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‘True Detective’ Season 3: Just Your Standard Jamming and Neuro-Linguistic Programming

The third season of HBO’s “True Detective” offers conspiracy realists red-meat lures. The story line is contorted, but basically it’s about murdered and missing children, ominous characters, secret societies, dicey locations, wicker dolls, etc., etc.

The show plays on a lot of symbolism. The main police character wears a Freemasonic ring that is very visible in many scenes. There’s an occultish show introduction with a Freemasonic lodge and about 10 subliminal eyes in pyramids.

Then the show leads us through a Pedogate- and MKUltra-themed narrative. It actually alludes to historical and suppressed high-level pedophile rings, specifically the Franklin scandal and the Finders case. It even flashes almost subliminally the Besta pizza pedo triangle.

Read “Symbols, Codes Used By Pedophiles and Child Rapists”

Um, getting interesting, is this going to cultivate awareness of the true nature of our society?

For a non-Hollyweird version of reality, read “The Abduction of Johnny Gosch and the Franklin Scandal Coverup.” and “The FBI Declassifies Files on The Finders and McMartin Pre-school Child Trafficking Cases.”

The main pursuer of the truth, Det. Wayne Hays, is tracked through 35 years. Although a quasi-sympathetic fellow, he just seems a bit addled over this period. Ultimately, our hero, who sees the deep conspiracies, is gas-lighted. In the end, he has senior moments and is afflicted with some dementia, which makes him susceptible to “being fooled” and not processing anomalies correctly. The neuro-linguistic programming and jamming narrative would be laughable, if we didn’t already know about the games being played by the show’s creator and his employer.

Read “The Kakistocracy Declares War Against Conspiracy Truthers”

A frequently mentioned sex-trafficking ring in the series appears, at the end of the season, to be nothing but a distraction.

Of course, in the end, they spun it like some big misunderstanding. A few minutes of the clip below will give you the idea. It turned out it was an elaborate scheme to let a mentally ill woman buy somebody else’s child as a replacement for her own dead child. You see, the mother went off her meds, specifically Lithium, and lost control of her life, etc. It’s right out of a pharma advertisement.

Yes, a bait and switch. No pedo or serial killer rings, no occult, no conspiracy, just a lady who didn’t take her meds. Yes, pajama people, there is always an inconspicuous answer to all of these unsolved cases. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

This parlays off of the twisted evil scam being spewed out by the usual suspects who claim “conspiracy theorists” frequently practice “recognizing patterns and irregularities” (aka trusting one’s eyes and senses), which equates to mental delusions.

Read “The Kakistocracy Declares, ‘We Are at War’ With Conspiracy Truthers”
and “Gregory Bateson: The Master of Double-Bind Black Propaganda”

Winter Watch Takeaway: Surprise, surprise, after three season of teases and wink winks, HBO (Warner Media) in the end is mocking us. Unless you are a deep student of how psychological operations work, skip this one.

15 Comments on ‘True Detective’ Season 3: Just Your Standard Jamming and Neuro-Linguistic Programming

  1. The last episode was strange to say the least. I really look forward the Jay Dyer breaking the season down. His recaps of the esoteric symbolism of the first 2 seasons are the best you find anywhere. Jay Dyer is a next level researcher and funny as hell to boot.

  2. Yes, at some point toward the beginning, they had a close up of the Washington Times front page article headline “Call Boys Took Late Night Tours of the White House.” Maybe it was in the title theme credits, but I think it was just a part of an early episode. Of course, the lead me to believe they might allow the plot to go where it needed to be going.

    But you’re right, they just steer the story right off a cliff really, with the idiotic case resolution. And the detective’s memory loss issue reminding me of afternoon soap opera’s love affair with amnesia for character development.

    The plot is probably more provided to discredit investigation of occult crimes, and have this one result in your usual Law and Order fare: “normal” motives and murder scene.

    The goal there seems to illustrate another case study resulting in a “normal explanation” which somnambulists think us conspiracy nuts conflate into ritual abuse or worse.

    In other words, the show is effective at urging sleepers considering awakening to go back to sleep again.

  3. Russ, It may serve as a useful purpose to consider ‘Demonic Possession” with regard to these “artistic works”…They seem to normalize perversion for the purposes of opening up our souls to contamination…and we look at it with curiosity thinking that this very act is harmless…Its not..Tune out!

    It’s not about discrediting a conspiracy, its about fertilizing souls toward corruption.

    Demons have rules too

  4. Stopped watching after the first season, which had good moments, but was largely inconsistent toward its closure. Either way, I thought the acting and direction were pretty good. My issue was with the editing toward the end, which left me feeling that the show had become a waste of time and too distracting with regard to the core story.

    Started on season 2 (I do like Mr. Vaughn at times), and (again) felt the editing was all over the place. This is a major gripe that I can have with overall good cinematic works; if they f*ck up the editing, I just leave, turn it off, and / or shelve it (assuming a digital file or DVD).

    Classic example: The Pope of Greenwich Village – this is a film with some fine performances and a lot of heart; however, the editor must have been HIGH (it was the 80s after all and a lot of people were dropping those unwanted pounds with the Eight Ball Diet Plan and Richard Simmons Salad Spray).

    The film starts off with a decent premise of two guys whose lives are basically going no where. They plan a safe heist. The heist works, but it turns out that they stole from the wrong guy and restitution must be made. All of this is fine and the players do a decent job of acting out the story; then the edit goes sideways (the editor must of had a lots of unwanted pounds to lose or a big event to slim down for), and you begin to feel that a very high chimpanzee decided to “interpret” the movie through a “new cut”.

    This HBO series is not quite as bad, but ever since The Pope of Greenwich Village, I have lost patience for both editors who choose the EBDP, along with any form of salad spray, and / or allow their simian friends to make the cuts of a film while they are in the lavatory.

      • Yikes!

        Well they should have gotten Inspector Barry O’ and his sidekick simply known as “Michael” who is known for her, I mean his, “gun show”. The villain could have been Climate Change or possibly Doctor Climate Change played by _____________________?

        Drawing a blank on this one, but I am really open to ideas here, so please offer them up WW.

      • RW,

        I forgot the first episode with Inspector Barry and his sidekick “Guns-A-Blazin” Michael should be titled “The Nudge”.

        It might be outlined as the mystery of a man, who feels like a “natural woman” and disappears in Mexico for mysterious reasons. After wandering around Tijuana high on something (undisclosed to the audience), Inspector Barry finds this individual and then has his trusty sidekick, “Guns-A-Blazin”, Michael use a his patented wrestling move, known as the “nudge”, to influence a decision to have a special “change of life” surgery.

        Since the individual did not have the money to afford such a surgical procedure in the U.S. of A, Inspector Barry points out (through deduction and a quick calculation of the exchange rate using Oanda on his cell phone) that the little bit of money this poor soul has, would be more than enough for the surgery and a dozen tacos (of which “Guns-A-Blazin”, Micheal will consume 10) for this team post the procedure.

        The end will show this team of 2 men and (now) 1 lady crossing the border back to Amerika! Viva Zapatos!

        I like it! I like it a whole lot, and to think it just writes itself. Who needs show runners when you have this much talent?


  5. Thank you for this article. While I have not watched this series, from what I have read, I agree with the conclusions of WW and others that this is an attempt to tell those who are trying to wake up to the evil in the world that no…not to worry…just a benign misunderstanding.
    And, yes, with so many allusions to what is going on in the world, there is something evil about this…pull us into this web, and then dismiss it.
    On another related note, I have not yet responded to the WW article: The Kakistocracy Declares War Against Conspiracy Truthers.
    But as these topics are indeed related., I would like to mention that the July-August 2021 issue of Harvard Magazine has as the cover story “Defeating Disinformation Understanding the threat to discourse and democracy”. The cover picture is of a cell phone displaying “Election in Question: Were Votes Stolen”, “Hydroxychloroquine is the cure for Covid-19”, among others.
    The actual article is a lengthy analysis of various themes re “Scholars’ perspective on a pervasive new threat”. This is not an attempt to extensively analyze the article, but to point out some key points. There is a valid, although perhaps obvious, point made about internet websites that fear monger, to great profit – I would agree that this is a concern, particularly with websites that make claims without corresponding back up data and sources that the reader can explore to come to their own conclusions.
    Much of the focus of the article is on claims of a stolen election and the January 6 events in DC. But here is a quote in the article that raised a red flag for me “If you’re trying to understand what causes tens of millions of people to believe that Democrats stole the election”…”or that Hillary Clinton runs a pedophilia ring out of a basement of a pizza parlor, that’s not coming from social media”.
    Whoa! How did we get from possible disinformation about the election and the January 6 events to pedophilia? Why raise this issue? To desensitize us to the issue? To play with us?

    • Good and thoughtful post.

      Along a similar line:

      Which brings us to:

      (Excerpt: To prove that a piece of news is fake, participants must submit a report to the “Ministry of Antifakes” (the game moderator), who will only confirm the truth if the team presents a convincing argument. The instructions remind participants, “Remember the main rule: fake news never admits that it is fake!”)

      So it is just like both Harry Potter and the Soviet Union. We report to a ministry and then magic or possibly “majik” is utilized to make dissent disappear.

      From the same page (not sure it will link):

      So assuming this video pastes then I should follow these rules and question the sources of this Lear to Discern project and when I do, I am provided with:

      Learn to Discern in Education is funded jointly by the U.S. and British Embassies in Kyiv. IREX has implemented diverse iterations of Learn to Discern in Albania, Estonia, Georgia, Jordan, Latvia, Lithuania, Serbia, Ukraine, the United States, and elsewhere.

      I worked hard and feel optimistic as I share this information; I am an ambassador for healthy information habits. I report to the “Ministry of Antifakes”, and boy o boy do I feel good about it!

      Oh yeah, and let’s not forget about the financials:

      “IREX receives funds from the U.S. Department of State (DOS), the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), other Federal agencies, and private-sector sources. Approximately 86 percent and 90 percent of the funds received in 2020 and 2019 including cost share, respectively, were through awards from the U.S. government.”

      Now we have a, very CREDIBLE, source here that we know will tell us all the truth. Our tax dollars at work! Well not really since our tax dollars pay interest to the Fed. Our borrowed dollars at work to get some good ole fashioned AMERIKAN truth.

      Have a good weekend.


  6. Nic Pizzolatto? “…if we didn’t already know about the games being played by the show’s creator and his employer.”

    Explain Russ. You often just throw a statement like this into the mix as if it illuminates. It does not.

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