Big Pharma’s Pollution is Creating Deadly Superbugs While the World Looks the Other Way

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Environmental standards do not feature in international regulations governing drug production

By Madlen Davies | 6 May 2017

THE BUREAU OF INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM — Industrial pollution from Indian pharmaceutical companies making medicines for nearly all the world’s major drug companies is fuelling the creation of deadly superbugs, suggests new research. Global health authorities have no regulations in place to stop this happening.

major study published today in the prestigious scientific journal Infection found “excessively high” levels of antibiotic and antifungal drug residue in water sources in and around a major drug production hub in the Indian city of Hyderabad, as well as high levels of bacteria and fungi resistant to those drugs. Scientists told the Bureau the quantities found meant they believe the drug residues must have originated from pharmaceutical factories.

The presence of drug residues in the natural environment allows the microbes living there to build up resistance to the ingredients in the medicines that are supposed to kill them, turning them into what we call superbugs. The resistant microbes travel easily and have multiplied in huge numbers all over the world, creating a grave public health emergency that is already thought to kill hundreds of thousands of people a year.

When antimicrobial drugs stop working common infections can become fatal, and scientists and public health leaders say the worsening problem of antibiotic resistance (also known as AMR) could reverse half a century of medical progress if the world does not act fast. Yet while policies are being put into place to counter the overuse and misuse of drugs which has propelled the crisis, international regulators are allowing dirty drug production methods to continue unchecked. […]

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    Another more recent article from them:

    Home Office algorithm to detect sham marriages may contain built-in discrimination

    Note the dumb scare word: ‘discrimination’ — that’s always bad.

    In the case of sham marriages, the Home Office’s triage system comes into play once a couple has given notice with a registrar. Should either or both parties be from a country outside of the UK, Switzerland and the European economic area, or have insufficient settled status or lack a valid visa, the couple is referred to the triage system.

    Seems reasonable.

    “There are quite clearly some clients whose marriage is more likely to be investigated than others,” said Nath Gbikpi, an immigration lawyer at Islington Law Centre.

    No kidding, why might that be? — and for those who don’t know, Islington is a shithole-ish, obviously no longer demographically English area of London.

    Laura Towler’s husband was arrested, and their house searched/turned upside down by no less than 16 cops (who seized ALL of their electronic devices, including USB sticks) because he put up flyers with 2066 on them to remind Whites in the UK of the date when they are projected to fall to less than 50% of the population:

    Telegram/Laura TowlerWe’re told there are 23,000 Islamic extremists in the UK and we don’t have the means to monitor them all. It took 16 officers to arrest Sam, question him and raid our home. 16 officers for some stickers. Remember that the next time a terrorist is “known to authorities” and they tell you they didn’t have the manpower to keep an eye on him.

    From what I see of the content on ‘Bureau of Investigative Journalism’, I don’t think they would be interested in what happened to Laura Towler and her husband.

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