Oversight Board Calls Out Meta’s Government Censorship Collusion, But Calls for More Censorship

MRC Newsbusters |  April 21, 2023

The Meta Oversight Board circus came to town again pretending to hold Meta accountable for its out-of-control COVID-19 censorship collusion with government entities. But the board’s empty, highbrow language isn’t fooling anyone.

In its latest 42-page report, the globalist Oversight Board didn’t chide Meta for censoring what turned out to be true information about COVID-19 or curtailing Americans’ free speech.

Rather, the board scolded the platform for its lack of transparency when removing content at the behest of the government and or removing content. The board additionally suggested that the platform “reassess” but not eliminate its 80-point “Misinformation about health during public health emergencies” policy.

“It took the Oversight Board 42 pages to acknowledge that Facebook messed up and yet the recommendations are still a mess. The Oversight Board is trying to talk out of both sides of its mouth,” MRC Free Speech America Vice President Dan Schneider said. “The right answer takes only seven words to say: We will allow all constitutionally-protected speech.”


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