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Google to Fix ‘Anti-Semitic Bug,’ Which Claims That ‘Jews Control Hollywood’

  • Google admitted it has been alerted to the highly offensive results
  • It said it is working to fix the problem as quickly as possible 
  • The fault was caused by Google’s own algorithms which rank web pages
  • Unfortunately, one of the higher ranked pages had offensive content  

By Darren Boyle | 4 September 2017

DAILY MAIL — Google is working to fix an anti-semitic bug which automatically suggests ‘the Jews’ when the internet search engine is asked: ‘Who runs Hollywood?’

The baffling answer is returned due to Google’s complicated algorithms which return a particular page on what it deems to be the most relevant to a person’s question.

However, occasionally, the search engine can return embarrassing or potentially offensive results.

A Google spokesperson told MailOnline: ‘This has been flagged to us, we are working to get it removed as quickly as possible.’ […]

5 Comments on Google to Fix ‘Anti-Semitic Bug,’ Which Claims That ‘Jews Control Hollywood’

  1. It seems plausible that Google political operatives planted this result, rather than it being ‘created by complicated algorithms’ based on what we know about who controls Google and how they operate.

  2. It’s not fair to have this discussion without contributions from authentic Jewish voices … here, screenshots of journalism on this subject, Joel Stein of the LA Times on 19 Dec 2008, & Manny Friedman of the Times of Israel on 1 July 2012

  3. A defect you say? Porn industry producers, hollywood directors from the 1930’s, directors and broadcast CEOs from today all admit to this defect you speak of..

  4. It’s really laughable and telling that Google is trying to hide A FACT that EVERYONE KNOWS simply because it MIGHT be “POTENTIALLY offensive” to SOME PEOPLE. I find the crap Hollywood puts out offensive — and so do many others. But I guess our feelings don’t matter. Our rights end where (((their))) feelings and money-making opportunities begin. Guess that’s what makes them the Chosen People. This is truly the Age of Capture.

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