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Gaza Passover Massacre: Israelis Snipers Target Palestianan Protestors

On Passover Friday, armed Israeli “soldiers” opened fire on 30,000 peaceful Palestinian protesters near the border wall between Israel and Gaza. In international circles, the slaughter is being called “The Gaza Massacre.” Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) wounded 1,700 Gaza residents and killed at least 18, according to recent reports. The causes of death and injuries are bullets, rubber-coated rounds and tear-gas inhalation, Gaza health ministry said. Another 49 Palestinians were injured by Israeli forces on Saturday.

The United States blocked a draft statement in the U.N. Security Council Saturday that called for an investigation into the situation.

The western lugenpresse has suppressed coverage and used a false equivalence to imply that this massacre was a battle of equal antagonists. In reality, there are Israeli military snipers on one side and unarmed Palestinian protesters out in an open field on the other side. Does this look like a “clash” to you, or is it a massacre? I submit this is shadow language. Clash: Verb, to meet and come into violent conflict. Massacre: Verb, deliberately and brutally kill (many people).

The IDF openly bragged about their tactics.

The Israeli hubris is so great that they believe they can carry this out in broad daylight and that it wouldn’t be recorded on film. Israel said it has positioned snipers and responded to “rioting” Palestinians with “dispersal means” and “firing towards main instigators.” It said the movement was a Hamas-orchestrated ploy and it was identifying “terror attacks under the camouflage of riots.”

Lay of the Land, Palestinian Courage and Israeli Cowardice Revealed

Let’s take a look at these so-called terror attacks, shall we? The optics could not be worse for the Israelis. Have they heard of David and Goliath? Who is David in this scenario?

The New Nationalist (TNN) is less concerned with what our regular readers think, as we tend to be anti-Israeli, or what the goon posse calls “anti-Semites” to begin with. But more importantly, what is the normie to think of this? The Palestinians come off as courageous, whereas the Israelis need adult diapers in combat situations with non-civilian resistance.

The area in question is a border berm and ditch the Israelis have set up as an interdiction zone. There is a barbed wire fence, and behind the fence on top of the berm are armed units. Armored vehicles are at the ready for deployments and backup. There are also snipers further back. Here we see the crowd, with a group at some distance from the fence. Squads of IDF goons are situated on top of the berm as shown in photo #2.

Israel is claiming the fence was breached in “several instances.” We found no visual evidence of this. But let’s consider a worst-case scenario for Israeli security.

If the protesters did manage to penetrate the barbed wire fence and berm in force, they would next have to drop down into an open ditch, where they would be totally exposed to whatever fire or gas canisters the IDF elected to use on them. The motorized IDF could easily withdraw off the berm. That’s because there is a 300-meter buffer zone leading to a high wall.

Nobody is going anywhere in this situation. There is no brush and there is nowhere to hide. It would be a very bad place for a protester to even be on the berm, let alone down into an open ditch. This is a “terror attack” on a strip of dirt. About the worst to be expected would be a crowd on top of the ditch zone shouting taunts. No rock or clod thrower is going to have an impact beyond 25 meters, nor is anybody going to “infiltrate.”

Any sensible IDF commander could then use tear gas rounds to drive them back off the berm. If anybody hostile actually tried to slide down the berm into the 300-meter buffer zone, the selective use of rubber bullets as a show of force might be justified to an impartial person. But even that is unnecessary and overkill.

But the Israelis, being believers in extreme intimidation and force, are having none of that. Instead, by their own admission and from the photographic evidence, they are firing not just a barrage of rubber bullets but regular bullets into targets well back from the fence.

This stark reality is shown in the next video. At minute 1:42, a solo man is sniped walking toward the border while located well back within Gaza. A man carrying a flag is gunned down at 1:44 (note his location). At 1:55, two individuals are even shot by Israeli goons running back toward the crowd. It appears one was trying (unsuccessfully) to start a tire fire well back from the fence. Oy vey, hide your women and children from the burning tire, Israhell. At 2:30, a man, prostrate in prayer, is hit by a sniper.

In this next video, the IDF uses American-supplied drones to drop tear gas on a crowd 100 meters back from the border fence. Again, this crowd is standing on Gaza turf.

TNN Takeaway: The massacre is not being reported in the western Lugenpresse, but the optics are very bad for Israel. Apparently, more demonstrations are planned. Can the Israelis outdo themselves?

4 Comments on Gaza Passover Massacre: Israelis Snipers Target Palestianan Protestors

  1. With something like 27 Palestinians dead and 750 Palestinians shot and wounded by the Israelis these last few days –

    It seems even the mainstream USA and Jewish media is turning against Israel – Here, a catalogue of major Jewish-tied media denouncing the Israeli massacres:
    ‘Israel Just Lost American Jews’ by Philip Weiss

    There has long been an idea, by radical Jews and others, that fake ‘people’s victories’ up ahead, will include take-downs of both the USA and Israel … with the oligarch cabal shifting to other tools of global mafia control

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