Blackouts Loom in California as Electricity Prices Are ‘Absolutely Exploding’

Power lines drape across the mountains of Sonoma County, an established wine region. in northern California (Aug. 6, 2019). PHOTO: Press Democrat/Kent Porter/PD

By Robert Bryce | 24 June 2021

REAL CLEAR ENERGY — Two inexorable energy trends are underway in California: soaring electricity prices and ever-worsening reliability – and both trends bode ill for the state’s low- and middle-income consumers.

Last week, the state’s grid operator, the California Independent System Operator, issued a “flex alert” that asked the state’s consumers to reduce their power use “to reduce stress on the grid and avoid power outages.” CAISO’s warning of impending electricity shortages heralds another blackout-riddled summer at the same time California’s electricity prices are skyrocketing.

In 2020, California’s electricity prices jumped by 7.5%, making it the biggest price increase of any state in the country last year and nearly seven times the increase that was seen in the United States as a whole. According to data from the Energy Information Administration, the all-sector price of electricity in California last year jumped to 18.15 cents per kilowatt-hour, which means that Californians are now paying about 70% more for their electricity than the U.S. average all-sector rate of 10.66 cents per kWh. Even more worrisome: California’s electricity rates are expected to soar over the next decade. (More on that in a moment.) […]

4 Comments on Blackouts Loom in California as Electricity Prices Are ‘Absolutely Exploding’

  1. California could rid itself of many problems such as water shortage, blackouts, etc….Just deport all the illegal Mexicans in that state. In the 20 years I lived there I rarely saw non-white homeless people. Just white folks. Deport the Orcs and that will make a major difference right up front.

  2. According to some 2020-2021 news reports, illegal drug trafficking feeds between 70-90% of the homeless. Seems like JOETUS, his son Hunter, and former Mexican President Pena Nieto have some common friends across our Southern Border whom they both want to keep in business.

    Its a great plan for JOETUS and Kamala – that, the Cartels are forcing out Central-American families in fear of their lives to cross our US border, along with a lot of blended Cartel-level insurgents in those caravans, all in effort to replace US All. Its happening folks, they’re replacing US in the biggest case of illegal human-trafficking and extortion (in exchange for future Dem Party Votes) in US History.

    Legalize Cartel-controlled marijuana and other drugs in California and the US, so that it will saturate our US Population and demean US down to nothing but homelessness. And that’s they’re successful clandestine population control operations model works.

    JOETUS and KAMALA got the idea from the 1980s Iran-Contra Ops, when the Clintons hijacked those Air-America Pilots Ops half way thru getting our hostages home and then rode the coattail of those Ops for some extra payloads from their good friend Pablo Escobar – all in exchange for keeping a tight lid of silence on Iran-Contra.

    They’re Replacing US, folks.

  3. Sorry, got a bit off main topic in my prior post – in reply to birdluver’s comment. As for the Blackouts and skyrocketing Electric Bills in Cali, its also an equally great tool to squeeze US Tax-Paying Citizens. Nothing like a little more pressure, right?

    What electric company/public utility can admit guilt for their criminal neglect that killed dozens of people in the Paradise Fire, can also incur massive civil responsibility too, and can still run that public utility like a Mafia?

    So, let me try to wrap my head around this. That very utility admitted to neglect and wrongdoing, and now they’re billing US Utility Rate Payers higher rates to pay for their neglect and their losses?

    Only in California.

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