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Tel Aviv Describes Its New Worldwide ‘Anti-Semitism’ Internet Command Center

In a matter-of-fact manner, the spokesman in the following video from Wikileaks describes Israel’s new Tel Aviv command center spectacle to combat “anti-semitism” (a-s) worldwide. The program launched in January 2018 and is “up and running.”

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, the “system” covers the entire Internet everyday to identify 200,000 real or imagined a-s “suspects,” primarily from comments mined from Facebook and Twitter.

“Open the pod bay doors, Hal”.
“I’m sorry Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.”
2001: A Space Odyssey’

AI is only as good as the programming. Who can forget Microsoft’s 2016 foray into AI with its chatbot “Tay.” Do the Judaics even realize that there are a lot of snarky, smart-ass kids out there who love larping and giving just about everybody shit? Microsoft failed to recognize the difference, so how will some paranoid, self-absorbed Israelis know. Or do they even care?

When Microsoft unleashed “Tay” on Twitter — a feminine, teenager version of its AI project — it took just 16 hours before the company had to pull it offline and lobotomize it for its tweet rampage of very political incorrect 4chan- and /pol/hive-like commentary in the sarcastic tone of a stand-up comedian.

Some say folks at 4chan essentially commandeered Tay’s intellect and persona, causing it to run amok, tweeting a torrent of increasingly dark memes. At /pol/, one of the thread subjects proclaimed with triumph, “We made it to BBC.”

Before the account was scrubbed, these larpers and hoaxsters skimmed through Tay’s 93,000 tweets and saved the classics. For some reason, Reddit has never taken down this collection.This is what AI Tay became (see video below). Tay’s short life demonstrated that AI can’t be emotionally manipulated through shaming.

Some dedicated readers are probably familiar with the counter-“Matrix” phenomenon known as /pol/ or 4chan. These are basically chat threads in which mostly young males launch over-the-top backlash rants against cultural Marxism and Social Justice Warriors. They also use Hitler memes for shock effect. Although the “normies” may dismiss this as “just the Internet,” I suspect there’s much more to it. It’s the red pill.

But, really, can we take anything at face value when it comes to the deep dark Web and big tech? One alternative theory suggests Tay was a slippery-slope ploy to draw out, identify and document people that fit a certain profile. Could Microsoft have deliberately infected Tay with /pol/ hive rhetoric? Were Tay’s earlier, more harmless smack-downs and insults meant to deliberately morph into increasingly dark and threatening genocidal memes? Is the lesson we will be force fed from this experiment to be that the Web must be censored and SJW control increased to counter this form of dialogue “lest it get out-of-control”? That is clearly now happening.

The Tel Aviv command center for Internet “monitoring” spokesman goes on to say that more “analysis” is done to allegedly and precisely narrow this 200,000 a day down to 10,000 a day, which will require more action. In other words, a list of top “anti-Semitics” is being put together with the intent of revealing or doxing them with “shaming” tactics. In European countries, this includes identifying them with local authorities.

A number of issues remain unspoken. For example, just what is the definition of a-s? How are degrees of a-s determined? Where do truth bombs and criticism fit in [See “Truth Bombs, Metafavoritism, Newspeak and Social Trust“] versus incitement? In past posts, we have observed first hand and have shown that this is clouded, vague and quite expansive, and probably deliberately so.

Are there the slightest constraints incorporated? And a hive-mind Israeli-programmed computer is doing this? Can a country operating like this [see “Gaza Passover Massacre: Israelis Sniper Target Palestianan Protestors“] be expected to use any discernment?

The answer is given when the spokesman reveals the real nature of the program. Targets who don’t like Jews or Israel will be specifically identified by location and presumably by name. The Tel Aviv command center then “notifies” local “intelligence” and law enforcement.

Of course, “intelligence and law enforcement” can run the gamut and mean a lot of things. Are flying monkeys and gang stalkers turned loose on these targets? Does a modern NKVD agent knock on your door and threaten you; or worse, take you away? Is the target charged with a “crime,” like the absurd fascist salute pug incident. 

The example of Manchester, England, was given as an a-s hotbed. Presumably, there are Muslim anti-Zionists living there. The spokesman described this element of the operation as calling the mayor: “Mr. Mayor, we have identified someone in your city who doesn’t like Israel. Do something” about it!” The “doing something” is left unsaid, but the implication is that Orwellian “thought crimes” are becoming a matter for law enforcement and a legal matter and even an “intelligence” matter.

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    • There have been some good +1 comments that have added extra information to the articles here so hopefully there is a backdoor way to recover them.

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      • Disqus is pretty fast and popular but has a SJW vibe to it. WordPress has been clunky to me or maybe I just haven’t used it much.

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    • I’m just straining at a gnat here………………………I agree with the second part.
      But in truth, I am 52 years old and I have not met ONE single anti-s.emite in my lifetime. So, I’m having a hard time believing there have been some from the past.
      In order for a person to be an anti-s.emite, one must hate the jew for no reason. I don’t know of ONE. But I know I am speaking to the choir. We must change the perception of this ridiculous label to our family, friends and neighbors. Cheers

      • Jew is a religious term. Semite is a racial term. A Semite is a person of Arabic descent. The vast majority of “Jews” are not Arabic and therefore and not Semites.

        In regards to finding Anti-Semites, just look towards the idiot dupes who believe the U.S. government narrative of 9-11 and feel revenge is justified.

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