Russ Winter Joins Operation Scorpio and the Brain Trust to Put Forth Asha Logos’ Masterpiece

Russ Winter joins Guiseppe Vafanculo and Dave Scorpio (aka The Brain Trust) to discuss the actionable philosophy embedded in the recent powerful Asha Logos video presentation on breaking away from the New Underworld Order Kakistocracy via a cultural/social revival.

Russ covers his notes and interpretations from his careful watching of and listening to this important work. The video and the concepts behind it are referenced in yesterday’s post: “Asha Logos Calls for a Revived Culture as the Pathway Forward”

The “Operation Scorpio” show is here, starting at 01:02:30.

7 Comments on Russ Winter Joins Operation Scorpio and the Brain Trust to Put Forth Asha Logos’ Masterpiece

  1. For those who are attracted to Asha Logos’ work, may I suggest two other ‘kindred spirits’ who possess the same temperament and are built of similar Krupp steel if you will. Both Raw Egg Nationalist and Bronze Age Pervert will be worth your time. BAP’s book ‘Bronze Age Mindset’ and REN’s ‘Man’s World’ are born from the same disposition and mentality.

  2. People need to stop thinking Amazon Bezoar Bezos is out of the game..They are connected with some kind of cloud garbage and we know that’s the hooking up of humans to the cloud aka Microsoft patent. ((((Bezos))))) is transitioning into “virtual healthcare” that’s right in Arlington Va. A “HELIX” (DNA) shaped building.Amazon care 😂😂💩👹👎🏻Telemedicine. LOOK INTO IT. Why won’t anyone mention this???????

  3. My other comment was for Scorpio..appears I am limited to sites I can comment (((👹))) Dear Mr Winter….realizing the world predicament it seems the only thing to save us would be divine intervention or if everyone would WTFU…Not sure which scenario has a better chance these days but in order for most to wake up knowledge is a huge factor and maybe that is your rule in this. So although self examination can be a good thing don’t get to down on yourself over a commentor who appears to be searching for a savior. If people knew the truth civilization would be in a much better place. I enjoy your site and thanks for bravely sharing your knowledge!

    • I agree with Asha Logos, not everybody needs to WTFU, but those who do need to revive a much better culture. Even 10% checking out of the banal dominant culture would have much effect including a financial impact on the discordians. Find the 10% low hanging fruit, then work on the next 5% in your circles.

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