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Trump Predicts 9/11-Style Attack and Mass Migration of Refugees

TWIN TOWERS II: Donald Trump once proposed replacing the old World Trade Center with a rebuilt twin towers – one floor higher than the ones al Qaeda toppled in 2001. PHOTO:

By G. Edward Griffin | 1 September 2021

NEED TO KNOW NEWS — A series of poor decisions by the Biden administration in the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan has led to the failure to rescue American citizens and allies, the US abandoning $88-billion in US weapons to the Taliban, the release of Afghani and ISIS prisoners who are on terror watch lists, importing over 100,000 mostly unidentified refugees to the US, and providing the Taliban with a ‘kill list’ of US citizens and allies who have not yet been evacuated. The blunders are so huge that critics wonder if they were planned to weaken and humiliate the US.  When former President Trump was asked if he expected a 9/11-style attack, he responded by saying it is sure to happen and that the US is dropping Afghani refugees in other countries but that their final destination is the US. […]

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  1. Trumps speechwriter jew stephen miller is behind trumps anti-islam, but trump is too stupid to realise why the jew fears Islam, only it can remove the goyim from the grip of the synagogue of satan.

  2. If another 9/11 style attack does happen in the U.S, I’d have a hard time not thinking that that’s exactly why puppet Biden was ordered to leave Afghanistan the way he did, so as to create the perception in peoples’ minds that the environment was ripe for this kind of thing. In fact, this was the first thing I thought of when I heard about U.S withdrawal and the re-emergence of the Taliban.

    A Taliban bio-warfare attack of some kind – even if only imaginary – could also be on the cards, so as to explain to the population why so many people are dying all of sudden, having taken one of the covid shots.

    I predicted this back when it was emerging that dangerous vaccines were going to be pushed to treat corona, and then put it on ice when it seemed that ‘variants’ and the unvaxxed would be blamed. And while that’s still very much likely to be case, restoring a bit of islamophobia could only be work more wonders for their cause.

    • islam is yesterday’s Op … I think they will keep it domestic – or maybe go right to the climate lockdowns … some “crazed guy” in Germany shot up a vax center yesterday … … but are opposition forces losing coherence? … FDA sniping at WH on the boosters – FDA knows what the death and injury data is – two top guys headed for the exits … is vax buyers’ remorse growing ? … things are fluid …

  3. I was resisting this one for many reasons; however, just a humble thought:

    Yeah, I concede that President Orange Potato could be right, but not for the reasons sated thus far on this thread. My ideas would be:

    They are trying to finally break one trillion dollars with a “T” on the outwardly known defense budget (trust me with all the dark money, the military industrial complex already gets over a trillion, but they want this outward goal for the dog and pony show),


    New bill going around to have young ladies sign up for Selective Service and be eligible for the DRAFT; I saw this one coming as far back as DUBYA:

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE WW tell them to go “jump in a lake” on this one. Old Simple would be very appreciative. It is a pure eugenics move hidden in another form, as was highlighted in Mr. Mueller’s thread from 09.05.2021.


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