French Police Tell Airbnb to Report Customers Who Violate Lockdown Rules

While Parisian elite break the law with secret dinner parties.

By Paul Joseph Watson | 9 April 2021

SUMMIT NEWS — French authorities have told Airbnb property owners to report customers to the police who they believe to have violated lockdown rules.

The request was made after cops noted an increase in Parisians attempting to evade the city’s new lockdown by renting out larger Airbnb properties for rule-breaking gatherings.

According to Marlène Schiappa, the Ministry of Interior’s Minister Delegate in charge of citizenship, there have been “354 festive gatherings in private spaces and sometimes places that have been rented” since mid-December.

“There were sometimes parties in homes that the police thought were rented through the Airbnb platform, so it’s very important for us to work with all the platforms,” said Schiappa.

Authorities are also working directly with Airbnb, and Gîtes de France and have requested that they demand more information from customers, such as a reason as to why they’re renting large apartments. […]

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  1. I doubt Airbnb will have a problem with this — here is a story from Aug 2020:

    Airbnb puts global ban on house parties to support social distancing guidelines — The company says people used Airbnb rentals to get around local bans on large gatherings

    Airbnb is one of the wokest of the woke corporations — cancel culture SJWs report people to Airbnb, and Airbnb bans them for ‘hate’ and ‘extremism’.

    Airbnb has been quietly using social media to root out and ban extremists

    Airbnb has canceled all bookings in Washington DC this week in an attempt to prevent people from traveling there for President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration in the wake of the January 6th US Capitol riot. The company is also said it is attempting to ban anyone who took part in the insurrection, as well as those with links to known hate groups. It seems Airbnb has actually been working for years to root out people in the latter group, and it has used social media monitoring as part of those efforts. … The company has used dummy accounts on Facebook, Twitter and forums to identify users with ties to white nationalism and other possibly dangerous groups, according to The Information. Six or so employees in the trust and safety unit are said to have been tasked with tracking down users connected to those groups and kicking them off Airbnb’s platform. … “When signals suggest a hate group member may be using Airbnb, we investigate and take appropriate action,” Airbnb spokesperson Ben Breit told Engadget. “This information can come to us in many ways — including flags from members of our community, social media users or news articles.”

    Large numbers of people have been inculcated in snitch culture, and the narratives pushed by the media, where the targets are demonized, provides them with the moral justification — things like the 1A are just not a hindrance to them.

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