soros (although he used to be a Diet Coke man), because I know he is a fraud and an actor. Now Simple has met and been friendly with thespians who were honest about being thespians. Old George pretends with the old Mr. Popper BS and claims to be one of the best fundamental traders in the world, when in reality he is just shuffling money for influence on behalf of bigger fish.

    More than likely old George and / or his “sons” (doubtful on this as well) love them some K-Pop. You can just imagine the old troll standing in front of the TV in his tux slippers. doing all the dance move and singing Korean in a slight Hungarian accent. = )

    Now I am all for personal freedom, but honestly I cannot find fault in the Chinese decision here. Corporations and the eugenics movement have commoditized homosexuality and turned into a product that may be sold like laundry detergent; it is a low and disgusting move.

  2. The jew synagogue of satan has found a free resource that backs his evil plans, the doraymesofalatido community, hisses hamas loudest in the media, monthly paycheck assured. China is wise to prevent such malevolent cultural infestation.

    • Jack Webb starring in the 1957 movie, ‘The D.I.’: how many of today’s ‘American’ males & females could/would appreciate the plot & theme of that film?

  3. Skoolafish, Skoolafish, Skoolafish!

    So I am over here on a China mirror of all things and we were just talking about _____________?

    One of the two that I am writing is pertains to Mr. Harry L. Hopkins whose work has affected all of us on the planet, which I am nearly done writing about in the piece. This creepy fella’s Uncle Fester look masked one of the most dangerous men to ever work for the U.S. government; his work actually is still affecting my both of our families, and RW’s, even though we a literally all over the world.

    Now without giving away the thread, why am I mention this in the context of all of your wonderful posts on China in the other thread? Well, because his execution of the Lend Lease program armed China (both sides that had the temporary peace to fight Japan) and the USSR. Further, I would opine that he was closer to Uncle Joe than he should have been, which means FDR was closer to Uncle Joe than he should of been and I will go one further to state this closeness began when both were in New York state.

    You bring up:

    “In Chapter 5 of Thomas Carlyle’s “Heroes and Hero Worship” (6 Lectures) – 1841 – “Hero as Man of Letters” – we find the quote “In Books lies the soul of the whole Past Time”.”

    I would opine that China’s devolution begins just past 1850-ish or so. Too many imperial powers including the U.S. begin to take pieces from China’s nation as the nation is entirely chaotic. The combination of a series of weak Emperors and the rise of the local warlords fractures this once very classical society.

    Now JS you know me, I am not about monarchy (said so last night about NK, which might as well be a monarchy in essence); however, I do believe that stronger Emperors who might have steered China to a more democratic system, would have been really helpful at this time. Also, I believe that the British should have been kicked out of the nation long before this point, The deficit in trade between these nations (true usury from the City’s interesting manner of “keeping accounts”) was a massive blow to China’s evolution.

    Now as an American it is very easy for me to blame the British. Yet I do not shy away from my own country’s role in the region. For instance, we never / ever / ever had the right to “open up Japan” and our nation’s founders would have never approved of such a move. Complete F-in hubris and greed on our part. Still at the end of the day, the British were just plain evil to China, created the war between Japan / Russia and screwed up India to the mess we have today (I mean “untouchable” people who are made to literally eat garbage and that is a race of folks that I should respect??? WTF? – all humans are wonderful and we should endeavor to do our best to take care of one another – even if we disagree).

    Oh well, Simple will get off of the soapbox and back to your posts:

    ““Indeed the Chinese system of meritocracy today makes it inconceivable that anyone as weak as George Bush or Donald Trump could ever come close to the position of a top leadership.” [and yet ‘they’ still installed Biden!]”

    My friend, the last truly great President we had was George Washington. You have probably read that my favorite place to be in this area is his home at Mt. Vernon. If you have never been, I do encourage a visit…it is a stunning location and a lovely home.

    Probably the last modern President to understand the true role of the Executor was President Calvin Coolidge. Now I did not always agree with the choices Silent Cal made, but he did understand the office correctly. Most of the others were complete knuckleheads my friend. It is truly amazing that we have made it this far without blowing up the world. Oh and one last rant for a second (sorry I digress) President Ronald Reagan was no Silent Cal…he was an actor who liked Silent Cal and then proceeded to do everything President Coolidge would have never done.

    My concern with China is that they are getting very tired of taking American direction; I DO NOT BLAME THEM AT ALL, but I just wonder how it will all turn out. Then again they let a punk like Maurice Strong hide out in their nation and he lives like a warlord, while people in front of his residence can barely get the funds for a decent noodle meal. So I have mixed emotions about the whole situation. Part of me believes that there needs to be a new Pan Asian movement, without the British involved in ASEAN, trying to direct the conversation yet again. Part of me believes we just all need to throw off the shackles of the global corporatacracy and move on as a world.

    At the end of the day I do not have answers, and probably complain too much. I do have faith that we will keep moving forward and that the events we are currently living through will have a very opposite effect than what some of the leaders / bankers / Legion of Doom believes.

    Let me close this long one out and I will reset to go through more of the great information that you have so generously provided me with.

    All my best,

    P.S. Just rememebr “…there won’t be snow in Africa this Christmastime, the greatest gift they’ll get this year is life. Oooohhhhh…”

    If the world is really falling a part, we just need some Brit pop-stars to do another song and all will be just fine, just fine. = )

    • I like this comment even though I’m more a fan of Jefferson than Washington, who sent an army out to put the arm on tax dodgers who were really making a statement about the whiskey monopolyists of the time. Washington was, in the main a solid executive all the same. I don’t think Freemasonry is a priori satanic, though in the context of 18th century power politics, it was the perfect cover for every manner of mischief.

      • lc1984,

        Sorry it took me a minute to get back here; I understand you and appreciate your perspective. Yet, Jefferson could not be both a warrior and a statesman; he excelled at the latter. Washington did both and then followed in the footsteps of Cincinnatus, which I have a profound appreciation for.

        Thanks very much for the response and talk.

        All my best,

  4. JS,

    Should you head over this way, I have something “top secret” for you. Since you like links and new information, Mrs. Simple reminded me of a link you might enjoy (I am hoping RW looks at this one as well):

    Now those of us in and around the “district” as we all call it in this area, knew about this secret program due to all the flyers this organization left in coffee shops all around here. I am only letting you, an outsider, know about these secret truths (well and maybe everyone else at WW = ).

    Please handle this one carefully, because if the North Koreans ever find out about the program, we are in serious trouble!

    All my best,

    • ” In this meeting they sought to kill two birds with one stone and remove all birds from the United States (thus eliminating their fecal problem), but also replacing these birds with billions of sophisticated robot look a likes- capable of mimicking real birds in every way. Dulles and his team wanted to create the greatest surveillance system ever imagined, with the capability of tracking someone on foot, in a vehicle, or even in their personal home.”

      Like I said, serious stuff!

  5. Okay JS on a more serious note, I am going to say no thank you regarding Cyrus in China. I began watching this video:

    And I am going to say “uh-um: Bullshit!” NYC has never, ever had a problem with our Chinese population…okay there was a little bit of a problem with the growth of Chnatown infringing upon Little Italy; however, Chinese citizens are treated very well in NYC, and completely respected.

    Now crime in the entire city is on the rise in a big way, and I would say that certain predators may use racial slurs in attacks, this happened to the actor Mr. Rick Moranis last year on the upper west side. So for an attacker to yell a slur as an intimidation for an attack is probably going to happen, but to say that Chinese Americans are being targeted in the five boroughs is complete bullshit and I believe both men are lying to drum up business.

    Now has Cyrus ever done a video regarding Chinese on Chinese crimes in Manhattan or anywhere else in the world? Nope, because he would not get too many people following it. Would Cyrus dare to do a video in the Triads in NYC and their issues with the Russians? Not if that fool likes his wife and his life. When I was growing up we had a lot of Chinese on Chinese crime over gambling, drugs, prostitution and slavery. It is the whole reason that this movie (and the book it was based upon) was even made:

    Nathan’s videos are right up my alley and I share your interest in his work. Although I appreciate you pointing Cyrus out, I do not think he should cause controversy when there is none (how very anti-Chinese of him).

    Plus neither man has the balls to actually say who the perpetrators of these crimes are. Let me just tell you it ain’t Caucasians, Latinos and / or space aliens. Most crime these days in NYC are down to a single group (very unfortunate) who cannot even really afford to live in NY anymore, but are not sure what else they can do. Heck even Harlem is white now, because the residents were all priced out of the neighborhood. It is a corporate city with a lot of political hi-jinks going on.

    Now I need your help. To what degree is the following story accurate?

    Many thanks.


    P.S. I sometimes like Mr. Ramsey Dewey and his videos:

  6. Some thoughts on China from a non-American perspective:



    but in the formerly free state of Hong Kong, things were so much better:

    The boy band thing is great, now if they can just clear up all the other issues. Oh yeah and please do not forget that we (in the U.S.) are culpable:


  7. Now if we wish to be more optimistic about a nation that is taking its time toward a different future, and actually can provide hope for Afghanistan (heck they look like 1975 with the U.S. exit over there) to finally figure itself out (provided that everyone else leaves them alone) then I would submit starting out with Mr. Anthony Bourdain in Vietnam:




    Let us not forget that the Four Seasons hotel chain has now done this:

    Now I am not advocating them; however, we all know that they would never take such a risk and open up if their entire property could be taken in an adverse possession by the government. They do not do silly risk (well the Uruguay property might have been premature, but Hilton was happy to take it over).


  8. So I was responding to Kati on the weather thread, and I needed to bring up Operation Popeye as part of our dialogue. It got me thinking, it also belongs here as well. We should have never, EVER, ever subjected the Vietnamese people to the war we gave them.

    Now I understand full well that “we lost the war” due to the United Nations Security Council membership; however, we had ZERO right to even be there after the French were expelled. We should have become a trading partner in good faith and left their people be.

    So now I present to you Operation Popeye, if I have the time, I may speak on Agent Orange; however this one is less known and very appropriate for WW since we did deeper:

    I may debate with RW on whether the Navy or the Airforce is worse on the globalist agenda (God Bless our Marines! Often they are the only sane ones, plus MICMAP buries Krav Maga any day!), but often times, I will concede he gains ground on me; this is one such case.

    All my best,

  9. And again, stupid is as stupid does:

    For the sake of recollection:

    Now please recall Forrest’s mother was a common whore in the movie. The former Flyin Nun was turned into a whore by this (crypto?) guy:

    And that tool allowed this scene in his f*cked trilogy that began with mother /son love and culminated in this scene (what no one caught this in post? really?):

    Back to the fine people of Vietnam.


    • Now look what you done made me do … invoking Odin’s wet fart:

      “His Mama was always the one
      With wisdom second to none
      “Now off to the store
      I’m in need of some more
      So run, Forrest, run my son”

      [later …]

      But Mama, why you lookin’ so glum?
      I got what you wanted, then some
      I’ve been to the Rockies
      Got boxes of choccies …
      “No son, I said Rum, Forrest … RUM!”

      • I knew you were out there; I could sense you with the Force; however, I thought you were just plain busy and I would never wish to disturb you.

        Also, I looked at Gumshoe and of course they are rightly concerned with new changes down under. I wanted to be positive and supportive, as I think they have a really nice site, but I was not even sure where to begin, so I returned here. They (the site owners) seem like really good folks.

        My friend, I am so sorry for all that is going on…it really pains me; however I have so much confidence in you and your abilities, that I may get concerned, but I do not worry.

        All my best,

  10. Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin
    I came to win, battle me, that’s a sin…
    (The House of Pain: Jump Around)

    Before we start, please let me provide a qualifier: F*ck John McCain and his family…he treated his first wife horribly bad and lied about nearly every detail of his life. I hope his, television personality daughter, just keeps eating, and eating, and eating…then I hope his second wife keeps up the meds; the best thing that could happen for us all is that they continue to “do them” in their glory.

    Sorry about the intermission, but I had to clear out the old vapor of the mind.

    Now back to the happy.


  11. The happy:

    More humanity and history (its not my set of beliefs, but I do love knowing we could create art at such a stage in our development and people could be comfortable in their own culture):


    Just simple beauty in a stream of devotion to the higher mind and deeper love of humanity.

    Please be well!


  12. And then a personal favorite:

    When the world stops being absolutely insane, I cannot wait to train with my Vietnam brothers and sisters. They are excellent and I look forward to a time in which I may have the (absolute) privilege to join them.


    • JS,

      The first one is broken on my end; it may be the US. The second one is excellent; many thanks!

      Aside form all of your other talents, finding great sound is a another gift.

      Now because of the time difference, I am not sure how much longer I will be with you. Still, I am so happy to see you this night, and I am appreciative of your excellent additions. So much more to speak of, but as you pointed out so well, there is plenty of time.

      I will be around for a bit longer and then call it.


    • Wonderful, thank you.

      Please excuse my sudden silence – no time to explain – a pleasant family gathering (my wife’s lasagne dish is second to none but equal to many I am sure) then a (VERY RARE) movie with the grandkids (Central Intelligence with Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart – my goodness that was genuinely funny!) and a complete time out and shut down.

      Yuja Wang:

      • What you have just described sounds wonderful Time with family and great food), and I would have done the exact same thing.

        As today is Labor Day over here = ), I am actually a little caught up writing for RW right at the moment, so it may take me a little time to catch-up with you properly. Both threads are in motion, with one almost complete — fingers crossed.

        This all looks excellent and I look forward to getting back to listen and read. Sorry for getting so side tracked on this thread and for the poor grammar as I kept the upload / post train going. I was just attempting to match your own excellent uploads with a diverse body of posts (holding up my end if you will).

        Although I will come back to look at everything, I think you are very wise with the Putin post. Interestingly, I think I am one of the only people at WW who knows that you have complex feelings about Mr. Putin having read posts both over here, and in those three days that I was looking at Gumshoe News.

        I appreciate the new links on China, and will return to watch them, as well as the gentlemanly perspective on the older links we were discussing. Certainly, I know I am not perfect in my own views; however, like you I do try and seek facts. The NYC violence thing just seemed really off for me. Felt propaganda-ish.

        Plus very few Americans across this entire nation can tell the difference between Asian citizens and their hereditary nation of origin. I am rare due to my mother, but I cannot possibly tell you the amount of times I have had to explain to someone that a person is not in fact Chinese or Japanese (which is all most Americans classify people as in many cases, as if they are the only 2 nations in the entirety of Asia) in this country or explain which language certain characters actually belong to if they are on a sign of some sort. Now I would bet some folks at WW are similar to me (in fact I do know one person who is), but that is not the majority of the country.

        Thanks for those last ones as well. One final question and then I will run, is there still a lot of concern, by the citizens of Australia, about Chinese ports being permitted operate on Australian soil? A couple of years back, I do recall reading some news article about this issue, but I had no one to ask or speak to about it.

        As you may recall there was a port issue on the western side of the United States that involved the Clintons and Chinese representatives. This has all faded into the dustbin of history for the most part, but I wondered what was going on down under.

        All my best,

  13. More China Links

    SC, you certainly have a valid point re Cyrus Janssen – not actually one I frequent all that often but he is endorsed by others on that list and I have found those videos that I have watched quite agreeable. Discernment always applies – I have even found myself screaming at Daniel Dumbrill and Nathan Rich a few times.

    A couple more came to mind:

    Brian Berletic (he used to write under pseudonym “Tony Cartalucci”

    His site is “The Land Destroyer” (and new site “The New Atlas”). He now lives in Thailand and provides commentary and analysis on Thailand, Myanmar and sometimes China – i.e., the region in general.

    I often see Brian’s articles featured or mirrored on NEO and 21st Century Wire.

    Dongsheng News – News on China

    Presented and hosted by Tings Chak and Marco Fernandes

    You can a two minute update on China once a week …

    by subscribing here:

    This couple are regularly featured on a discussion with Daniel Dumbrill

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